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about alyssa

fashion author + fashion entrepreneur

The founder/owner of HEALTHY FASHION Alyssa Couture and her biography


Hello, and Welcome to Healthy Fashion. My name is Alyssa Couture, I am the founder of HEALTHY FASHION CAMPAIGN: a fresh-inspired business on fashion design + apparel made to support human health. I am the fashion author of my new fashion book HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS


I am an all-things fashion professional. I am a fashion author, fashion entrepreneur, and fashion industry expert-- with over 15 years of fashion industry experience in a number of roles. 

My range of expertise is vast: fashion author, fashion business entrepreneur, fashion retail management, fashion show producer, fashion designer, fashion journalist, fashion visual merchandising, fashion journalism, fashion styling, lookbook creative directing…and so on. 


A few More things about

my fashion experience :

Fashion show event producer

I was the event planner/producer of my eco-fashion show event: Alternative Fashion 2014 


Fashion Design Talent Show

My previous handmade eco-fashion brand was selected to participate in Saks 5th Ave Emerging Designer Showcase Talent Search Competition


Fashion Design School

I attended 4+ years at AAU (Academy of Art University) majoring in Fashion Design 


Fashion Journalist

I have studied and researched fashion for many years. My articles have been published in several blogs + news sites 


I love fashion retail

I have worked at over a dozen fashion retail shops and fashion boutiques in management, sales, styling, and merchandising positions over the course of several years. I loved learning new things about fashion + fashion retail, and I was able to get a lot of diverse fashion experiences.


My previous handmade fashion brand ALTERNATIVE FASHION

I used to sell my handmade eco-fashion brand Alternative Fashion- my fashion designs were sold on online shops, brick-and-mortar boutiques, and at local Wholefoods Pop-Up Shops. I was also invited to participate in 6 fashion show events.


Fine Art Illustrator (many of the paintings included fashion illustrations)

Nature Spirits Oracle Deck by Elizabeth Foley 

Nine Simple Laws to Create Joy and Grace by Sue Singleton

For a more in-depth list of my past and present fashion work: please check out my media kit:  https://www.hfcampaign.com/media-kit





















Fashion + a spiritual lifestyle


What I am working on now

Much of my current fashion work includes: building and developing content for my blog, writing my second fashion book, creating new digital fashion products, and other fashion products (fashion printables), and promoting and launching my upcoming book: HEALTHY FASHION; THE DEEPER TRUTHS. 


​Fashion + travels + culture

I have lived and worked in NH, NYC, New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, San Francisco, Ca, Dunsmuir, CA  (near Mount Shasta, CA), and I am currently living in SoCal: Oceanside, California. My love of travel has given me the opportunity to explore different cultures which have influenced my outlook. I live a spiritually driven lifestyle, having previously lived in several Indian ashrams and Buddhist monasteries. I was a kitchen manager + chef at one of the monasteries, claiming 5 Star reviews.

Some of my hobbies: I enjoy classical + techno music. I love the ocean and nature and traveling. I enjoy all things fashion. I love to write about fashion.


I have acquired and developed multiple fashion skills that are diverse yet incorporate a universal element to my work and my life skills. 

I love to be a guide and enlighten people about fashion in relation to alternative health, psychology, new age, and metaphysical topics. 




 About HF

WHAT HF is a fashion business on Fashion for your health by F/O Alyssa Couture. I broadcast enlightening content on fashion deemed medicinal

WHERE HF is a digital platform based in Oceanside, California, US. 

WHEN I originally launched HF in 2015-- and then re-launched in 2020


HEALTHY FASHION is a fresh, new approach to fashion: Fashion to reclaim the soul/spirit​. Naturally being an optimistic person, I noticed an emptiness and lack of spirit and health in fashion in general. Fashion design and apparel that is healthy is what we need as a part of the new paradigm of living holistically. I broadcast the evolutionary fashion concepts that make fashion transcend its general unhealthy condition. Healthy fashion is: artistic, modern, fresh, fun, futuristic, and trendy.


“Part of the concept of healthy fashion results in a fun and bountiful future. Fashion that is optimistic and spirited-- and fashion that cures the ails of the body.”



  • HEALTHY FASHION  is for you- fashion consumers + fashion professionals.

  • Alyssa supports conscious consumers who want to build a healthier wardrobe and fashion professionals that want to build a healthier fashion business.

  • My work is here to help inspire and help create new dimensions within the fashion industry. 




Healthy fashion design + apparel for your health

is the solution to the toxic parts of the fashion industry

As we wear healthy fashions, it not only helps our mind, body, and spirit-- it contributes, and naturally extends itself into building a healthier environment.

The concepts of Healthy Fashion incorporates an elemental/alchemical configuration connecting all areas of fashion design + apparel in a universal way. Collaborating with a range of many fashion formats, establishes and co-creates the future of fashion. 


I problem-solve for the critical need of a fashion industry that lacks the spirit of fashion due to unhealthy fashion. chemicals, synthetic fashion, fashion waste, unfair trade and labor, false representations of fashion, etc. 


HF executes a creative formula involving an alternative advantage to reaching awareness of advanced fashion. I believe that when everyone is inspired by the power of beautiful, creative, and plant-based fashion design, toxic fashion may be resolved in a sufficient manner. 


"An important part of achieving a healthy lifestyle is by approaching natural and substantially holistic fashion-- for fashion, for the people, for everyone."


Check out my blog, as I talk about modern, fresh, and high-fashion for the New Age

Fashion deemed medicinal is a new concept for the fashion industry. How so? We don’t really market, advertise, and make fashion recognizable as a health product. Yes, healthy fashion has existed since fashion came about, yet this campaign really involves creating strategy, criteria, and a campaign movement to get fashion to give back to us, more than it currently does. ⠀


Stay tuned, and I’ll be sharing with you new, effective ways, to get your wardrobe or fashion company a healthy fashion boost. Visit my website for more info:


Fashion in general needs to become more advanced and modern. There is a void in fashion because some fashion is unspirited. There’s huge potential.


  • I offer methods and ways fashion can be used as an alternative health remedy + as a long-term modern wellness trend. Fashion is to be used to support the mind, body, and spirit.  

  • I offer a solution that helps support a healthy fashion business + and a healthy wardrobe-- for fashion business professionals + fashion consumers

  • offer methods of fashion for human health that combine: alternative health + metaphysics + spirituality + psychology  

Healthy fashion is a modern and new approach to fashion that contributes to overall wellbeing. Follow this feed and you will learn tips, tricks, hacks, and content on what healthy fashion truly is because there are several new fashion concepts that will be expressed.

"When we initiate the spiritual consciousness of fashion, fashion becomes powerful. Part of the core values of a healthy fashion is spiritual consciousness."

​Alyssa is a fashion intuitive and “healthy fashion” practitioner. Her work supports the fashion industry into its course as a therapeutic, healing tool-- to help initiate the consciousness of the human spirit via fashion into its transmission of divine activity for overall human health and well-being. Fashion for health is also a major contributing factor for ultimate planetary awakening.


















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Would you like to learn more about my fashion book? It is a fresh new approach to fashion: Healthy fashion to reclaim the soul/spirit. Vit my FASHION BOOK page.

I am happy to share with you the cover reveal of my new fashion book which will be released in Dec. 2021: HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS. The book is published by John Hunt Publishing under their mind/body/spirit imprint: Ayni Books.  I will start the book launch later on.

a piece of floating and flowing fabric to representfashion and a spiritual lifestyle
A Banner for healthy fashion campaign in a pink and blue holographic background

"In HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS, I talk about soulful, healthy, spirited fashion-- fashion that is powerfully authentic. I integrate thought-provoking fashion ideas, bringing consciousness to fashion. The natural advantage of HEALTHY FASHION is its sense of progressiveness, it assists the collective fashion movement in a paramount way. 

Fashion deemed medicinal is a new concept for the fashion industry. How so? We don’t really market, advertise, and make fashion recognizable as a health product. Yes, healthy fashion has existed since fashion came about, yet this book really involves creating strategy, criteria, and new fashion concepts to get fashion to give back to us, more than it currently does. ⠀

Stay tuned, this book will give you new, effective ways, to get your wardrobe and/or your fashion company a 'healthy fashion' boost. 

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