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A photo of the cover of Healthy Fashion The Deeper Truths by Alyssa Couture Pre-order are now available


If you are new to the ‘fashion for health’ concept, my book is for you. It is a pretty new concept, so I have created a guidebook with a lot of interesting fashion for health topics.

I talk about the many details of what fashion design/apparel for health really is. I also talk about sustainable fashion: fashion for the environment, and fashion and wellness trends.

My new book HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS, was a large writing project that took years to create. I spent a lot of my time researching and thinking about fashion. I wrote for a couple of years of time and added my new fashion experiences to the book during this time period as well. I love being a fashion writer. It is fun. HEALTHY FASHION is an inspiring fashion story-- not a story about me personally, but a non-fiction fashion story on how fashion is advancing.

When did I write the book?

I started working as a fashion entrepreneur in 2015. In May 2016, I answered a question in an interview I had by The Heroine’s Journey. I said in the interview I wanted to write a fashion book. I didn't even remember I wanted to write a book that far back. In 2017/18, I finally started writing my book when I was the kitchen manager/cook for a monastery in West Virginia. The lead monk is an author of many spiritual meditation books.

So, this made me remember I wanted to write a fashion book, but I had completely forgotten about it. I was in solitude at the monastery, to a degree, so it was the perfect time to start writing. I started outlining the book in a notebook and picking out topics to write about.

Eventually, I had left the monastery and stopped writing again for a while, but then I picked it back up when I moved to Mount Shasta, CA. The mountain there, Mount Shasta, is a large energy vortex. Everyone should visit, and you will notice the energy is different there. Tourists travel from all over the world to visit Mount Shasta. A lot of interesting things occurred over the course of those few years as I would write the book. The book was inspired by Mount Shasta. A lot of New Age activity occurs on Mount Shasta.

My traditional publishing contract

I received a traditional contract for HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS. I had a very good response to my book, and I also was offered multiple contract agreements. I went with the most fitting publisher for me which is John Hunt Publishing.

I am happy with my traditional contract with John Hunt Publishing. It’s every writer’s dream to receive a traditional contract. JHP is a very innovative and modern publishing company. The non-fiction fashion book is going to be under their mind, body, spirit imprint Ayni Books.

How can I purchase the book?

The book is available now for pre-order. It is going to be available in print as a new release around the holiday season-- Dec. 1, 2021. It is a good gift idea. If you want to read a sample of the material you can visit the Amazon site, and click on the book image, it will give you a preview of the book.

The link to see the preview: Amazon Book Preview


Some of you may prefer to purchase the book now. Here is a list of several book stores that you can purchase the book at:

HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS is listed on many other e-retailer book stores.

If you have any questions or comments about the book, please contact me.

Listed below, are a few fashion things I have created before the fashion book is released

I have hyperlinked a few of the words below that will direct you to them.

These are some fashion things you can do to learn and/or remember new fashion news and content. Fashion for health is a concept that is vast-- so I have not mentioned everything on my site. A lot of the fashion details and fashion concepts are mentioned in my book, however.

My Healthy Fashion Campaign

My campaign is basically the platform that will support and promote my new book HEALTHY FASHION.

An interactive fashion website

A blog is included in the site, with 30 blog posts-- several of them are about fashion for health.

The e-zine content includes fun fashion things that you would find in a magazine like:

A shop

I have two fashion printables available and for sale at a small price:

Free Resources page

Check out these two free digital download PDFs:


If you are interested in collaborating, contact me. I am available to:

  • Sponsor-- fashion businesses

  • Speak-- at an event, or on a video about HFC, or about my new book.

  • Seminars--I have a HEALTHY FASHION seminar about the concepts of healthy fashion available soon.

  • Write-- I write fashion journalism articles

  • Be interviewed-- I am looking to participate in guest interviews.

A little more about my book

A lot of people might find the topic “fashion for health” as a new concept, however, you can find healthy apparel everywhere. It will be a must-read for fashion professionals and people with a serious fashion hobby. This book is like a fashion course or fashion seminar, for those who want to learn more about fashion for the mind, body, and spirit.

I have been able to brainstorm new ways of thinking about fashion, how we perceive and see fashion through various topics: philosophy, sociology, psychology, science-- and more! The book has many fashion strategies for your personal wardrobe and/or professional fashion career. Fashion is fun, and healthy fashion is a movement, and everyone is a part of it. It is a new kind of fashion.


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