The Fashion Journal Tracker 5-sheet fashion printable is styled and designed in a clean, simple, minimal format, and includes 5 pages of worksheets. The FJT gives you a way to express, create, log, + understand your new fashion ideas, for inspiration. It is a fashion prompt-- to get you fashion-inspired. The tracker is meant to support your fashion success and fashion creativity.


I have created this free 5-sheet printable for fashion pioneers. Whether you are a fashion business owner, or you have a modern fashion wardrobe and love fashion-- you are a fashion pioneer. The Fashion Journal Tracker is fun, and it helps you create your new fashion strategies.


A testimonial:


" The Fashion Journal Tracker is a MUST have for anyone looking to start a fashion brand! One of the most important things a fashion brand needs to develop is identity. In order to do that, you need to understand what ties together your pieces and what makes each item of clothing YOU. This Journal is an incredible tool that helps you express the thought process behind each piece. By logging your daily fashion choices and working through the understanding behind the pieces, the Fashion Journal Tracker makes creating new fashion ideas a breeze. It is something I'll definitely be recommending to all my partnered brands." - Shoaib Syed f/o of Bamboo.


Fashion Printable: The Fashion Journal Tracker

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  • Fashion Printable : 5-sheet Digital PDF

    • Sheet 1: The outfit of the day sheet: I have called it #OOTD, the hashtag for outfit of the day. Sheet 1 includes a full week Mon-Sun, to describe what is worn each day.

    • Sheet 2: It asks 3 fashion journal-like questions.

    • Sheet 3 is called the Question log. It asks you to describe

    • Sheet 4 is called Fashion // Style Aesthetics

    • Sheet 5 is the Sketch // Notes section: where you can draw fashion sketches, and add your other fashion notes.