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Guest speaker

 I am available for

  •  public events

  •  publications

  •  video/vlog

  • radio/podcast 

Sponsored posts

I create sponsored posts as a trade value exchange, or for a gift/donation.

The two sponsored post types:

  • exclusive fashion articles 

  • featured product

1.  Fashion articles 

As a fashion author and fashion journalist, I have written several fashion articles, you can check them out in my press page

 Fashion topics I write about:

  • fashion for human health 

  • fashion for environmental health

  • fashion for the mind/body/spirit

  • style + trends + fashion news

  • healthy fashion concepts

2.  I feature gifted fashion products

I am currently interested and available to promote and feature fashion products-- Apparel + Accessories. I am not a picky person, however, the product has to resonate with my style and interests, and my line of work-- healthy fashion.


Sponsored posts

  • If you are interested in the sponsored posts I have available, I will create an exclusive written article with photos of me modeling your product.

  • The article will be showcased on my blog.

  • I will share it on my social media accounts (2 xs) + send it in my newsletter. 


I prefer to be offered a selection of items to choose from, to make sure the product(s) will fit my personality and my work. However, it’s fine if you have only one or a few particular products in mind that you currently and specifically want to promote.

I sponsor fashion + beauty + accessory + plant-based hygiene products

  • plant-based fabrics + plant-based accessories (85% of my wardrobe is cotton/linen/cellulose)

  • leather/down (sustainable, ethical) I own leather accessories. I am not 100% vegan. I am part Native American.

  • some synthetic (the product has to be ergonomically designed) I sponsor synthetic 3rd layer fashion items // winter fashion apparel// and accessories.. etc.

  • In addition to fashion products, I sponsor spa, beauty, + hygiene care products that are plant-based and mineral-based. 

Healthy fashion brands that sell and make fashions with natural plant fabrics are preferred-- as I  promote plant-based fashion. However, I support both vegan and non-vegan fashion businesses.


I own leather accessories and I own down products. I am not against animal products but I keep it minimal. Part of healthy fashion is also survival-based fashion, fashion that keep people protected and safe is important to me.