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Ready-to-Wear Designers in the September 2022 Show Design Collections With Plant-Based Fabrics

New York Fashion Week September 9-14th

In this post, I feature ten ready-to-wear brands that are designing and producing clothes made with innovative plant-based fabrics in their collections. They use innovative plant-based fabrics like rose stem, pina, raffia, aloe-treated linen, hemp, banana, and cotton in their collections.

All the designers featured in this post are going to be showcasing their SS ‘23 collections at New York Fashion Week, also called the American Collections Show September 9th-14th 2022. If you cannot attend the event you can watch the show online via Livestream at the NYFW website. The American Collection Show includes international brands as well as brands from America.

Many brands do not make a lot of clothing out of plant-based fabrics. Brands that produce clothing made with plant-based fabrics are supporting the circular fashion movement and the plastic-free movement. They also support the sustainable fashion movement and the healthy fashion movement because plant-based fabrics are healthy to wear.

It was really nice to visit these brands' websites and see their inspiring collections. Many of them have a ‘Sustainability' and/or an ‘About’ tab that explains the materials that they use and the different sustainability practices that they have. In this post, I will share a photo representing their brand.

This is a list of the designers/brands featured in this post:

Plant-based fashion movement

Some designers create capsule collections within their collections, and these capsule collections include plant-based fabrics made with sustainability in mind. Other brands have a lot of pieces produced in plant-based fabrics.

It is possible for every brand to produce a small or large amount of plant-based clothing. Producing clothes made with plants is a strength for these companies. The plant-based movement is the future of fashion, and a part of this plant-based movement is choosing to wear plant-based clothes because they are breathable, healthy, PH balanced, stimulate and improve the blood flow, hypoallergenic, ergonomic, and anti-stress because of the plant-human connection.

10 Plant-based looks

I'll be showcasing a photo that represents their brand, and I list the 1–5 types of plant-based fabrics used in their collections. I am not listing ALL the plant-based materials they use. I am listing a few of the most innovative types of plant-based fabrics they use.

Click the title above each photo to shop at the designer's website.

I also have quoted the description of each company-- a quote is directly quoted from their website.


Photo credit: COS

“Modern, functional, considered design for women, men and kids.” - COS

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

Organic hemp



NAIA™ cellulosic acetate

Photo Credit: Studio 189

“STUDIO ONE EIGHTY NINE is a collective of creatives that seeks to provide a platform to help promote and curate African and African-inspired content through various projects such as media and cultural events and projects.” - Studio 189

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Tencel

  • Pina

  • Recycled Cotton

  • Raffia (dried grass)

Photo Credit: Collina Strada

“Collina Strada is a platform for social issues and awareness by Hillary Taymour. Based and manufactured in New York, the brand is working toward becoming fully sustainable and radically transparent while offering fearlessly fluid and easy-to-wear clothes.” - Collina Strada

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Rose Sylk

  • Recycled cotton

Photo credit: Adeam

“Hanako Maeda is the Founder and Creative Director of ADEAM— a brand with an ‘East meets West’ aesthetic that fuses inspiration sourced from Hanako’s upbringing spent between Tokyo and New York City.“ - Adeam

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Biomass cotton linen

  • Organic denim

  • Recycled cotton

Photo credit: Gabriela Hearst

“Gabriela Hearst is a luxury women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories collection, built on the principles of timelessness, uncompromising quality and sustainability.” -

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Aloe-treated linen

  • Botanical-dyed knitwear

  • Cotton

6 Luar

Photo Credit: Luar

“LUAR is the reversed namesake label of Brooklyn-based designer Raul Lopez, former co-founder of Hood By Air. Of Dominican descent, Lopez began to design at the age of 12 and growing up was inspired by the fluidity of the downtown New York scene.“ - Luar

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Organically grown cotton

Photo credit: Tommy Hilfiger

“Founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger delivers premium styling, quality and value to consumers worldwide under the TOMMY HILFIGER and TOMMY JEANS labels” - Tommy Hilfiger Company

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Hemp

  • Organic cotton

  • Recycled denim

Photo Credit: Eckhaus Latta

“Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta are the founders of Eckhaus Latta, a New York and Los Angeles-based label that distinguishes itself from its peers with its gender-neutral designs and has built a reputation for casting models of all genders, ages, shapes and sizes in their runway shows and campaigns.” - Eckhaus Latta

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Cotton

9 Puma

Photo credit: Puma

“Sport is our world. This makes us passionate about designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories.”

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Footwear biotechnology using good bacteria to help the foot breathe

  • Cotton certified by Sustainable Cotton Initiative

  • Biodegradable fabric designed to fade

10 Melke

Photo Credit: Melke

“Emma is a New York based fashion designer focusing on designing and creating awareness around sustainability and ethical fashion”

Plant-based materials they include in their collections:

  • Organic hemp

  • Organic cotton

  • Hemp/cotton blend

Visit the New York Fashion Week calendar to see when all of these designers will showcase their fall/winter 2022 collections at the September 9th through 12th New York Fashion Week event. I look forward to seeing their collections in September.


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