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10 Corporate Fashion Retailers That Sell Cotton + Linen Apparel

10 Corporate Fashion Retailers That Sell Cotton + Linen Apparel

Stores that sell cotton and linen apparel

Online shopping has been a popular way to purchase and find plant-based fashions, but what if we want to go shopping at a corporate chain retail store and find something made from 100% cotton or 100% linen?

It has become a challenge to find clothes made from 100% cotton or 100% linen or a cotton/linen blended fabric. Most of the popular clothing stores carry almost all synthetic fibers or fashions made out of synthetic/plant blends. More and more companies are producing fabrics with polyester and acrylic added to natural fibers.

It is fun to visit the apparel shops and try on clothes. So, here is a list of 10 fashion retail shops that carry at least some amount of fashions that are made with 100% cotton fabric, or 100% linen fabric. Also, I will talk about each shop-- and what they carry.

This is just a list of 10 apparel stores, I have broken them down into specific categories like shops found at the mall, or shops found at an outlet, etc. The shops listed below are also online, and you can visit their e-shop websites.

There are more clothing stores out there that carry plant-based fashion, but these are shops I have personally visited recently, and I know for certain that they carry at least some 100% plant-based fashions, (enough where you could find a garment or a few pieces that you would like to wear.)

The good thing about these shops is that there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what types of styles you like to wear, they are usually producing clothing styles that cater to everyone.

Many of these shops have employees that are very knowledgeable of their products and can show you which items are made of 100% cotton, or 100% linen. But, if you go into a shop, I would still check them out, because sometimes you have to look, and not all employees have the time or are instructed to find what each fashion’s materials are made of.

I just wanted to mention, that I am specifically speaking of apparel items that these shops carry, not accessory items. I have not looked at bags, purses, wallets, jewelry, watches, or shoes. I am personally not as strict with shoes, and accessories being 100% plant-based. Shoes, for example-- need to be breathable, but if they are made with some synthetic materials, I think it is ok. As long as your socks are made of mostly plant-based materials like cotton.

The 10 corporate shops that sell cotton + linen:

1. Aeropostale

2. PacSun

3. The Banana Republic

4. Loft

5. Adidas

6. Tommy Hilfiger

7. Ross

8. Nordstrom Rack

9. Eileen Fisher

10. J. Crew

Shops that are typically at a mall:

1. Aeropostale (Men’s+ Women’s Apparel)

Aeropostale carries great basics. Their designs are minimal, modern, and stylish. They carry several tops and a few bottoms in 100% cotton. They also carry a collection of recycled cotton designs.

PacSun does not carry a large assortment of cotton, but some of the brand's products they carry are definitely made out of 100% cotton. You really have to feel the fabrics to identify if it could potentially be 100% cotton, and then check out the label inside the seam.

The Banana Republic brand has some great classic items, and fashion that is great to layer with. Their other brand-- the Gap also has some cotton, but I find there are more designer-like items at the Banana Republic store.

Shops typically at an outlet mall

The Loft has the most plant-based apparel items compared with the rest of the shops listed here. They have really cute clothing. Their prints are really pretty, and their cuts are very flattering.

Adidas does not carry a lot of 100% cotton apparel, you really have to search, but they have great, sporty fashions, so it is worth it to look.

Tommy Hilfiger is another company like Loft, that carry several 100% cotton fashions. They have a very particular style and look. Their look is modern, fun, and stylish.

Multi-Brand Retailers

If you are looking for cotton or linen apparel, Ross has some great, budget-conscious, plant-based fashions. Compared with other multi-brand companies like TJMaxx or Marshalls, Ross seems to have a little more plant-based fashion.

Whether you shop at Nordstrom’s or Nordstrom’s Off The Rack, you will definitely find several plant-based apparel items. They have dozens of brands, and great designer looks.

Shops you can find at shopping centers or fashion boutique locations

Eileen Fischer is a popular brand with a contemporary price point. You can sometimes find this brand at Nordstrom’s or TJMaxx, and you can also shop their online store. They have a distinct look, but they also carry many basics and styles.

J. Crew is great when it comes to plant-based fashion. They do carry a lot of synthetic, and synthetic blends, but you will always find some 100% cotton, or 100% linen fashions. They have great, trendy looks.


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Alyssa Couture
Alyssa Couture
28 déc. 2020

@alanadavid307 that is a good question. I am sure they will have sale promotions during the holidays! I am not sure about reecoupons?


Are these stores having any New Year sale deals/offers on their stores? If not then are they affiliated with the coupons platforms like new year discounts at reecoupons?

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