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Women‘s/Men’s Workwear: Shop Plant-Based Looks That I Love From Gap and The Banana Republic

In this post, I share women‘s and men’s workwear apparel from the Gap and the Banana Republic. I share pieces that I love. There are seven womenswear garments and seven menswear garments featured. I would love to do a clothing haul sometime, and just purchase from Gap and the Banana Republic alone. I feel that they have styles that represent my personal style.

Because of the Corona Virus epidemic, people have been staying home and dressing more casually than when they would go to their office or where they work and dress more formally. So I wanted to showcase healthy ergonomic apparel that is comfortable to work in yet dressy.

The wellness trend is a long-term trend, and a part of that trend is dressing in clothes to support the body and the mind. So, I chose to find garments that have ergonomic details in the garment, details that make the garment have high performance properties. So, when you work in them you feel more comfortable and more productive.

Many of the pieces listed are transitional pieces, and they can be worn in warmer weather and cold weather. Gap and the Banana Republic sell a lot of formal wear, and classic staple pieces. You can style them in any kind of style you like. All of these garments below are classics and staples, yet, they are also trendy and modern.

The shops that are featured in this post:

You can shop these plant-based looks by clicking the title of the garment above the photo.

You can shop the look, and you can also just see some of what they have available in plant-based fabrics. Every apparel item is 95%-100% cotton. Underneath each look, I write a few sentences about why I like the piece and how to style it for workwear.


Photo credit: Gap Factory

  1. This skirt is stylish. I love the color, and it is made in a cotton corduroy fabric. You can wear this with cotton tights in the winter. This is a great transitional look from day to tonight.

Photo credit: Gap

2. The Shaker Stitch Boyfriend Sweater is a luxurious piece. I love the drop shoulder, and the textured knit. I would love to wear this to work and wear it with a short skirt as the Gap Corduroy Mini Skirt featured in this post.

Photo credit: The Gap Factory

3. These herringbone chambray joggers can be dressed up with a nice boot or athleisure-style sneakers. I love the sheen of the fabric, it makes the fabric look dressy. These are lightweight, and to balance the look the joggers would look great with a cute cotton jersey blazer for workwear.

Photo credit: Gap Factory

4. This sleeveless button-front dress is really cute. A turtleneck can be worn underneath the dress for the office. It has a youthful look, and I could see it being worn with a cardigan and cotton tights too, for the colder season coming up.

Photo credit: Banana Republic Factory

5. I love polo shirts, they are a really big trend. I have wanted to find a cute polo, and this one is a little dressy too. I love how it is tucked into the pants, it makes the look formal, yet casual, perfect as workwear.

Photo credit: Banana Republic Factory

6. This tank top is a perfect layering piece. You can see from the photo that the fabric is soft. I often like to wear jackets with sleeveless garments, because sometimes if I wear a jacket with a long sleeve the jacket won’t fit or the fabrics will stick together. Wearing a sleeveless garment is perfect to wear with a lightweight jack for the office.

Photo credit: Banana Republic Factory

7. I love the high neckline of this Banana Republic top. The silhouette is so stylish. A very sleek look. It is perfect to wear with pants or a skirt. This is a great popover shirt. The button placket is an interesting detail.


Photo credit: Gap Factory

1. I love this linen chambray Gap Factory shirt. I love the lighter wash. The texture and practicality of chambray shirts make it an of-the-moment and classic look.

Photo credit: Banana Republic Factory

2. I think sweater knit polos are very trendy. This is a lightweight sweater polo. It is the sweater polo, made by Banana Republic Factory. It looks so comfortable to wear to work.

Photo credit: Gap

3. Gap’s rib half zip is a casual yet formal look. I love that is made with 100% cotton. I think it enhances a man's look. The design is innovative, and looks great with jeans, khakis, or other types of pants, like the ones styled in this photo.

SHOP: Slim Pique Polo 100% cotton by the Banana Republic Factory

Photo credit: Banana Republic Factory

4. Pique polos are great as a workwear clothing item. Pique fabric is a knitted weave that appears to be raised and has a pattern. Its texture is ergonomic.

Photo credit: Banana Republic Factory

5. The luxe touch t-shirt is luxurious to wear. I say a t-shirt can be very luxurious. The cut and neckline of this t-shirt are great fashion elements to wear. Pair it with a lightweight jacket for the office.

Photo credit:

6. The utility pant, made with 100% cotton-- modern and fresh. I love the color and wash of these pants. I think the pant looks great the way it is styled in the photo, slightly rolled at the bottom hems of the pant.

Photo credit: Banna Republic Factory

7. The utility shirt by the Banana Republic factory is a gentlemen-like style. Interesting pocket details, and it is made with a nice mid to heavyweight fabric. It is an elevated look.


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