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The Fashion Calendar: 177 Major Global Fashion Events

The fashion calendar 177 major global fashion events

The Fashion Calendar

Listed below is information about the Fashion Calendar digital PDF I created- 36 pages. All subscribers that are already subscribed will receive the download. Subscribe at the bottom of the website, there is the subscriber form, and you will get the free Fashion Calendar.


This is the ultimate fashion event guide on important annual fashion events (virtual + in-person) from around the world. Both mainstream + sustainable industry events are included. Most of these events are legendary, so it is good and important to know about them. I have selected the top annual fashion events that are ultra-modern, fun, trendy, and inspiring.

The Fashion Event Categories included in the calendar:


Biannual collections from around the world

  • Notable fashion weeks

  • Green fashion Weeks


Learn new fashion innovations + trends

  • Fashion trend

  • Textile/fabric

  • Fashion PR + marketing

  • Fashion technology


The future of fashion + sustainability + healthy fashion

  • Eco/sustainable fashion events

  • fashion / design + apparel + retail


Source new materials and trends // experience new fashion // research fashion

  • Fashion showrooms /trade shows

  • Fashion expos / exhibitions


Apply for fashion awards / attend fashion awards/parties

  • Designer/brand fashion awards

  • Fashion film festivals


  • Pop runways + retail shows

  • Fashion gallery exhibitions

  • Workshops / Seminars / Talks

What the fashion calendar includes:

  • The name of the event

  • The fashion event business link-- (Event pages sometimes get deleted, so, most of them are all home pages)

  • The event's location

  • The event date: the month and the day(s), or just the month

Who is the Fashion Calendar for?

  • Fashion influencers + fashion pioneers + fashion professionals

  • Fashion lovers, fashionistas(os), fashion enthusiasts

  • Fashion consumers + fashion practitioners

  • Fashion media/news businesses

  • Fashion brands/retailers

  • + more

How the Fashion Calendar will help you + your fashion lifestyle:

  • Fashion events are great for fashion market research, connections, and getting inspired.

  • You will learn about the fashion exhibits and conferences for fashion news, fashion/ style trends

  • You will learn about established and new emerging designers

  • You will learn new fashion luxury, PR, and fashion marketing tips

  • You will even more fashion knowledge

  • You will get inspired by innovative, experiential fashion

  • Fashion networking with your industry and peers

  • You will learn fashion show forecasting // industry analysis // fashion consulting

  • Fashion industry insights

  • You learn more about fashion fabrics, trims, accessories, print design, and vintage apparel

A global fashion calendar 2021 - 2022

I support Universal fashion and a universal fashion network. I support advanced, modern fashion. Fashion contributes and gives a lot to this world. All of these events are helping to create and keep the fashion industry changing and evolving. Browse through this list of fashion events that are located all around the world.

What if there are no events listed in my country?

If you don't see any events listed in your country, it is because there are 194 countries in the world-- it is not because there aren't any fashion events. I am targeting events usually around the 4 “fashion capitals.”

Many of you may not live directly where the events are located.

However, many of these events are both in-person and virtual. I have listed the largest fashion events in the world, so many of them are where the fashion capitals are: Milan, London, NY, and Paris.

If you visit fashion event business websites-- they all have virtual content, and many have virtual events. So, you do not need to be in the area to participate in their shows/events. These fashion event businesses also have resources available on their sites. Many of the fashion event businesses listed have smaller digital webinars, podcasts, and other events apart from their large annual event that you can check out.

At the bottom of this digital PDF, you will also find another separate list of annual fashion events-- these are all events with TBA (to be announced) dates. Also, there are a few fashion event sites that have multiple events or post multiple, fashion events on their site that I listed below the TBA fashion event list.

The Event List

The HF Tools Fashion calendar is a resource for fashion people. By creating this fashion calendar, it is to share with you what the world has to offer in regards to the fashion industry, and it will help you keep up-to-date with current fashion events, be inspired, and support new fashion ideas.

The list of events was created this APRIL 2021- all dates listed begin from April 2021. All dates listed are either in 2021 or 2022. So, the months January, February, and March are 2022 dates. The rest of the months are 2021 dates.

This is not a ‘complete’ fashion event list - I will be adding more. I have researched all of them to make sure they are modern and they are most all annual or bi-annual events.

Each fashion event is sorted by month and by date. All the events are listed by the name of their fashion event from A-Z. If there is no date next to the month, it is probably because of Coronavirus. Some events have been canceled or put on hold, but they will be producing events in the future. Some categories within the months are left blank because I will be adding more to each category and the categories with no events.

If there is just a month without the day of the event it means they generally have events in that month and or around that month, but the date is not announced. If there is no date inside the month, it is a very popular event that is usually producing an event within that month every year.

Manage and plan your fashion schedule with the Fashion Calendar

There are so many fashion dates where I will not remember if they aren’t written down. This list includes those important dates that you don’t want to forget like:

  • The Met Gala + Golden Globes

  • The biannual fashion weeks of all 4 fashion capitals

  • Innovative and futuristic conferences

  • Legendary trade shows like COTERIE and MAGIC

Many events are not labeling themselves sustainable -- but many of these events are all about sustainable fashion, and support sustainable fashion practices. Mainstream fashion is naturally practicing fashion sustainability and having sustainable fashion goals.

Fill out the subscribe form at the bottom of the website, and you will receive an email with the download button to download the digital PDF.


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