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How to Create a Wardrobe That Will Improve Your Life

Creating a healthy wardrobe routine

In this post, you will learn a few ways to create a healthy fashion wardrobe routine. I will share with you ways that you can create a wardrobe to improve your life. After you have read through this post, if you find you want more information, I have linked a few other blog posts below that will include more information about wardrobe wellness routines.

A fashion wardrobe routine is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It is the healing act of dressing, the creative process, and the clothing itself being designed and worn in a healthy way. A part of our wellness and self-care routines is our dressing and styling of a wardrobe. It creates health, wellness, balance, wholeness, and healing. We dress every day and put our clothes on every day so it is an important part of our lifestyle.

We don't always use fashion to take care of ourselves, so, in this post, I'm going to suggest ways on how we already do and new ways to improve and create more health through our wardrobe. Do we already practice a healthy wardrobe routine? Yes, and there are specific things that we do that make us practice through our wardrobe, and I will share them with you.

Clothing supports our daily life, our daily living, and our current goals. We are automatically practicing fashion as a wellness routine now, but, we can create more ways in order to create a wardrobe that is helpful for our wellbeing and our personal health.

Some days we will practice fashion for our health more than other days, and that is ok. A few things we can be conscious of in order to practice Fashion for health include colors in our wardrobe, and from the types of fabric textures that we wear to the types of fabrics that move with the body.

Fashion is about beauty, hair, makeup, perfume, hygiene, and wearing clothing that makes us feel good and makes us look good. Fashion for self-care includes the way our clothes are styled together that make an impression on others, and in addition, they express our identity.

One part of a fashion wellness routine is creating a wardrobe that will include supporting the human that creates balance for the human and brings their life immersed with the fashion world and including it in our life.

We are constantly growing and developing a wardrobe even if it's a matter of wearing the same outfit every day for years. The clothing changes and evolves with the person. That outfit still grows with us and the outfit changes over time. It's our mind and perception that is a part of creating an evolved wardrobe.

A few examples of creating a wardrobe that is for your wellness and part of your wellness routine:

  • Choose to wear healthy plant fibers, (and some polyester when/if necessary)

  • Choose plant-based laundry detergent that is full of nourishing health ingredients for your health like essential oils, and castor or coconut oil.

  • It is important to wear healthy clothes during the day, to bed, and while we do our activities like exercising or walking. People have lots of hobbies that call for different types of clothing whether we're going to a museum or going out for dinner or we’re going for a walk in the woods. There are always different types of clothing that will help support our many different daily living and lifestyle activities.

  • I believe when we are meditating and practicing a spiritual life we want to wear clothes that are in alignment with those types of spiritual activities. So, it is important to wear spiritual-minded clothing.

  • It is also important to develop our own style and study fashion in our own ways so that we can learn more about what we like and what we don't like. It will support our wardrobe and it will support our mindset.

If we don't listen to the body and what the body/mind wants to wear, we are not going to be as comfortable throughout the day. With a fashion tracker, we can track our outfits and notice which outfits are more comfortable and which outfits are less comfortable to wear.

The wardrobe plays a significant role in our health. Our fashions are a multidimensional extension of our bodies. So when we choose to wear clothing for our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic health, clothing makes life easier for us.

A few fashion tracker tips:

Included below are a few tips on how we can create a wardrobe wellness routine through dressing and styling our daily outfits. These fashion tracker tips will help to improve our lives. How can we learn to track our clothes? It is easy because we are already checking our clothes in the mirrors daily, and looking down at our outfits, tracking them.

However, there are several ways we can make it more professional. Additionally, instead of just observing our clothing, we can make it support our careers and lifestyles.

  • It does not only involve writing down thoughts/ideas, answers, and reflections in your fashion log/diary. Tracking fashion can be from photos--taking photos of our own outfits and maybe others, and logging it through a cell phone or camera.

  • These photos can then be added to a hard drive in order for them to be easily accessed. A photo journal is as important as a text-based journal. I recommend taking photos of outfits daily, weekly, or monthly. We can learn and understand a lot about ourselves when we track our clothes.

  • Use fashion apps, there are many apps that can help you track your outfit

  • Use my Fashion Journal Tracker, to track your outfits

  • Use a cellphone or camera to document your outfits

  • Use a planner-- plan when you are going to track and document your outfits

  • Create weekly or monthly fashion collages with magazine clippings

Tracking fashion as a part of your wardrobe wellness routine is going to be even more trendy pretty soon.

We have:

food & diet journals

exercise journals

spa + wellbeing journals


and now we are getting more and more interested in journaling in our fashion trackers, fashion planners, and fashion/style journals.

If you have not already created a fashion journal or are using some kind of way to document your fashion, you have a lot of options. These fashion journals can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

I have tracked my outfits recently with my cellphone. Some of them are selfies but I remember the complete outfit. It has helped me in various ways:

  • My mental health- it supports my memories and it gives me good emotions and feelings that that outfit helped me that specific day.

  • My physical health- it helps me remember which outfits were comfortable or uncomfortable. If I have a bad day in a certain outfit, sometimes I don’t wear that outfit again, because I remember, for example, that the colors of the top and pants were off and it was affecting my mood.

  • My spiritual health- I love seeing myself alive and well in the photos, and I like to see myself when I am not well also because I am not always in perfect health at all times. Documenting my looks gives me a stronger connection between myself and the clothing.

How has it helped my career?

I see that I am creating fashion experiences, and, as I make a stronger connection with my clothes I feel like my intuition + fashion wisdom are increasing. This is helping me forecast trends and learn and detect about what everyone wants, not just what I like.

A large role of my work HEALTHY FASHION-- is to bring this new fashion health and wellness trend to the mainstream. For me to do that I have to be a fashion forecaster, I have to be intuitive about the industry, and trends. Fashion tracking and journaling have helped.

There are numerous reasons why fashion journaling helps a person's fashion career. Stay tuned for a new post where I will be writing on how fashion tracking develops, grows, and improves our lives.

When we start to dress and choose outfits that help our mood and enhance our energy, we will see how important it is to document our outfits.

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