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Hemp Fabric Is the Future of Fashion + 20 Hemp Fashion Brands to Shop At

In this post, I am going to share with you all about hemp fabric and why it is the future of fashion. I have also created a list of 20 hemp fashion brands from around the world, and you can shop at their stores online. I have included a shoppable hyperlinked link to their website and a brief bio that is a direct quote from their website or social media.

Hemp fabric is the future of fashion. Years ago, when I was designing and producing clothing for my previous handmade brand, Alternative Fashion, I would purchase fabrics from Hemp Traders and Organic Cotton Plus. When I didn’t want to shop online, I shopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

If you would like to see my past fashion collections, check out my old Instagram account, Alternative Fashion.

I love hemp fabric, and I would wear a few of my own fashion designs made in a hemp fabric. The fabric is so comfortable; it has temperature regulating properties; it is breathable, regenerative, and circular.

Hemp fabric is one of the top fabrics listed in my book Healthy Fashion.

Why is hemp one of the top fashion fabrics? The fabric properties of hemp

Hemp fabrics are hypoallergenic and made from the cellulose of the hemp plant, so it is like having a fashion cleanse when you wear them. It is a long-lasting fabric because it holds its shape.

Hemp is an ancient fabric used for thousands of years. In Japan, the new emperor dressed in a robe made with hemp fabric during the ceremonies as it epitomizes abundance, comfort, and health.

Hemp is a biodegradable fabric. It is one of the fastest-growing crops. It requires much less water than cotton to grow. Additionally, hemp fabric has antibacterial properties. Textile manufacturers have produced a biobased hemp bioplastic!

Hemp is being used for many different types of products in many different industries.

How hemp fabrics help our body, mind, and soul:

  • Supports oxygen levels

  • Stimulates and improves blood flow and circulation

  • Chemical composition-balanced

  • Ergonomic

  • Hypoallergenic/hygienic

  • Anti-stress—the plant/human connection reduces stress

Hemp is a great alternative to cotton and synthetic fabrics. We cannot stress one plant; cotton, alone. We have to produce plant-based apparel from other plants, and hemp is one of them.

The 20 hemp brands listed below

I have researched many hemp fashion companies, and the 20 listed below are selling modern fashion and very futuristic apparel. Hemp fabrics can be designed and produced in many different types of styles and genres.

These brands that produce apparel in hemp fabrics design clothing with modern shapes, silhouettes, and fashion cuts. They make use of global concepts. They are designing universal fashion that everyone can wear. They are making curated collections. These brands are designing beautiful fashions. Additionally, hemp is a luxurious fabric, making all fashions look luxurious.

Hemp/cotton blends are a great fabric, and many of the brands listed below are producing apparel made with hemp/lyocell-blended fabrics. What I love about these hemp brands is that you can visit their online stores and they all sell both women's and men’s hemp apparel.

What I loved about researching these 20 hemp fashion brands is that they are all over the world. I found hemp brands in India, New Zealand, Poland, America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and many more! It is really inspiring to see all of these brands that are choosing to produce entirely or almost entirely all hemp apparel from around the world!

My work, the Healthy Fashion Campaign, is all about promoting and supporting fashion professionals with their fashion businesses and fashion consumers with their wardrobes. I feel everyone should wear hemp apparel. You don’t have to buy a new wardrobe, but adding a few pieces to your wardrobe will support a person’s healthy fashion journey. It is also important for all fashion businesses to incorporate hemp into their business.

For those who are living a healthy lifestyle and want to wear healing, healthy fabric, try hemp. It is not often found in mainstream fashion stores, but you can shop online—and I have found these 20 great brands that sell both men’s and women’s hemp apparel. It is about living sustainably and living a regenerative lifestyle. We are currently in transition, and many of these brands would agree that plant-based is the future of fashion and a current and upcoming long-term trend.

The 20 Hemp fashion brands

Below, is the list of 20 hemp fashion brands. Click on the brand's name to shop and visit their online store. I have included where they are located, and if they sell men's, women's or men's and women's clothing.

1. Zone

About: “Sustainable yoga mats & accessories.

Through ZONE, our mission is to help you #LiveBetter through environmentally conscious products for yoga, your lifestyle, your comfort, and your mental and physical health.

Australian designed” - Zone

Location: Australia

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “Forget those outdated notions of hemp being only for hippies, because our collection offers a variety of simple yet stylish designs and accessories that showcase its versatility and strength.

Yes, it makes for a great pair of yoga pants, but it can also take you from the beach to the boardroom to black-tie event and everything in between.” - Hempy People

Location: Dubai

Gender: Men’s + Women's Apparel

About: “Hemp fashion for women and men that looks as great as it feels, while providing an eco friendly alternative to cotton and man-made fibres.”

Location: Australia

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “We’re just a couple of lads from Christchurch with a vision of becoming the foremost players in the hemp clothing industry in New Zealand. We want to create a positive legacy of change in the industry.” – “ We provide hemp-based clothing and accessories to consumers who like to look good whilst looking aft” - Hemphouse

Location: New Zealand

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “Hemp Clothing Australia is the home of beautifully made, ethical and sustainable hemp. Visit our online store to shop our range.” - Hemp Clothing Australia

Location: Kensington Park, South Australia

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “We stock one of Europe's largest selection of hemp goods.We're passionate about hemp and how beneficial it can be for the planet and the body. It truly is a wonderplant. Ethical. Sustainable. Eco-logical” - The Hemp Shop

Location: Somerset, United Kingdom

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “HempLove is an organic hemp clothing company with sustainability and eco-friendly processing.” - Hemp Love

Location: South Africa

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “At Hempy’s we believe we can make beautiful, sustainable, and healthy hemp clothing while being a force for positive change on the planet.

We have been making clothing out of hemp since 1995, long before the hemp plant went mainstream. Our quarter-century long history as a hemp clothing brand has given us a special perspective on the special qualities of the hemp plant and its potential to bring us together and heal the planet. “ - Hempy’s

Location: San Diego, CA

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

10. Uri-ot

About: “All our products are made from Himalayan natural materials. We support small business and local artisans. Each pieces are original designs and made with lot of care & love. All our shipments come with sustainable packaging.” - Uri-ot

Location: Berlin, Germany (design by Korea, Made in Himilayas)

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

11. Oja

About: “In the context of the philosophy of life and the philosophy of purchasing. in living, we constantly deep deepening our knowledge in different fields. it allows us to fulfill our internal need to discover things that happen around us every day. we try to understand them and their processes. this approach has allowed us to see many pathologies that enough us and which we are not aware of often. one of them is the clothing industry and its impact on ourselves.” - Oja

Location: Poland

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “Based right here in Wellington, we're a small startup operating out of our home office, with a mission to create everyday basics made from sustainable materials. We looked at our wardrobe and wondered what fabric could be used to reduce the impact on good old mother nature; after many months of research, and without wanting to compromise on comfort, durability or style - hemp was the clear winner!” - Threadbear

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “We develop luxury, bio-tech fabrics from the finest Hemp plants, pursuing the goal to write the future of fashion.

We craft and design valuable garments in our hometown, Parma, in Italy. Each piece is thought to optimise the advanced properties of our fabrics.” - Opera Campi

Location: Parma, Italy

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: JUNGMAVEN grew from roots of simplicity and sustainability. In the early '90's JUNGMAVEN founder, Robert Jungmann, became passionate about putting a stop to clear-cutting practices that devastate the planet– and knew growing hemp offered a solution to this, as well as to many other environmental issues. At that time, hemp was not considered fashion, and Rob’s concept to design a high-quality hemp tee was born from a determination to get the industry and the public to recognize both hemp's massive potential to heal the planet and to become a fashion-forward textile.” - Jung Maven

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “Upscale Hemp Clothing since 1997

“Based in Santa Cruz, California

We've been in the Hemp game for over 20 years!” - Dash Hemp

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: Toad&Co makes 100% sustainable clothes that inspire you to live your fullest life. Look good, do good, and remember, every day is an adventure.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “Vital Hemp produces comfortable, stylish hemp clothing for men, women and children living every day.” - Vital Hemp

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: For the past 20 years, Nomads Hemp Wear have created durable, comfortable, yet still extremely stylish eco-fashion: organic and fair-trade clothes for men and women out of the best Gaia-loving sustainable fabrics the planet has to offer.” - Nomads Hempwear

Location: Winlaw, British Columbia

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “B Label is our bid for fashionable attire that is future-forward. We aspire towards an All - Natural Culture. Here, we embrace the best within ourselves and move to the rhythm of nature, creating fashion unbound by time or season.” - B Label

Location: India

Gender: Men’s+Women’s

About: “Why Hemp Clothing? Durable - Breathable - Wicks Moisture - Odor Resistant - Eco Friendly. Kind to you, and the Earth.”

Location: Arboles, Colorado

Gender: Men’s+Women’s



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