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What is healthy fashion?

What is healthy fashion: what can our fashions do to truly help our lives more?

Fashion in pursuit of health, wellness, and therapeutic function will truly help our lives more. This can be done in various ways.

At this point, fashion for health has only really been practiced very mildly, generally speaking. My upcoming book HEALTHY FASHION is a fashion guide on fashion for health.

A great place to start is to wear plant-based fashion fabrics. It DOESN’T mean that we are going to need to step back in time and dress in textiles and fabrics that make us look like we are wearing a burlap bag. HEALTHY FASHION is not about that. Plant-based fabrics can be cool when we design, dress, and perceive them to be modern.

Plant fabrics are, in large part, creating fashion for health. It’s one of the basics of creating a healthier wardrobe, but there is so much more to it than that. If you do wear some polyester, no worries, it’s hard not to wear synthetic fabrics or accessories, it’s been the demand for so long.

"You don’t have to save the world- just focus on your own needs, like wearing more comfortable, cotton and linen fabrics. Hanna Kroeger, renowned healer said: “God helps those who help themselves.”- Alyssa Couture

Healthy Fashion takes a modern approach in the way we relate to our clothes, fashion style, and fashion trends. It's about fashion design and apparel for a purpose. There's a saying: "how we treat our body, is how we treat ourselves." It's the same with our way of dress; what we wear can be an extension of how we care about ourselves, our health, and our wellbeing.

The main goal of my work is to initiate the consciousness of fashion: fashion for spiritual ascension. There are numerous ways and possibilities to do so, that’s what is so much fun about it. Clothing is a basic necessity, a great canvas that offers a lot of room for us to be creative with our looks. We can find creative ways to use fashion as an opportunity for a better life.

As we all know, the fashion industry is a little chaotic. It’s an incredibly huge industry, and it’s always exciting, but there are a disturbance and void in fashion. It's especially clear when unethical fashion is observed, causing all of us to think twice about fashion. We can use this, however, as a catalyst to make more fashion solutions, that contribute to our health and wellbeing.

How can we be inspired to dress healthy?

Well, healthy fashion doesn’t have to be portrayed as “health” (that word isn’t always exciting), or taken in the literal sense. Not everyone really, truly wants to "exercise” health via fashion. So, we have to make it fun, inspiring, and interesting. We have to make fashion and dressing an opportunity to feel better about ourselves. Fashion is important and we make it even more purposeful.

In general, we have to make healthy fashion:

  • futuristic

  • modern

  • fresh

  • trendy

  • artistic

  • fun

Above all, we have to make fashion a very clear Universal fashion language, where everyone is invited to participate. Healthy fashion doesn’t just speak on behalf of a specific fashion style or fashion aesthetic. We can think much broader than that, and this alone will make healthy fashion reachable and accessible to all.

Healthy Fashion Campaign: Fashion for the future

It is starting to get a little redundant saying, “fashion for the future”, but currently it is stated quite frequently because we aren’t really in a place where we are truly happy with the current state of fashion. I have taken a lot of time and energy contemplating, reflecting, and diagnosing all the strengths and weaknesses that fashion has to offer, and I can say, as fashion intuitive, we are all going to be in for a pleasant surprise. Fashion in the future is going to be very fun, and exciting more than ever before.

“Fashion moves, just look at the trends, how fast they can translate and enhance our lives. Yet, fashion can also be slow. Just look at how long it took the cellphone to be invented. Fashion has not ‘arrived’.” - Alyssa Couture

My contribution to the future of the fashion industry is my upcoming fashion book. It is a challenge to not speak about my book, as it has been such a large part of my life these past couple of years. It is headed into the proofing stage, and from there, it will take several months to process, publish, and go into print. I am more than happy that this is happening, as I consider my fashion book a really incredible resource for everyone that cares about fashion.

HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS is written with both the fashion professional and fashion consumer in mind. Stay tuned for more updates. For now: share, like, and follow my social media platforms for daily, fashion reflections, inspiration, and fashion insight. Thank you :)


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