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Shop Women’s and Men’s Brands at Nordstrom: Plant-based Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

In this post, I have curated 10 premium pieces: five plant-based women’s pieces and five plant-based men’s pieces by contemporary designers and brands. The pieces I have found at Nordstrom's online store. What I love about Nordstrom's online store is that they have a filter where you can search for fashions by the type of material they are made out of. I can filter linen and cotton, and all garments that are 100% cotton, and 100% linen will appear in the search.

These fall trends featured below are the key items for your wardrobe. As a fashion intuitive, I love these modern aesthetic pieces, both men’s and women’s. They are contemporary, very inspirational, high fashion, and investment pieces. These pieces are very transitional from summer to fall.

As a part of self-care, it is good to shop for clothes. It is a positive ritual. These looks will enhance your appearance. I feature blues, pastels, pinks, and many neutral-colored garments. These silhouettes are very universal and inclusive, pieces everyone can wear.

The pieces are a mix of formal and casual wear. Many of the pieces have ergonomic design elements, so they are very comfortable to wear. The ergonomic design elements make these pieces luxurious and give them an elevated look.

Producing plant-based products is part of the circular fashion movement, nature-based solutions of producing and wearing plant-based fashion to help support human health and environmental health. Plant-based fashion is conscious fashion. Most of my wardrobe is made with cotton, linen, and plant-based materials. I do wear some polyester and some of my garments are cotton/polyester blends.

Be aware of the fashion brands and designers featured in this post.

They are producing plant-based apparel in their collections.

The brands/designers from around the world:

Shop the look: The title of the product is hyperlinked. Click on the title to shop the look at Nordstrom.


100% cotton

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 1 Cotton one-button mid-length blazers

Mid-length blazers are stylish, especially with one button. This blazer has an effortlessly elegant look to it. They are practical and of the moment.

100% cotton

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 2 Cotton slouchy crew neck sweaters

Slouchy crew neck sweaters are very comfortable to wear. Because of the knit weave, cotton knitwear is very breathable and comfortable to wear. This textured sweater is a must-have.

100% cotton

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 3 Cotton bomber jackets

Cotton bomber jackets are trendy, and, because they are lightweight, they are the type of jacket that you can wear all day. Pastel colors are therapeutic to wear and look at.


Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 4 Cotton mock-neck sweater dress

Sweater dresses are a good fall piece, and they look good with cotton leggings or cotton tights. The fabric has a rich material. Its silhouette shape is very chic.

96% cotton, 4% elastane

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 5 Cotton thermal leggings

Leggings are one of my favorite kinds of bottoms. Sometimes leggings are too thin for the fall or winter season, so these thermal leggings are great because they keep you warm.


100% cotton

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 1 Cotton open cardigans

I love men’s open cardigans. They are very stylish and dressy. I like the mid-dark hue of this sweater. They are good to wear with loungewear pieces. I think they give men a natural elegance.

100% cotton

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 2 Cotton trench coats

Men’s trench coats are perfect for fall. I love the black color of Burberry’s cotton trench coat. I love beige-colored trench coats too. You can pair this trench coat with either pair of pants that I have featured in this post. A trendy look is weaning the trench with the skinny jogger, and for a more formal look, you can pair t with the linen camel-colored slouchy pants.

96%cotton 4%polypropelene

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 3 cotton skinny sweatpants

I think skinny sweatpants-- slim joggers have a stylish look, and they look comfortable to wear. Bugatchi has shirts in this light blue color, sets are very trendy and look great.

76% cotton 24% linen

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 4 Slim and slouchy pants

Cotton/linen blend pants that are kind of slim yet slouchy are a modern look. These pants look a little dressy, and with the drawstring waistband, they look comfortable too.

100% cotton jersey knit

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

TREND 5 Jersey knit blazers

I love the jersey-knit stretch blazers and sports coats. This trend will be long-term as people want to dress up for their career or for the occasion but want to be comfortable too. The cotton lining gives the sport coat structure.


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