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Healthy Fashion– Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Healthy Fashion Campaign blog/site! I would like to promote your work and/or company as a model for the future of fashion and fashion for human health and wellness. So in your blog post– it is important to talk (at least a little bit) about why your company, or product, or article supports healthy fashion for the human– mind + body + spirit.​

Please write a unique article: Please send me a unique article– not an article posted on other sites. If you have a sample article, that’s fine as long as it sounds like it caters to the concepts and ideas of Fashion-for-health-and--wellbeing


Hyperlink– feel free to use hyperlinks in your article to your company or a website that refers to the information in your article 


Word count– 800-1,600 words


Images– Include 2-3 images (please attach them to your email)

 *I will make the cover photo image and add

your bio photo or your company logo in the cover photo image)


Social media handles– include your social media handles 


Web link– please include your web link

Bio– Small Bio of you and/or your company

Bio photo– Please send and attach to the email a photo of yourself or the photo you want me to use for your bio photo (The bio at the end of your article)

Guest post content

I publish guest posts that talk about fashion/fashiondesign+accessories/apparel and some beauty and hygiene posts. 

Please include any information about your company or article subject that is about:


  • Fashion for human health

  • Fashion industry news

  • Fashion business 

  • Wellness fashion 

  • Style + fashion psychology 

  • Plant-based fabrics 

  • Fashion for the mind/body/spirit

  • Style

  • Trends 

  • Sustainable fashion 

  • Ethical fashion 

  • Slow fashion 

  • Zero waste fashion 

  • Circular fashion

  • + more

Content on textile/apparel materials

Polyester– please do not include much information about polyester or recycled polyester– unless it is BIOPLASTIC (polyester made from vegetable fibers). I do wear some polyester (coats, shoes, accessories) but the focus of my fashion work and content is plant-based fashion.


Animal materials– please only include animal materials if it is ethical, niche-based, and if the product is connected with the sacred traditions of animal textile farming. 


-Please focus on plant-based materials if you speak about fabrics and textiles/apparel materials. 


-Please write 1 paragraph (at the least) regarding your company or article topic and how it relates to fashion for HUMAN health. I talk about fashion for environmental health but the focus of the blog and my company– is predominantly about–


Fashion for


  • Mental health 

  • Emotional health 

  • Spiritual health 

  • Energetic health 

  • Physical healthy

Share the blog post

Please share the blog post after I publish the guest post on my website/blog. I will be sending you the cover image to share with your followers/network after it is published. 


Please tag healthy fashion in your post and follow the healthy fashion campaign:


(I follow-for-follow and if I tag you on a network I generally will follow your networks. I do not expect you to follow my social media accounts but it is supportive and appreciative) 


My Healthy Fashion social media networks:


I will publish the post depending on when I can share it, and I will create a social media post introducing you/ your work etc. and your guest post article. 


Thank you so much for collaborating with me and my Healthy Fashion Campaign!

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