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Using Color In Fashion Branding For Health

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know my book, Healthy Fashion, is written for both fashion professionals and fashion consumers, and my blog is also written for both fashion professionals and fashion consumers. If a post sounds like it is written for a brand or business, I write it so that it will help the fashion consumer too. Additionally, if you have any questions or blog topics you would like me to write about, let me know!

In this article, I'm going to be speaking about color in regard to your brand, business, and wardrobe. There are specific things you can do to use color to help support your business and/or your wardrobe. Building your color palette in your wardrobe or business is crucial. I have included color ideas and color concepts for you and for your business.

I have also included the Spring/Summer NYFW color trend palettes by Pantone. The fall/winter season is approaching. These Pantone colors are the color trends for this coming season. Additionally, in this post, I tell you how I found my signature colors.

Colors are for your mind, body, and spirit, and they support and are a part of your fashion expertise. The colors that you use create your visual identity. A visual identity is a collection of elements that are used in a brand to portray the business.

All colors are integral to health and healing. I don’t think that we should only use certain colors either. All colors help. Color is healing because it is energy. We can also study Feng shui in relation to color.

Color palettes:

These color palettes or color combinations could be within an outfit, in a collection, or on a website or retail space:

Here are a few fashion color palettes and color combinations for inspiration:

  • Pink, beige, maroon, grey, black

  • Gold, sea green, beige, white

  • Glitter, purple, light pink, cream, peach

  • Metallic, blue, grey, white

  • Prism, lime green, bright orange, teal, black

The fall and winter seasons are coming. Pantone has created a report of color trends for Spring/Summer 2022. The Spring/Summer fashion show showcases the Fall/Winter 2022 fashion collections.

Pantone is a business of color industry experts that helps the fashion industry and other industries. They provide "a universal language of color" and they are "a leading source of color expertise".

From Pantone's report, here is the NYFW Spring/Summer 2022 Color Palette:

Photo credit: Pantone

Photo credit: Pantone

This is Pantone’s color of the year: "Very Peri" PANTONE 17-3938 (Periwinkle)

I love how Pantone defines their colors. Pantone defines Very Peri stating: " Whose Courageous Presence Encourages Personal Inventiveness and Creativity."

We can use color for much more than just naming colors and liking them. For example, Pantone creates representations and interpretations of colors. This is also using color as a healing modality, and that is why it is so important to use color in your wardrobes and use it in your fashion business. If we can think about what color means more deeply, then we can use color as a form of communication and as a healing modality.

Color names

Fashion Color Names by Sew Guide. Sew Guide has a large list of color names. I think that if we remember more of the color names, it can start to become more of a language and communication in a creative way and can help us connect with colors in a deeper way.

"Color possesses a language without words." - Billy Dugger

A few color names that I like:

Electric blue

Cornflower blue

Mint Green

Sea Green

Aqua blue

Seafoam green

Rose quartz

Fuschia Pink

Rose gold

Bubblegum pink

My signature business colors and wardrobe colors

My business colors are pastel pinks and pastel blues. If you were to visit the other pages on my website, you would find that I use mostly pastel colors. You will find light pastel pinks, light pastel blues, and white. I believe I was able to find my signature colors because I was able to connect with my soul more deeply when I visited the spiritual energy vortexes. These colors are part of my "soul colors", my signature soul colors.

In regards to my wardrobe, I personally like pastel colors. However, when I do get in the mood to wear dark colors, I love dark colors too, and I tend to wear 50% light colors and 50% dark colors with my black leggings worn with a pastel or light-colored top. Sometimes I like to wear all black, or all dark colors, or all light colors. It depends on my mood.

I believe the colors in my apartment's interior design decor express part of my signature colors. When I am surrounded by these colors, I am constantly reminded of who I am, and part of the color is a part of my soul. Like the colors found in my aura, these aura colors are a part of my soul. The colors of the human aura also make us attracted to certain colors.

I would say that looking around my apartment, most of my decor is in light colors. Light pinks, light blues, light beige, and green (my fake plants and real plants). But overall, I have a lot of light aqua and light pink interior decorations.

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions." - Pablo Picasso

A lot of times, we will pick the colors that are connected with the chakras of the body and use the colors to help support specific chakra colors that our businesses are connected with. For example, the root chakra is red. Red expresses the survival and the life force of a person. The universal symbol of red is passion, excitement, and anger, but we can go deeper than that. The red root chakra helps us to be anchored in the body, so when we see red, it helps the life force, protects it, and anchors it.

Photo credit: Alena Darmel

Color tips and analysis

Color is a part of brand awareness and the wardrobe. Color is a part of your brand style and personal style. Colors can express your values and beliefs.

The colors in a wardrobe, fashion products, and the colors in branding and marketing are all supporting a human’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions, and personal creative expression.

Color and style tips:

  • Putting together a color mood board or color collage of your signature colors that are a part of your holistic color trend cycle

  • Add inspirational color healing quotes to your collage or mood board

  • Being consistent with color but not stagnant

  • Use specific color tools and color resources that are available to you

We also choose the colors that we are connected to in regard to the four elements; air, water, fire, earth, and astrology. I am most connected to the water element. If someone is, for example, like me, a Scorpio, they tend to wear and be drawn to the color blue because their zodiac sign, Scorpio, is a water sign.

We can analyze the color palettes that we use with regard to four different factors: health, holistic trend, enlightenment, and transition. This is the four-question analysis:


How do the colors that you use connect with human health and environmental health?

Holistic trend

What makes the color current, modern, and trendy yet also timeless? A holistic trend is a cycle of a holistic trend within a specific time frame.


How are the colors you use supporting your spiritual enlightenment and your spiritual awakening?


How does color transform your life and transition you into your future?

"Colors are vibrating light energies, each "color ray" produces a sound that affects matter." - Jacqueline Ripstein

I love this quote above by Jacqueline Ripstein, and I agree that we are wearing and seeing the color as music, to a degree. Colors are like the frequency of the music. We can use colors that match specific music genres like wind chimes, whale sounds, classical, and nature sounds. The frequency and rhythm of color are not just of music, there are many ways we can consider color as frequency.

How I was able to find my signature colors

When you go through a specific number of spiritual initiations, your spirit guides, or the Universe, will show you your signature colors. You will begin using the specific colors in your life more than other colors, and this creates your signature colors. When I started the Healthy Fashion Campaign, I used aqua blue and light pink a lot, and I started to realize that these were not only my branding colors but my soul colors. After I found out light aqua and light pink were my signature colors, I was told they were my "soul colors."

These sacred sites and spiritual energy vortexes have very high energy and high vibration when I visit these places.

Spiritual energy vortexes I recommend that you visit for spiritual awakening:

  • Mount Shasta, California

  • Joshua Tree, California

  • Lake Tahoe, California

  • Crestone, Colorado

  • Crater Lake, Oregon

  • Coronado, California

  • Sedona, Arizona

When I visited the vortexes, I would go for walks in the area and sit somewhere, even in my car, and I would create a connection between my lower physical self and my higher self. Then this connection would also connect me with the Universe, Great Spirit, (whatever you would like to call it). When I am connected with my higher self, I have specific colors within me that I use as a spiritual healing modality.

This is part of the path of spiritual ascension, and it is a part of having a wardrobe, and/or a business– and being able to use color to support you in your business and your spiritual lifestyle. After traveling to the energy vortexes, I was able to see color differently and take in the colors, absorbing them through my perception much more than I used to. We can wear specific colors, and each color has a different healing property. I found my soul colors because of the vortex energy and the sacred sites that I visited.

Prior to visiting energy vortexes, my wardrobe was really all over the place and the colors were all over the place, so, now, I have more of a pattern within my wardrobe that helps me. So we can use color in patterns and some color palettes in order to create advanced methods of fashion for our life.

Final Note

All colors will support your health. There are no colors that will hurt you, yet at times there are colors that you don't really want to wear or see. The colors are like energy vortexes. They're like somewhat of a portal. If the color is connected to an evil symbol or a negative object, the color will be manipulated and misused. Sometimes, that is when you see colors and don't like them. It is not always the color itself.

The specific colors we wear have specific healing properties. As we see and wear colors, they ground us throughout the day. It is a part of a lifestyle to use color in fashion. We have to think about how color makes us feel and how that supports our well-being and our health. Overall, colors give us energy, give us momentum, motivate us, and inspire us.


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