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New Fashion Book

HEALTHY FASHION is a guidebook on fashion

for your health. 


Healthy Fashion offers interesting fashion methods that support our health. The healthy fashion concepts in the book are alternative health remedies for the mind, body, and spirit.

HEALTHY FASHION offers new and advanced methods on fashion for human health-- revealing the deeper truths of fashion, and it is about creating a deeper foundation and connection to fashion.


Through this book, you will learn how fashion for health provides medically and therapeutically for the modern lifestyle. Fashion as a health practice naturally moves beyond sustainability and conventional fashion.


As we evolve the soul we evolve the planet. Healthy Fashion is an experience that will help all gain a better understanding of purposeful fashion that will help balance and harmonize the mind, body, and soul.


HEALTHY FASHION is grounded; explaining both the science and spirituality of fashion, as well as several medicinal fashion concepts and theories.


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Testimonials/ Book Reviews

“In today’s modern society, I believe the term ‘expert in their field’ is often over-used beyond the experience - but in Alyssa Couture’s case, it is a demonstrative under-sell. Indeed, I would elevate her to the status of ‘Master’. I found her book, Healthy Fashion, to be an inspired and profound learning experience.

Healthy Fashion, at its essence, is a call to arms for a (fashion) industry that has long focused on the superficial rather than the medicinal. One driven competitively rather than directed sustainably. Alyssa shows us the how and the why, both individually and corporately, we can make critical changes to our personal and planetary well-being with changes not far removed from the possible.

Within Healthy Fashion, I found myself learning more than I thought I knew and being inspired to more fully impact a society that has for too-long nurtured me within limitations. Alyssa Couture’s book is a must-read for anyone who wears clothes.” - Stephen Paul Chong M.Ed.  Professional Development Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author

“I think it’s a wonderfully fresh approach to fashion and I applaud the author’s attempt to open a whole new paradigm here.” - Dreamweaver, founder/owner of Sapien Medicine, Enlightened States 


“The importance of fashion should not be underestimated. Fashion is not only a reflection of an individual, but also of a culture, of a society, and the values that people hold dear; fashion has the power to shape individuals and collective groups. Think of the varied costumes on the stage of life; think about the power of military or medical uniforms. Fashion, and the materials from which our clothing is created, immediately advertises (truly or falsely) who we are, what we aspire to, and our pretenses. How you present yourself to the external world has the power to shape your inner spiritual being – we become the fashion we display. With such thoughts in mind, close consideration of the concepts of Healthy Fashion should be imperative for anyone interested in the subject.” - Robert M. Schoch, PhD, geologist and author of Forgotten Civilization 


“What Alyssa writes really resonated with me. I have long believed, as she has, that plant-based materials should comprise the bulk of our wardrobes. Given that many top designers are cutting fur from their collections, and that hemp is making a comeback, I feel that her ideas about the relationship between humans, plants and fashion are highly prescient.” - Chere Di Boscio, founder/owner of Eluxe Magazine 


“2020 is the beginning of heightened Consciousness on Earth, and it is certainly the “Time for Healthy Fashion.” Alyssa combines fashion with spirit. Many new modes of healing have made their debut in the last few years, such as the use of Color and Sound Therapy and Sacred Geometries. Highly evolved civilizations wear only brightly colored clothing made of natural fibers and hemp. Our cells are “Alive” and sense and feel the color and fabric of clothing against our skin. Alyssa has certainly tuned into the Creator Frequency, and I highly recommend her book Healthy Fashion.” - Dianne Robbins, author of Messages from the Hollow Earth 


“A book that passionately and comprehensively faces the issue of unhealthy fashion, and how it affects humans’ body and soul. Healthy fashion means healthy people, a great message for the future.” - Mikel Guido Dolci, founder and CEO of GreenFashionWeek

“This month we advise you to read Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths. Alyssa Couture has written a guide to Fashion for Health. Healthy fashion offers fashion styles as an alternative health therapy where clothing is used as an alternative tool and as an alternative medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. The book also highlights unhealthy fashion and harmful synthetic and chemical substances that are toxic to the body. It is an experiment that reveals the deep truths of fashion as the book is based on the combination of science and spirit together.” - Jessica Bounni, fashion editor, Marie Claire Arabia  Book featured in “What Our Fashion Editor Loves” Marie Claire report Issue April '22 

"This book was a big eye opener for me. It revealed the extent to which the fashion world is relying on cheap man made materials which are unhealthy for us and bad for the planet. Take heart though, it is also full of hope. Alyssa does a wonderful job of creating a comprehensive guide to plant based fabrics." - Ana Isabel, founder of In the Light Growing Your Soul

"This is a great read! Alyssa explains in great detail about how are clothes are more than just pieces of fabric that we put on everyday. They can help us both mentally and physically. I have learned so much just reading this book and I encourage anyone that has an interest in fashion, healthy and sustainability to pick up a copy. Thanks Alyssa!" - Alexis Cuff, founder of (Un)Popular Fashion Society


"Alyssa Couture 's Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truth proves that if you are what you eat, then you are also what you wear. A person's clothing style can and should reflect their commitment to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is an interesting concept and shows that the paths to holistic wellness don't always begin and end with diet and exercise.
The first part of the book discusses how fashion should be beneficial to the body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Mostly she encourages wearing plant based fabrics and natural materials such as cotton, hemp, linen and so on. Encouraging plant based manufacturing welcomes textile manufacturers from around the world and creates a greener industry that protects rather than pollutes the environment.
This type of fashion gives back to the Earth what is taken from it by encouraging biomimicking or adapting to nature.
Mentally, universal fashion encourages diversity and understanding and erases racism, prejudice, class, and hierarchy in fashion. Couture suggests adapting and changing fashion trends to encourage more diversity and thought into clothing rather than just appealing to wealthy buyers who encourage conformity. More archetypes reflecting personality, and less stereotypes reflecting societal expectations, she writes. (For instance someone with an innocent outlook may want to wear bright cheerful colors or a Sage personality wearing thoughtful colors.)
"Fabrics are like crystals," Couture writes. Like crystals, fashion is a reflection of a person's emotions. (Of course is it emotions that reflect the clothes or the other way around is the question. When a person is depressed, do they want to wear bright yellow or red?) Since fashion can be a form of visual art with its attention to color, textile, and style, it stands to reason that fashion could be a form of art therapy. Some of this therapy includes wearing clothing that invokes good memories, personal connections, and comfort.
Spiritual fashion is not religion, Couture says. Instead it is wearing clothing that exudes a positive energy. Synthetics for example could exude more negative energy because of their mass production, and their form of holding too tightly to the skin and not allowing air to come inside. The clothes that are more spiritual wear allow for breathability, and are less restrictive in movement and size. In some ways, they reflect the individual wearer and not force the wearer to conform to a specific size and body type to fit the clothes. One of the ways to be more spiritually centered is to wear galactic inspired fashion and accessories, such as celestial and prismatic prints or galactic codes that reflect sacred geometry. It helps the wearer connect to a more universal level that goes beyond Earth and into the universe or metaverse. Understanding what fashions help the body, mind, emotion and spirit shows that clothes really do make the person. They might make them whole." -
Julie Sara Potter, Founder of Bookworm Reviews

"What an interesting and intriguing take on clothing - in that what we wear on a daily basis is not only a psychological process, it's also us being creative and even spiritual too.
Alyssa Couture, the author, asks us to consider how the types, fabrics, colours, designs that we choose to wear, to which we are drawn to wear, have a much deeper meaning and context to it.
Being a brand ambassador for online boutiques myself, I realise that I actually am very conscious when it comes to choosing which fashion products to model and promote - and which to not - and that this comes from somewhere deep within me. A fascinating read for sure
." - Sudakshina Bhattacharjee Writer,  Author, Journalist, Content Marketer

"Alyssa Couture has really sailed into uncharted waters her new book Healthy Fashion! She explains many aspects of how we can clothe ourselves in a healthy way...
Our current clothing cultures are not necessarily healthy so it suggests alternative clothing that does not harm the environment, nor the individual, but is overall Healthy!" -
Kavosh Peyrohan, CEO, International Cloning Association

"Outstanding work of passion and immense detail for the dangers we are exposed to with fabrics used by the clothing industry.
The book instantly reminded me of a personal event going back some 50 years ago when there was a TV AD showing a clip of infants clothing ... everyone with infants panicked and a market was instantly created for infant fireproof clothing. The infant clothing industry immediately produced fireproof clothing. Oops a few months later and the Press announced the fireproof fabric was impregnated with a carcinogenic solution.
The book brought into focus that personal event and my thirst for the content ongoing.
The book takes a deep dive on what we are exposed to daily '' who knows what's in the fabric. It's a chemical borne jacket. "Wearer Beware".
Given the details and facts promulgated in 'The Deeper Truths", the author certainly qualifies and should seek a session on 20/20 60 Minutes and on the National TV Networks with her story .. It's a good one that needs to be told."
- Paul Mondello, President, OCR Capital

What are some the main issues of importance in the book? 
We are at the time of a spiritual awakening. The fashion industry is in a bit of transition right now. We are slowly catching on to producing and promoting fashion in pursuit of mind- body- spirit. 

Healthy Fashion is a  new model of fresh, modern fashion that is for multi-dimensional use. Multi-dimensional fashion is fashion that is physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually interactive in relation to humans. 


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