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#ootd fashion journal

alyssa couture founder owner of healthy fashion wearing Aero recylced cotton tee and cotton jockey leggings

My outfit of the day fashion journal is like a lookbook// campaign of some of my favorites styles and looks. I feature fashion deemed medicinal. Want your healthy fashion product featured in my blog?

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#OOTD Lookbook


I created this section to showcase my favorite looks from my wardrobe, and styled by me. I am visually documenting some of my favorite outfits. It is a small part of my routine to photograph my outfits.

There are so many outfits I wore that I have very little memory of. That is why it is important for me to jot down my outfits so that I can remember just the clothes, but that time in my life, when I wore a specific outfit. 

I feel that it is helping me connect with my clothes, and strengthens my connection with my wardrobe. There are lots of different ways how we can journal our clothing, and we are able to decide and choose what works for us. 

I always want more ways to feel healthy. So, journaling my outfits, gives me another way to support our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic health.

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