ZARA is High Fashion

ZARA is High Fashion

In this new post "ZARA is High Fashion" I explain what makes Zara a high fashion brand, and what makes them a sustainable brand. I have been to Zara before, but I recently went to the Zara store in Carlsbad, CA, and I got really inspired by their collections. I took a couple of photos of their garments, and they are included in the blog post. I had searched for months for a purse to replace the purse I was using before. I had to replace the purse I had owned for many years. I finally found several ZARA purses that are perfect for me.

About ZARA

ZARA SA (Spanish Apparel) is a fast-fashion mass-market business from Spain. The founder/owner is Amancio Ortega Gaona. In 1963, Ortega set up his factory named Inditex. It was so successful, Ortega started his retail fashion business, Zara. Zara was founded by Ortega in 1975. Zara is one of the world’s largest retailers. They have 2,220 stores in 88 countries. Zara is a trendy, mature, modern, minimal, and European mass-market brand.

ZARA + Sustainability

Is Zara healthy for the body? They have stopped using all hazardous chemicals in their production. Greenpeace states: "Zara became the biggest retailer in the world to raise awareness for the Detox Campaign-- and switched to a fully toxic-free production."

Zara supports a lot of people who want to 'look + feel' beautiful by wearing high fashion, but they can't, or don't, want to spend hundreds or thousands on an outfit. So Zara helps a lot of people.

"Zara produces a luxury design product at an economical price."

They are a mass-market retailer, but they are not cheap, it is a quality product. Zara is a corporate retailer: one of the largest retailers in the world-- so this makes it a challenge to make a mass-market brand 100% sustainable.

A few quotes from the founder's daughter, Marta Ortega. She talks about Zara + Sustainability:

"We are highly focused on making clothes in a responsible, sustainable way, that limits the impact on the environment and which challenges ourselves to continually work as hard as we can to improve how we manufacture." - Marta Ortega.

"It’s something that we all feel really passionately about as individuals, as well as in a work capacity. We are always looking for ways in which we can do better: working on new technologies, new ways to work with recycled materials, and helping create new fabrics that our designers, as well as others in the industry, can work with in the future. It’s the right thing to do, both morally and commercially, and it's an approach that we’re absolutely committed to." - Marta Ortega.

ZARA is a trendy brand

Zara is rebellious with some of its collections and designs. They have very extravagant designs, yet they are also minimal and wearable. This makes their fashions powerful. They also design specifically to dress for the body-- not just designing for garment aesthetic. The Zara fashion and style is trendy, modern, and youthful. There's fashion for everyone at Zara-- they cater to many different types of fashion and style genres. They cater to all ages: kids, teens, young adults, adults, and elders.

Zara's urban + modern padded jacket

ZARA is high fashion-- what makes them high fashion?

  • Zara has a luxurious aesthetic

  • Zara makes high-quality, modern products

  • They are an apparel solution-- ZARA is high fashion for day-wear and night-wear

  • Their retail store has a high fashion environment

"Zara makes you feel like you are wearing luxury fashion."

ZARA has a luxury aesthetic

Zara makes you feel like you are wearing luxury fashion, but it is not as expensive as most luxury fashion. They make you able to express yourself and your self-identity through their fashion. They always introduce new trends that are timeless. They produce about 20 collections per year which is great, it keeps fashion moving, they make new apparel accessories throughout the year, not like usual companies that design and produce collections every 6 months.

They do not produce as much plant-based fashion as I would like, however, they have several blended cotton/polyester fabrics that are better than 100% synthetic fabric. The materials and fabrics that they use are quality.

ZARA makes modern, high-quality clothing + accessories

They cultivate a high fashion design. Many of their products are runway-inspired and ready-to-wear inspired, and their collections look like they are from the runway. When you shop at Zara, you get their inspirational high fashion looks and their high fashion collections. Many of their fashions are ergonomic and wearable.

An apparel solution-- ZARA high fashion for day-wear

One apparel solution is high fashion for day-wear and dressing with ease. Many high fashion looks seem uncomfortable. Zara makes fashion designs comfortable for daily wear.

Cute ZARA basics: terry cloth bodysuit

Cute ZARA basics: cotton turtleneck

The ZARA retail stores have a high fashion environment

When you walk into one of their stores, there is an ambiance. It is both calming yet exciting. There is a nice balance to their environment. Zara is an experience. They have a good vibe and energy at their retail outlets.

So when you go to visit their store, there is a lot of fashion products to see, and the music is always modern. Their lighting and retail furniture are Feng Shui and the store is spacious. Their fashion mannequins are also modern; they look more like a fashion illustration body than a regular human body. They also give you high fashion packaging. Their packaging is very modern and sustainable.

ZARA's high fashion sweater/sweatshirt with a large, modern knit collar

Core design principles + ZARA

These are a couple of core design principles that I have noticed Zara is a part of:

Human needs are complex and so we need complex fashion.

Zara makes fashion designs that are complex because the design is high fashion. I am not saying the garment is complicated, but because their fashion designs are multidimensional, and high fashion-- their product becomes interesting, intelligent, and complex. There's depth to their fashion designs. Zara definitely helps people on their personal fashion journey.

Zara promotes the advancement of apparel

The clothing designs and fashion collections at Zara promote and support the advancement of fashion design + apparel. Advanced fashion is comfortable fashion. A lot of fashion is simply uncomfortable to wear because the garments were not designed to dress the 'body'-- the garment is only designed for show.

My ZARA bag

My ZARA purses + bags

I own three purses from Zara's February/March 2021 collection, and I use them every day. Zara produces ergonomic purses, they are very comfortable to wear. In the photo above is my Zara purse.

Purse 1: The ZARA Quilted denim crossbody purse

One purse that I love of theirs is their puffed denim purse with a gold chain strap. It is so comfortable, it's like a pillow that cushions me. It is in the photo above.

Purse 2: The ZARA minimal shopper tote bag

Another is their faux leather office bag that I use for my electronics. I use this bag for my laptops. It has a minimal design, and it is sleek and modern.

Purse 3: The ZARA Metallic tote

My third bag is the metallic tote. It is futuristic and space-like, I love it. It is also padded, so it is really comfortable.

  • Zara makes me feel elegant + effortless. They have developed an effortless design

  • Zara fashions have personally made me feel confident

  • Their designs make me feel civilized

  • They make me look like I am wearing expensive clothing + accessories

Zara's product is high fashion because it is designed ergonomically and is comfortable to wear. The trends at Zara have positive qualities to their collections. They make us feel and look good and happy. We create this mind-body relationship with the clothes that we wear when we wear high fashion. Zara is supporting people to 'look + feel' beautiful.

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