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Why I started Healthy Fashion Campaign + Why I am a Fashion Solopreneur

My previous businesses and the relaunch of Healthy Fashion Campaign

I relaunched my business Healthy Fashion Campaign in 2020. It is a business/campaign that is all about fashion for human health and fashion for environmental health. In 2015 I had officially launched the Healthy Fashion Campaign. While I had launched HFC in 2015, I also launched two other businesses: Alternative Fashion Media– which was a fashion news site, and I had launched a handmade eco-fashion brand called Alternative Fashion.

Then, in 2017, my two businesses alongside the Healthy Fashion Campaign: Alternative Fashion Media and Alternative Fashion ended. I had slowly started the Healthy fashion Campaign on social media and I ended up relaunching the campaign in 2020. I opened new social media accounts for the Healthy Fashion Campaign. I wanted to start over and start fresh. The newly launched campaign is more of a modern take than how it was previously. It was previously more about explaining the history of toxic fashion and I didn't get incredibly involved in the other information that HFC is now about.

My original Healthy Fashion Campaign did involve some of the fashion for health concepts I currently talk about. Yet, the whole idea of Healthy Fashion came to me many years ago.

In 2017 I had to stop all three of my fashion businesses. I discontinued my handmade eco-fashion brand. I was designing, patternmaking, and sewing many fashion designs, over one hundred to hundreds of pieces. I created sample collections, and I was entered in several fashion shows. I created many fashion shoot/ fashion collection campaigns. I designed modern apparel. The fabrics I used were cotton, hemp, and linen staple fabrics.

My previous businesses inspired me to relaunch my one business now which is the Healthy Fashion Campaign. Healthy Fashion is advanced because the main idea is that we move the fashion industry into the transition from mainstream/conventional-- to eco/sustainable-- to healthy: fashion that is healthy for the planet and healthy for the environment.

Plant-tech + Upcoming Free Resources

Fashion and sustainability are truly about health. A lot of what I find in the sustainable fashion industry that is a problem is that we are still using polyester or recycled polyester– a non-renewable resource that is technically not the perfect type of material for our bodies to wear. I do not like wearing polyester, and I have a passion for plant-based fashion, so I speak about this a lot. I do still wear some polyester, mainly my coats, shoes, and accessories are made from petroleum-based fabrics and materials. But, most of my wardrobe is plant-based or blended planted-based fabrics like cotton/lycra.

This new campaign promotes and advocates this new concept that's fashion for health. We see this concept in some of the markets of the wellness trend, and the athleisure and minimalism apparel lifestyle brands. I find that a lot of the activewear, minimal and athleisure apparel that is comfortable for the body is designed not just for comfort but for human health.

We live in our clothing and oftentimes when we have to go into the workplace we have to wear garments and outfits that are very uncomfortable, constricting, and restraining. Especially when we go to special events where we have to dress up.

"If you want to get involved in the campaign, stay up-to-date with my blog posts. I'll be launching 2-4 blog posts a month. I will share lots of content and good information about fashion that is good for the body and planet. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for subscription form)

I have two new free resources that I will soon be posting on my Free Resources page that I'm excited about launching. I'm excited to launch a list of sustainable fabric stores from around the world. I will also have a free resource list of innovative, patented fashion fabrics to know about.

A lot of the plant-based fabrics I address in my book are not like these innovative fabrics that will be listed in the free resource document. For example, patented fabrics like Apple Skin apple faux leather, Mylo mushroom faux leather, or Rose Petal Down from Pangaia, are innovative, alternative, patented fabrics.

The plant-based fabric glossary in my book HEALTHY FASHION is plants that exist naturally and are produced in their more natural state. We can patent them and transform them into fabrics like Tencel- Tencel fabrics they've transformed through fabric processing. They have made Tencel by taking the eucalyptus leaf or other wood pulp. They've used a spinnerette fabric processing to develop a cellulose fiber that is sort of transformed into suede and silk-like, mid-to-light fabric. Tencel is not necessarily in a plant's natural state.

There are plenty of plants that I advocate as a way to propel plant-tech fashion and it does involve new, innovative fibers that are being patented, but it also involves harvesting and cultivating both wild and domestic plants and producing them in their more natural state like: ramie, nettle, bamboo, water hyacinth, sea algae (which technically algae would need to be processed) cattails, and kapok fill as an alternative down fill.

I have done considerable research on about 36 plant fabrics, they are included in my book HEALTHY FASHION. The book has a 36 plant fabric glossary including their description and details of the plant-like whether or not the fabric was produced in history, or if it's in the minor/moderate/mass production phase, or testing phase for the future.

Healthy fashion Campaign is much more than info about plant-based fabrics

I do talk a lot about plant-tech fashion, but my work does not only involve plant-based fabrics. Healthy Fashion Campaign includes psychology and fashion, it involves universal sociology and fashion, fashion for the spirit, and fashion for our mental health. I include fashion for all the different aspects of the 5 bodies: mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical.

I do get into the science of fashion, how plant cellulose, plant fibers, vegetable fibers are generally the best fabrics to wear topically. Plant-based is technically a cosmetic fabric. When we wear plant-based fabrics now we are generally wearing cotton and linen.

To transition into healthy fashion we have to mass-produce other plants versus just producing mostly linen and cotton. The demand for polyester will never go away if we continue to wear and produce polyester apparel.

I explain a lot in the book about plant-tech fashion, and I'll also be talking about plant-tech fashion in the upcoming event I'm in. The Fashion Mentorship Event Series. You can sign up here to attend the digital event. This event will be about retail and fashion tech. I'm going to be talking about plant fabric technology.

EDUCATIONAL FASHION RETAIL NETWORKING and MENTORING HUB: The National Fashion Technology Mentorship Series (NFTMS)

I will be speaking on: "Increasing visibility and awareness in terms of sustainable practices."

Sign up for the new event for Feb 3rd and/or March 3rd:

Why I am a solopreneur

Healthy Fashion Campaign is a passion of mine. I'm very passionate about fashion– I've been passionate about fashion my whole life. I went to fashion design school at the Academy of Art University. I've worked in retail quite a bit-- in sales, management, styling, and merchandising. I have also worked quite a bit in fashion entrepreneurship with my past eco-fashion brand and my past fashion news site. Additionally, I produced an eco-fashion show in 2014 and had an eco-fashion journalism blog in 2014.

I love fashion, and I'm in the process of continuing to launch Healthy Fashion Campaign more and more. It is taking time. I'm not really in a rush at this point. It's fairly slow in regards to me launching and spreading awareness about the campaign, but it's picking up.

I'm advocating this work as a 'campaign'– but it's sort of called a campaign in a trendy way. It's more about my work that I like to talk about, the information I like to pass forward. I do call it a campaign, but, it's not going to turn into a large structure like most campaigns. It will not be a mass-employee organization. It's not that type of campaign. I'm just using the term campaign kind of loosely like a trendy term. I'm using it as a trend like a fashion trend: Healthy Fashion Campaign.

I want to address this because some would assume that this campaign is going to turn into some organization where there's going to be lots of people involved, and it is not. I am a solopreneur and always will be... unless I work with my future husband then it will be a two-person show.

I won’t be employing people. I do a lot of research, a ton of research in regards to fashion, and I like to talk about what fashion concepts I like that change the industry– and how I can influence and support the fashion industry through my work.

At one point, I did want to employ people and create a large organization, but that has changed once I relaunched the Healthy Fashion Campaign. I want to write more fashion books (a psychic says I will be publishing two more fashion books!) and a lot of research and blog content I want to do on my own-- and it is solo work. The campaign is supposed to inspire other people to launch mass-employee healthy businesses, but I am not going to be employing people in this lifetime, it is not for me.

Healthy Fashion Campaign is not going to be like a movement, but it is a movement– healthy fashion. Fashion for health is a movement, especially with the pandemic happening. People are talking about health and wanting to use fashion to protect themselves from the virus. That has been a large trend and also the trend of fashion for comfort. People that have been staying at home they've been wearing a lot of yoga clothes and activewear.

Activewear, minimal fashion, and athleisure, are the types of clothing genres that we can design and advance more. We can make fashion collections with high taste and design that also make us feel comfortable.

The fashion industry does and can, even more truly, make comfortable clothing that in appearance looks dressy, looks fancy, looks professional. It's not just about going out wearing sweatpants, but we can produce sweatpants in a very tasteful, designer way.

Back to why I am a solorpreneur. Creating and owning a fashion business is a lot of work, and I have worked in many corporate companies with large teams. I was never happy when I was working on those teams completely because I was given tasks that ended up being too repetitive. When I am a solopreneur, I can work on many different things, which makes me feel much less bored.

Also, while I am still launching the campaign, there are so many concepts that are very new to people. I can’t hire people to talk about subjects that aren’t even being spoken about very much. I want to be able to express my concepts in my way, and on my own. Unless I have a future husband that comes into my life, (he will probably be interested in fashion and be a part of it.) Other than that this campaign is a solopreneur company.

I have put a lot of pressure and stress on myself, and I still do, feeling like I have to turn my businesses into a corporate structure, but it is just not something I want to do. It is not my style. I wish it was my style sometimes, but I am different.

I have other interests that I want to pursue also, and having a large company would not give me the time to work on my other interests. I want to write a cookbook, I want to create fine art angel/fairy/spiritual illustration/painting collections (again). I also want to continue my planetary energy work as an energy healer and travel and work at visiting more and more spiritual energy vortexes. Yet, I still have more fashion projects I want to add to the Healthy Fashion Campaign. For example, I want to create more fashion printables and create a fashion consultation page on this site.

I do want to make Healthy Fashion a priority but I also need to focus on my health. I have had some serious health challenges in my own life due to a personal situation that involves a stalker/criminal attacking me. I don’t like to talk about it, but it affects my life in so many ways and does not stop, that I have to mention– I cannot achieve what I want to achieve due to some very dark evil spirits trying to ruin my life, and break me down in so many ways. But this is a blog, and most bloggers eventually talk about their personal life too, as a part of a lifestyle blog. One of my biggest challenges: enemies that like to use voodoo, black magick, witchcraft, AI weapons, and numerous different things to attempt to kill my spirit.

A psychic and other psychic criminal investigators have confirmed, there will be a trial against these few people who are hurting me (which is going to take up a lot of my time, and I also have taken time daily to document) and the psychics also say the criminal acts against me will eventually stop. I will be very happy for that day, and it will be a miracle! I will be able to focus on fashion so much more and will be able to keep working on my mission and purpose in life.

Sign up for my newsletter

If you have any questions please let me know, and again if you want to keep in touch with me I would sign up for my newsletter at my website here: and scroll down at the bottom of the page. The subscription sign-up bar is at the bottom of the page of the website. I send out blog post newsletters 2-3 times a month.


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