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Self-Care Fashion Aesthetic: A Longterm Trend

Self-care Fashion

Self-care is a part of fashion. The self-care aesthetic is a new and long-term trend. The dressing is a part of your self-care routine too. In this post, I talk about several ways we can use fashion for self-care.

When we practice self-care we heal the body, mind, and soul. Self-care will improve our mood, and we will be less tired. A lot of our ailments will lessen because of the mindfulness of the self-care practices that we do. Self-care is about maintaining our own health care.

Self-care fashion is a great trend for all fashion professionals and fashion consumers to partake in. Self-care means caring about one’s health and well-being. We can be healthier and happier when we practice self-care fashion.

Fashion can be practiced as a form of self-care. Self-care is caring for ourselves. Hanna Kroeger's title of her book is called "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”-- so, we have to take care of ourselves.

I have not always practiced self-care in my life. I remember wearing a lot of different clothing that felt uncomfortable to wear. I wasn’t practicing self-care because I was wearing uncomfortable clothing-- it was hurting my body and mind. I remember feeling panic and anxiety while wearing it, and as soon as I got home and changed my outfit I would feel relaxed and comfortable. I would buy the clothes if they looked good on me and were in fashion, yet, a lot of times I would spend the whole day, every hour, pulling at the garment, itching from the fabric, and this would exasperate my day.

I just wanted to let you know, that I don't think self-care fashion is just about wearing a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. Self-care could also be wearing a dressy outfit when going out shopping or doing errands.

Part of self-care fashion is choosing an outfit– and the ritual and act of choosing an outfit. Right now, my dressing routine is simple. Because of the weather, I am not dressing in layers. Yet, even in the fall and winter, I would pick out my socks, underwear, shirt, and sweatshirt/sweater/overshirt. I have all of my sweatshirts and sweaters hung up, and all of my shirts are folded. Something I really need to do is start steaming my shirts because they get wrinkly from the dryer. My dressing routine is simple, but that is what makes it so refreshing because I am at ease when I pick the outfit out.

Self-care aesthetic

Many brands are incorporating self-care activities into their social media content, branding, and marketing. It is called the self-care aesthetic trend, and it is a part of the wellness trend. A part of self-care fashion is feeling good and looking good.

The fashion industry is not just about clothing. Here is a list of other markets and a few self-care products that I recommend that are in relation to the fashion industry:

We can use all of these markets listed above that are a part of our fashion and dressing routine, as they are a part of our self-care practice too.

Additionally, self-care fashion is found in all fashion markets: value, mass, diffusion, high-end/contemporary, luxury/ready-to-wear, haute couture, handmade, and bespoke.

Core brand values are connected with a self-care aesthetic. A few core brand values are fitness and health-- (clothing that you can live in daily and workout in, too), holistic thinking, balance, natural products, and spirituality.

All styles are a part of the self-care aesthetic, but there are some style aesthetics that are very obvious.

A list of a few style aesthetics to add to your wardrobe or fashion company, (and these are styles I personally like):

  • Hygge

  • Cottagecore

  • Soft girl

  • Streetwear

  • Monochromatic

  • Casual

  • Minimalist

A list of a few self-care fashion styles that I like:

  • Business casual

  • Casual chic

  • Dancewear

  • Activewear

  • Loungewear

  • Modern urban

  • Streetwear

  • Surf

This is a list of a few self-care fashion tips and strategies:

  • Wardrobe organization: don’t stress over your wardrobe. Make sure your wardrobe is organized.

  • Buy clothes that you want to wear—can you see yourself wearing them every day?

  • Buy sustainable fashion—when you care about the environment, you care about yourself.

  • Wear plant-based fabrics. "Cover" yourself in plants. They will help you relax because you will be able to breathe better—plant-based fabrics are breathable.

  • Wear self-care words on your apparel– words and sayings of the self-care aesthetic.

  • Wear simple clothes with only one or two detailed pieces. If you wear clothes with too many details, they will bother you throughout the day.

  • Fashion is your atmosphere, so choose clothes that are cozy.

  • Pick a color scheme that is soothing to you.

  • Doing laundry is a part of self-care. I know, for me, sometimes laundry can be stressful, but it is also very therapeutic for me when I do my laundry. Mending clothes, and laundering, it's all a part of fashion self-care.

Get to know your body shape: body care

There are certain things that make me look good, and there are certain things that make me look bad. I have stopped buying clothes that are not good for my body type. Every time I bought a piece of clothing that was not flattering to my body, the clothing would stay in my closet and not be worn until I donated it to a thrift shop.

It is a part of self-care to notice when a piece of clothing doesn’t flatter the body. For example, I have long legs and a short torso. Wearing cropped or semi-cropped tops flatters my short torso. There are all sorts of styling possibilities. When you feel attractive in your clothing, it is a part of self-care because you feel more healthy and well.


Creativity is a part of self-care. There were some parts of my life where I had to dress up and be stylish and fashionable. I would wear clothes that I don’t usually wear at home. I was being really creative with my outfits. I was always trying new things to wear.

Self-care collages

At one point, I would spend time creating fashion collages. I would buy fashion magazines and cut out the pictures and glue them on a poster board. I would attach the photos in a way that would make a creative, abstract fashion story. Spending time making fashion collages can be a great part of self-care. Fashion collages can include other things besides fashion. You can add all kinds of magazine images for inspiration. You can even use the collages to showcase your philosophy and concepts.


Lifestyle is a part of the fashion self-care aesthetic. Something I like to do for my self-care is travel. I love to visit natural sites. Being out in nature is magical for me. I love the cozy living lifestyle. I love making homemade food. I love drinking teas, coffees, pumpkin spice, and hot chocolate drinks. The home cafe is a large trend on social media, and it is all about self-care. I love little luxuries– special desserts, buying myself flowers. I love to light candles and light my Himalayan salt globe lamp. I love to listen to classical, and currently, I have been listening to a lot of melodic techno.

My self-care fashion story: buying clothes and what I wore during my health recovery:

This is a personal story about my previous health issue and sweatpants. I had a health issue at one point where I had to rest. So, I was taking a trip to visit family so that I could just rest for a couple of weeks. I ended up purchasing five pairs of sweatpants so I could wear them every day. Two pairs from Aeropostale, two pairs from Victoria's Secret, and one pair from Target. I didn’t buy them online—because I didn’t have time to return them if they didn’t fit, and also because I am very picky, so usually before I buy something I have to try it on first.

I have been against buying sweatpants because I can never find 100% cotton sweatpants, and if I do, they are really expensive, around $100. I did find a pair of cotton sweatpants for around $60, but I had to return them because the waistband was very wide vertically and the material was too thick and heavy. They were not ergonomically designed because of the waistband. It was so heavy that the nerves of the skin on my stomach were getting irritated.

I went to the mall to get several pairs of sweatpants before my trip, and I only had a couple of days to find them. I found ergonomic sweatpants. The only thing is that they are not 100% cotton. I do wear some polyester, but I really felt I needed to wear sweatpants that were plant-based. However, I do wear some blended poly/cotton fibers, and all five pairs of sweatpants were 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which isn’t bad. The sweatpants were so comfortable to wear, I believe they helped me recover from my health issue at the time. If I didn’t buy those sweatpants I wouldn’t have been practicing self-care.

I think sweatpants are a large part of self-care. There is a quote by the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. He said, "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants." It is a funny quote, but I don’t think that it is true. Sweatpants can be designed in a way that they do not make a person look poorly dressed.

Final Note

Self-care fashion supports your emotional, physical, and mental intelligence. The self-care aesthetic is a culture and a long-term trend.

My fashion journey is connected to my work as a planetary energy healer. My work: healthy fashion campaign is trying to help create and support the self-care culture and be a part of a self-care culture with this self-care collective fashion trend.

As a planetary energy healer, I am a part of the New Age movement and New Age culture.

The New Age is a movement on metaphysical subjects. It is a range of spiritual or religious practices. Most all the energy work that I do makes me see that this planet is living in a low-vibrational world with pain and suffering. When we practice self-care through fashion, we are creating a higher vibration, and we feel better. When we wear clothes that give us health and modern wellness, we support and take care of ourselves. Dress for spiritual purity. Dress as a self-care practice.


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