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How Can Modern Fashion Businesses Be More Spiritual?

Have you been wondering how you can make fashion more healthy in your life and career? In this post, I am going to be sharing spiritual fashion solutions for a fashion brand and/or business. Most companies are already spiritual or do things that make their company spiritual. You do not need to label your company as spiritual, and most likely, your company is already spiritual, consciously or unconsciously.

As fashion has evolved from conventional fashion to mainstream fashion to "fashion-for-health" and "fashion for wellness", we have to know this trend is happening because there is a spiritual awakening occurring. There are lots of different ways you can have a spiritual business. For example, a brand— doesn’t mean it has to be 100% plant-based to be a spiritual business. There are many ways that a company can help the planet and humans spiritually.

Fashion and Spirituality

The goal is to be more futuristic in the spirit of the age. And during this time of spiritual awakening, it is important that we create healthy, spiritual businesses.

Spirituality is protection for your business:

A quote from Mark Prophet’s book "The Soulless One: Cloning a Counterfeit Creation":

"And hence your beloved Saint Paul, now the Great Master Hilarion, so often admonished the early Christians to, "put on the whole armor of God" -Mark Prophet

I feel like part of having a healthy fashion company is to make sure your company is spiritually protected, and I love this quote above, specifically—"put on the whole armor of God." It is the protection we need, the holy and spiritual protection, found within and found through the fashion businesses and fashion products and services.

Marketing a product, service, or business that helps to support a person’s well-being.

We want to have a healthy mindset for our customers. Spiritual fashion business supports a person’s individual and personal growth. Companies that help clients and customers explore and help them transform. Because we are always transforming.

Ways to make your business more spiritual:

Trends: use trends like they are holistic cycles.

Emotional well-being: we have to care about the person’s emotional well-being and how they are going to feel, emotionally, about a product or service.

Transparency: Because of social media, lifestyle and business have merged. We know that transparency supports the consumer.

Consumer journey: Think about the consumer’s journey and how spiritual-minded they are or will be in the future because of your company.

Clothing with a conscience: We have to support clothing, all clothing, but what matters most is the products that we like the most. With 7 billion people, we can create restorative businesses that create the future of the spiritual fashion business industry.

Holistic style cycles: We want to think about the energy behind the product or business. A business can be successful even when it is small, and not all large businesses are "successful" if they are not spiritual.

A few specific things that make a business healthy:

  • Influential

  • Highly comfortable

  • Futuristic/modern

  • Beautiful energy

When I research brands and companies, I always find something good and spiritual that they are doing. Not a lot of companies are bad. Yet there are things that every company can do to make them healthier, and there are thousands of different ways.

Here is another quote by Mark Prophet from his book "The Soulless One: Cloning a Counterfeit. "

"Men may toss aside the most beautiful jewel with the wave

of a hand and deem it but glass or claptrap; but if the sparkle within the stone is significant to its true value, then no amount of a human attempt at devaluation can rob the object of its cherished quality." - Mark Prophet

That sparkle within the stone is spiritual. Our fashion businesses have that sparkle within the stone. We are not glass or claptrap.

Examples of a selection of spiritual fashion and moddern beauty products that are spiritual

  • Gem elixirs

  • Crystal Orbs

  • Herbal potions

  • Heart-shaped crystals

  • Ylang ylang essential oil

  • Mala beads

  • Aromatherapy bracelet diffuser

Spiritual business and the fashion evolution process

Part of the fashion evolution process is for the fashion lightworkers of the planet to support the fashion business and apparel design using consciousness while the planet is going through its transition.

All the "eco-warriors" and the fashion influencers need to create fashion that is:

  • Supernatural

  • Healing

  • Zen (Energizing yet calming)

And this is spiritual fashion wisdom. It is part of the paradigm shift to view fashion for mind, body, and spirit. And as "fashion psychics" or as "fashion intuitives," we create a business that is magical, spiritual, and transcendent.

New dimensions of fashion are marketing and promoting fashion as a self-care routine, a personal care routine, and a wellness routine.

Customers can shop online, shop locally, and shop in small businesses or large businesses. It is all about the shopping experience and creating a pleasant and spiritual environment. Personally, when it doesn't feel spiritual, I get uncomfortable.

How do I know when a company is not spiritual? Most companies are at least partially spiritual. When a company uses black magic, voodoo, or hex, then it is not spiritual. It is not common, but some businesses are non-spiritual.

Intuitive tools to make your business more spiritual

The pendulum

Hanna Kroeger wrote a book called "The Pendulum Hand Book." The pendulum is n the bible when it stated "Thy Rod and thy staff." The pendulum is not evil. It is a tool that you can use to ask questions — not questions about the future, but questions about your business and life.

You can ask the pendulum a question about anything you want to know about your business. A pendulum is a spiritual tool that will benefit you. For example, when I go shopping, and I try on a bunch of garments, I use the pendulum to see if I should have bought it, and I have saved a lot of money this way! The pendulum is basically a spiritual antenna. It can take practice to use it, but it is an antenna to your higher self and the universe.

I will also ask the pendulum if I should or should not do a specific task for my business. It will turn clockwise for yes and counter-clockwise for no. I will sometimes forget to use the pendulum, but it is important to use, and this is the pendulum I own: The pendulum. It can be a fashion accessory. There can be interference sometimes. Hanna’s Herb Shop states, "The pendulum taps into our natural intuition," which is a good explanation. The pendulum is a spiritual tool that can help with your spiritual fashion business. I love pendulum dowsing.

Fashion business is a spiritual adventure

I love this quote by Mark Prophet from his book "The Soulless One: Cloning A Counterfeit Creation"

"After all, blessed ones, we are marketing divine freedom to the earth and conveying it to individuals every day, yet we are seldom seen or heard in the marketplace of life."- Mark Prophet

I think for fashion businesses, we have to "market divine freedom" in the fashion marketplace. The new movement of fashion for health as a modern form of wellness and modern health treatment is spiritual.

A few things that I do that make my business spiritual:

  • I am a planetary energy healer, so a lot of the words and images I use in my social media, blogs, and public speaking are inspired by divine ritual and spiritual guidance from the godhead.

  • I use the pendulum to help me in my spiritual business.

  • I am creative. Creativity is spiritual. There is something very masterful and instinctual about being creative. As a highly creative individual, I use creativity in my writing, in my book Healthy Fashion, and in my public speaking.

Fashion Analysis

In order to make your business more spiritual, create a fashion analysis. This is an easy way for you to process your branding, marketing, and business. It will show you ways to incorporate or further incorporate the strategies that will build your spiritual business into an even more spiritual business.

Healing—focus on your business being able to be a healing business and on your product or service as a healing modality.

The lack of focus on fashion for wellness and self-care is the reason the environment is toxic and polluted.

Final Note

Fashion is just another industry that we can use to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. The fashion industry is already doing this. However, many specific topics of fashion in relation to spirituality can be introduced when we are conscious of the topics and information. Fashion is a powerful force and a way of healing. We can choose to be more spiritual, but we do not have to express it and show it. Personally, I like to express my spirituality in my work.



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