The Fashion Calendar 36-pg PDF

This is the ultimate fashion event guide on important annual fashion events (virtual + in-person) from around the world. Both mainstream + sustainable industry events are included. Most of these events are legendary, so it is good and important to know about them. I have selected the top annual fashion events that are ultra-modern, fun, trendy, and inspiring.

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177 Major Global Fashion Industry Events

The top 38 Fashion Industry Certifications

Get to know the top 38 fashion industry certifications. I have created a list of fashion certification companies that support fashion for both human health and environmental health. This is a free resource and certification list to help your fashion wardrobe or your fashion company.


 Get to know the top 38 fashion industry certifications creating a healthier fashion industry.

The Fashion Mantras for Mind/Body/Spirit

I have created a printable that includes 5 fashion mantras that support the health of you and your wardrobe. The mantras are set up in a mini-oracle format. The mantras each include the mental body, physical body, spiritual body, energetic body, and emotional body. The style is made to help improve your fashion wardrobe routines. 


fashion mantras (1).png


Modern Apparel Fabric Stores + Textile Companies 

(Wholesale + Retail)

I have created a list of retail + wholesale fabric stores that sell fashion fabrics. Many of the retail fabric stores sell wholesale. I have included fabric stores and textiles companies that have modern, ergonomic fabrics.


41 FABRIC STORES Modern Apparel Fabric Stores + Textile Companies (Wholesale + Retail).png