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a healthy fashion practitioner + fashion intuitive

Alyssa is a fashion intuitive. Her sole motive is to bring fashion into its course as a therapeutic, healing tool. To help initiate the consciousness of the human spirit via fashion into its transmission of divine activity for overall human health and well-being, as well as it is a contributing factor for ultimate planetary awakening.


a fashion author + fashion entrepreneur

Alyssa Couture is a fashion author and fashion entrepreneur. She is currently focused on her fresh-inspired Healthy Fashion Campaign in conjunction with promoting her upcoming fashion book: HEALTHY FASHION. 

She is currently promoting her upcoming soon-to-be-released fashion book. The book establishes an alternative, modern approach to clothing; fashion deemed medicinal.

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fashion + culture

Alyssa has lived and worked in NH, NYC, New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, and in her most favored and current location: California. Her love of travel has given her the opportunity to explore different cultures and it influences her outlook.

all-things fashion professional

Alyssa is a fashion industry expert-- with over 15 years of fashion industry experience in a number of roles. Some of these include fashion business, fashion designing, creative directing, styling, merchandising, journalism, fashion retailing, and fashion show production.

a spiritual lifestyle

Apart from fashion, she has a spiritually driven lifestyle, having previously lived in several ashrams and monasteries. She is a  fine artist/illustrator with published and sold works to follow. She is a  former chef claiming 5 Star reviews.

"HEALTHY FASHION creates + broadcasts enlightening content on fashion deemed medicinal. Stay tuned for my new upcoming fashion book."


-Alyssa Couture, f/o of HEALTHY FASHION

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