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A New Fashion Trend: Ergonomic Fashion Design

In this post, I will share with you what ergonomic fashion design is. It is responsible fashion because it helps the body and mind therapeutically. I have added a couple of quotes from other professionals talking about this new trend in fashion called "ergonomic fashion", "fashion ergonomics", "ergonomic clothing" etc. I call it ergonomic fashion. It is a large concept, and many different types of topics can be studied with regard to ergonomic fashion. Ergonomic fashion relieves pain, relieves suffering, and it is soothing and energizing to wear.

Ergonomic fashion fabrics, material development, and apparel will help our bodies and minds when they are designed ergonomically.

A few examples of therapeutic ergonomic fashion:

  • Fashion fabrics made with emollients (ex. aloe-infused fabric)

  • Compressive apparel

  • Infused-fashion fabrics that are antibacterial and germicidal

  • Designs and prints that improve mood

  • Laundry detergents made with essential oils that act as adaptogens

  • Holistic visual imagery on clothing that reduces stress

  • Attractive design aesthetic that increases endorphins

The definition of ergonomics from Merriam Webster: "An applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely."

There is "fashion ergonomics" in regard to fashion manufacturing and the design of machines that help support the safety and efficiency of the worker. I am not speaking about that. I am speaking about how fashion design can provide safety and efficiency to a human’s body and mind.

Fashion engineering is ergonomic fashion

We have to think like an engineer in regard to design. We have to wear therapeutic designs that are ergonomic in order to have a productive and efficient day.

An ergonomic fashion design is clothing that both performs and functions well, as well as clothing that assists a human in performing and functioning well.Ergonomic fashion is therapeutic for the body because it is beneficial and comfortable to wear. Clothing that is ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear is a non-ergonomic fashion design.

"It combines professional clothing characteristics and ergonomics content to constitute an independent system, and the purpose is to completely change the traditional concept of the past, realizes harmony and unity of human and the clothing, humane and the environment, "beauty in form" and "efficiency" in the process of the clothing designing, so that clothing art and wearing actual effect can reach the best matching condition of comfort, health, safety, health, function, appearance, personality." - Xiaonyan Yang

A few examples of ergonomic equipment:

  • Ergonomic keyboards

  • Ergonomic mouse

  • Laptop stands

  • Kneeling chairs

With ergonomic fashion, we are turning clothing into "equipment". Our "clothing" is the "equipment" to make our lifestyles more effective and masterly. Ergonomic fashion design is exceptional design. We can manage our body and mind better when we wear ergonomic clothing.

In order to build an ergonomic wardrobe, we have to choose clothing not only for aesthetics but also for function and purpose. When we bring science and spirituality together, we have ergonomic fashion designs. It is a science to design apparel that corrects the body. Ergonomic design improves the body.

Fabrics that moisturize the skin, clothing that has a built-in design to press on acupressure points, and design that is seamless, without causing any irritation to the skin; are a few examples of ergonomic design details.

Ergonomic fashion can help our energetic bodies

We also have to think about the energy flow of the body and how our clothing affects our chakras, our energy channels, and the way specific fabrics are placed on the body. The way the design and the specific seam lines, and silhouettes help the energy flow. Well, non-ergonomic design can help the energy flow stop.

In Hanna Kroeger’s book: "The Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health," she talks about the chakras and the aura being a large egg that surrounds the body. This aura has to be filled with energy. Specific types of ergonomic fabrics and materials can aid the aura.

When we treat the body with ergonomic apparel, it is a treatment, a healing treatment. What we wear can affect our aura and our energy body. We want to seal the life force in the body and steal the energy within the aura.

Photo credit: Sergey Makashin

Incorporate these brilliant ergonomic fashion items into your wardrobe:

Seamless clothing—clothing with no seams

Athleisure apparel—clothing that looks and feels good

Biocrystal apparelreduces stress and fatigue

Soft fabrics—to support your nerves, sensory-friendly

Compression garments—They give a light massage to the body because of the pressure. (We can also use and wear medical-grade and non-medical-grade garments. All medical grade garments are ergonomic fashion designs.)

Temperature regulation-- wear TencelTM with thermal regulating cooling and plant-based down or down-filled clothing for warming properties. Most all plant-based fabrics are temperature regulating.

Weighted garments—they are good for reducing stress

Acupressure slippers—sandals with the nubs on the slippers massage the pressure points on the bottom of the feet. This is an ergonomic accessory designed to be very therapeutic. I would consider it a fashion that is medicinal.

Quote from the article: "How Fashion Ergonomics Help Your Spine"

"Fashion ergonomics is the intersection of fashion and health" - Dr. Erickson

A few of my ergonomic fashions in my wardrobe

I have worn really uncomfortable, non-ergonomic clothing in my life, and it made my days really unproductive and not efficient. I even fainted once in a dress that was too tight. I have gotten so itchy from wool that I wanted my skin to turn inside out. I've worn clothing with zippers that would scratch my skin and irritate my skin.

I've worn lots of different types of clothes that were especially uncomfortable, and I sacrificed in the name of fashion. Currently, this is a spiritual awakening time. I believe part of my spiritual awakening is dressing more comfortably in ergonomic fashion. I'm not allowing myself to be uncomfortable. Sometimes I am, but not a lot.


I have several examples of ergonomically designed clothing in my wardrobe. I own a really cute juniper-colored backpack, I specifically bought it because the straps are padded. There have been many times when I purchased backpacks with straps that were not padded enough and they created a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck. This is an example of ergonomic fashion-padded straps on a backpack.

Foot inserts

As a healthy fashion practitioner, I practice fashion and use it as a tool and healing modality. Ergonomic clothing can help heal the body. For example, I have a pair of foot inserts that have supported my legs and my feet. Previous to these foot inserts, my foot arch was dropping. This type of fashion accessory has been able to help support my arch. It keeps it from falling and has strengthened my arch. This is an ergonomic design.

Posture corrector /back brace

Also, I consider my back brace a fashion accessory because I wear it. Even though it is not necessarily a fashion, it is a piece of fabric and materials that hold the body. In the future, fashion designers can build jackets with a built-in back brace in them and make them look more fashionable. I really like my back brace and I have had spine issues with my spine. I don't wear it all the time, but when I do wear it, it helps me a great deal.

We can use my back brace/posture corrector as an example of ergonomic design. This is a design that corrects my body, and that is exactly what ergonomic fashion does. It corrects any ailments that we may have, and also just supports the body in general. This is a new wellness and fashion trend that will support the body therapeutically.


I wear a lot of leggings most of the time. I love the compression of the fabric against my legs. I believe I wear these to stimulate circulation in my legs. I have had mini-strokes in the past and they affected my leg muscles. I have muscle atrophy, so the compression leggings help stimulate my legs and give them support. It is not a medical-grade compression garment, but it is enough to help my body. Compression garments are also known to improve blood flow, which helps the circulation in my legs as well.

Crew Socks

I also like to wear crew socks. I do not like to expose my ankles. Part of it is because of an old injury that I have, and it gives the ankle extra support and strengthens it. But, I also just recently learned from a Feng Shui book, I cannot recall the author, but she said that there is a meridian point and an acupressure point right on the side of the ankle, and if it is exposed to cool air, the chi may leak out. So, there are specific ways that we can wear clothes to support our meridians and acupoints.

Photo credit: Sergey Makashin

Final Note

Ergonomic fashion is an entire field of study that can be studied and the different ergonomic design apparel that is currently being produced. Ergonomic fashion is not a new concept; there are many different types of fashion designs being created that are ergonomic; thousands, millions, but they are not specifically called ergonomic fashion designs.

Ergonomic fashion can be found in all style genres. It is not a specific style. It is the way the garment is designed. All style genres produce some ergonomic fashion in their collections. However, there are some style genres that carry a lot of ergonomic apparel.

Some of the style genres that carry high-performance apparel: is minimalism. luxury, athleisure, loungewear, activewear, casual wear, and athleisure fashion. But you can find ergonomically designed apparel in every style genre. Many luxury wear apparel brands are developing ergonomic clothing. That is because they are comfortable and luxurious.

Unfortunately, we aren’t marketing clothing as ergonomically in the mainstream enough. Our clothing can be much more than how it is being marketed. Soon, in the mainstream, the fashion industry will label clothing as an ergonomic design product, and this is not only healing fashion but mindful fashion as well.

I believe that ergonomic fashion is going to be a future trend and be promoted in all fashion markets very soon. Many products are already ergonomic, they're just not being expressed as ergonomic.

In my book Healthy Fashion, I wrote a section of the book specifically about ergonomic design. If you want to learn more about ergonomic fashion and therapeutic fashion, check out my book, Healthy Fashion. I support conscious consumers who want to help their wardrobe and fashion professionals who want to have a healthier fashion business. In the book, I offer methods and ways fashion can be used as an alternative health remedy and as a long-term wellness trend. I will also be sharing more posts about ergonomic and therapeutic apparel on this blog for my healthy fashion campaign.

Ergonomic fashion is inspiring. When you choose to wear ergonomic apparel, it will enhance and support your own unique style. We all want fashion that can support our bodies therapeutically as well as function and perform with ease.


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