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What I bought from Nordstrom Rack: Shopping for Modern Fashion

Shopping for Modern Fashion

In this post I talk:

  • a little bit about my day

  • about my shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack, and what I bought

  • about the fashion brands

  • how I will style my three new pieces

  • about Nordstrom Rack– their sustainability report

Before my shopping trip

This morning I made myself a vegetable and cheese omelet (I have a passion for cooking) and I made a short video for Instagram reels and Tiktok. Social media can be very time-consuming. I have started to focus more on my blog content throughout the month and create, schedule, and plan content for social media beforehand. The algorithm is really challenging for many people like myself, especially new businesses like mine who can't afford to hire someone to engage with others on social media, among other things. There's not enough time! I am a solopreneur.

This morning, I went out to deliver a copy of my book, Healthy Fashion. I sent it out to a person in the media. Then, I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack to find a few pieces of clothing to add to my minimal wardrobe. A couple of reasons why I have a minimal wardrobe are that I am very picky, and I like to shop in stores (there is less variety than in online clothing stores). My wardrobe would be much larger if I wore only polyester clothes because most fashions are produced with synthetic and polyester fabrics.

I went to Nordstrom and luckily found three beautiful plant-based garments. After I went shopping, I came back to my home and had some homemade vegetable and bean soup. It really has an herbal taste to it. I made it late last night so I could have something to eat that was healthy the next day.

Why did I go clothing shopping:

One reason why I went clothing shopping is that I needed new clothes. Another reason: I love to go online and see all the fashions on social media and fashion news sites-- they are so inspiring to me that they inspire me to buy clothing! They inspire me to dress well!

I used to be really well dressed when I was working in fashion retail. I was really well-dressed in my younger years, too. However, I didn’t care about how the clothing felt on my body back then. I would wear polyester apparel even when it was unbreathable, uncomfortable, and made me sweat. Now, I wear all predominantly plant-based apparel and some blended plant/synthetic garments. Unfortunately, it is much harder to find plant-based apparel in physical stores.

I am feeling inspired to try on new clothes-- for the fall season. I am inspired by New York Fashion Week. Today was the last day of NYFW Sep. '23

Now that I have my own business, Healthy Fashion Campaign, I do have to look fashionable. For a long time, I didn't buy fashion, especially when I was writing my book, Healthy Fashion. I was so busy writing that I didn’t go out much, and when I did, I didn’t really care how I looked. But, I did care, and most of my wardrobe was still stylish. I like the athleisure style. I like to wear stylish clothes that are comfortable. I have been in a lot of physical pain in my life, so stylish, comfortable clothing is what I need!

Today was a good day because I put on a lot of makeup, and this made me feel better! I used my crystal-infused eyeshadow by Kora Organics. It is in a shimmering pastel purple. (The product is no longer listed on their site, or I couldn’t find it, I will have to search for it again sometime). I also put on my all-natural lipstick. It is made by Sky Organics tinted lip balms, and they add an ingredient-- peppermint essential oil, which I love. It is aromatherapeutic. I would like to dress up more, but as an author and writer, when I write all the time, I wear more casual clothes. However, I know that some casual clothes can look really dressy, and this is one of the types of styles that I like: dressy casualwear.


I love shopping in San Diego, California. A few of my favorite places to shop are Nordstrom in Fashion Valley Mall, TJ Maxx in Mission Valley, Marshalls, and several stores in Westfield Mall UTC in La Jolla, CA.

I have been trying to add new pieces to my wardrobe because many of the clothes that I own are tee shirts and sweatshirts. I have been needing more novelty tops and dressy sweaters.

This is seasonless shopping—all three pieces that I bought can be worn throughout each season. For example, the novelty sleeveless top by Nanette Lepore that I bought can be worn with a heavyweight cardigan.

I only got three pieces. When I shop minimally, the clothes become more special to me.

Cotton and cotton/blend garments:

I am not 100% plant-based. I do wear some animal materials sometimes, but not a lot. Additionally, I get itchy from most animal fur.

One of the pieces that I bought is made of 100% cotton fabric; the other two pieces include polyester or spandex, but no more than 10%. It is good to wear blended fabrics if the fabrics are made of less than 10% polyester, acrylic, or nylon. I do own sweatpants made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester fabric. I also own a loose jacket that is 100% nylon, but the silhouette is loose, so my body and skin can still breathe.

I do want to have a 100% plant-based wardrobe eventually, but others have said, (and I agree) that it is better to wear what you have now, and then add more clothing in the future.

I am really happy that these three new pieces have very little nylon and polyester in them. I was thinking the whole time that the crew neck Billabong sweater I bought had 75% cotton and 25% polyester. This is a pretty high percentage of polyester. When I got home, I looked at the label again. The label says 90% cotton and 10% nylon! It really made me happy.

My three new pieces from Nordstrom Rack

Nanette Lepore top:

This Nanette Lepore sleeveless novelty top has ruffled sleeves with a drawstring tie at the neck.

Nanette Lepore's designs are "youthful and feminine but not overly frilly."

She had manufactured all her clothes in the US! The business was sold and is still running.

Material: 100% cotton

How to style: I will wear this with a short skirt and tuck it into the skirt. I'll also wear it with leggings. I'll tie the drawstrings from the neck/collar and make a pretty bow. It is really feminine-looking and contemporary.

Billabong crew-neck sweater

This striped, multi-colored crew neck sweater by Billabong is made with modern colors—russet, black, cream, and lavender. I love the knit weave; it makes the fabric cushioned.

Billabong: Billabong has a capsule collection on their site called "Eco-Conscious Shop."

Material: 90% cotton, 10% nylon

How to style: My outfits are very practical. I will mostly wear this sweater with a pair of leggings. It will also look good with my lightweight bomber jacket.

BP leggings

These black leggings by BP are a long-term trend. They are so comfortable and modern-looking to wear. These specific leggings are lightweight and of the moment.

I like the pattern shapes of the leggings, they are ergonomically designed. They are made of lightweight fabric. They enhance my legs, making them look better.

Material: 94% cotton, 6% spandex

How to style: These leggings will go with my turtlenecks, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Leggings are an essential component of my wardrobe.

Where am I going to wear my new pieces:

All of these three pieces are in-trend, comfortable, and wearable too. I'll walk in the city, go to museums, travel, and visit energy vortexes. I will go to the ocean and wear them for my fashion videos online when I am interviewed for podcasts and events.

Sustainability at Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack

Why do I love Norstrom Rack?

I love Nordstrom Rack because they sell some of the most modern fashion and fashion brands. They sell the most luxurious fashion brands that are budget-friendly. They are affordable and investment-worthy. Additionally, they are trying to be more sustainable like other companies.

Nordstrom has a category on its site called "Sustainable Style." They state: "In 2020, we set out our ambition to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and to help the world get to net zero." -Nordstrom

By 2025, they have some practices that they will be doing :

  • Lessen single-use plastic bags by 50%.

  • Ensure at least 15% of their products are categorized under their "sustainable style" collections.

  • Make 50% of Nordstrom’s brand products from sustainable materials.

Part of their sustainability report is about what they are doing for the circularity movement.

A few things they are going to do:

  • Take back 100 tons of beauty packaging for recycling.

  • They are going to receive 250 tons of donations

  • They are going to gift $1 million to support innovative textile recycling

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are collaborating with three sustainable companies:

  • Clean Air Task Force

  • Fibershed

  • Fabscrap


I really enjoyed my day. I am looking forward to wearing my new clothing items. I recommend you visit Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom Rack (this is not sponsored, by the way!) because they have great modern apparel. Look for plant-based fabrics like linen and cotton or poly/cotton blended fabrics. I hope you like my three pieces! I love my new leggings, sweater, and sleeveless novelty top!


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