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10 Reasons Why Plant-Based Fashion Is Therapeutic for the Human Body

Photo credit: Derrick Ong

Plant-based fashion trend

Plant-based fashion is an influential trend, and it is going to become much more popular in the future. When you think of plants, you think of terms like zen, holistic, natural, and spa. All of these terms represent plant-based fashion and "well fashion." As a fashion intuitive and based on my research, I feel plant-based fashion is a part of the trend forecasts because plants are progressive.

There is something very spiritual about wearing pants, and in the book: "The Soulless One" by Mark Prophet, he states:

"Of life and the garment of white linen, the vestments of spiritual purity, and at last full attainment."- Mark Prophet

Mark Prophet is talking about linen, a plant-based fabric, and the garment being spiritually pure. I believe fashion is a part of spiritual ascension, and while we are on this spiritual journey, wearing plants will support our spiritual awakening. Additionally, we don't want to wear plastic as our second skin, we want to wear plant-based fabrics as our "second skin."

Plants cover the earth, so we should cover our bodies with plants because we are mini earths to a degree.

Part of the fashion evolution is plant-based fashion apparel, and this is happening naturally as a collective. Plant-based fashion fabrics will be the most successful type of fabric to wear in the future. When healthy plant-based fashion is a part of all fashion markets, we can then merge eco-fashion, mainstream fashion, and healthy fashion.

Mainstream fashion currently produces plant-based fabrics made mostly of cotton, and linen apparel. However, in order to have plant-based fabric be the predominant type of fabric produced, we have to produce a variety of plants—in minor, moderate, and mass production.

I have a glossary of 36 fabrics in my book Healthy Fashion, with a description of each fabric. In ancient South America, in ancient history, they used hundreds of different types of plants for textile use! Additionally, we have to create textiles with more advanced machinery in order for plant-based textile production to increase. We need to produce more renewable, regenerative, and circular textiles.

It is wise to wear plant-based fabrics. As an energy healer, I can feel the difference between synthetic fabrics and plant-based fabrics. My wardrobe is mostly cotton, however, I still wear some polyester. I would like to add other plant-based apparel fabrics like linen, hemp, ramie, natural bamboo, and many more, etc. I make sure my undergarments and most of my first layer pieces are made of 80–100% plants.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of reasons why we should wear plants.

In this post, I talk about 10 specific reasons why plant-based fabrics have their therapeutic properties.

Photo credit: Dhemer Goncalves

The 10 Reasons plant-based fashion is therapeutic for the human body:

1. Plant-based fabric eases anxiety

Plant-based fabrics are essential anti-stress fabrics because of the plant/human connection that happens when we wear plants. Plant fabrics are easier to look at, which eases anxiety.

When someone is wearing polyester I can see the lack of breathability, and I know how it feels. When I see someone wearing plant-based fabrics or blends, I can breathe better.

Plant-based fabric eases anxiety because they have sensory appeal. As an energy healer, I can easily detect it. Plant-based fabrics are flattering to wear which eases anxiety because you know you look good. When we see or wear plants, we are enlightened because plants are enlightening. Polyester fabrics are unbreathable (most of them). This can suffocate the body to a degree, and when our skin can’t breathe, we stress.

2. Plant-based fabric keeps us healthy

Wearing plant-based fabrics is a part of the fashion wellness concept. Additionally, when we are eco-minded, we are protecting the earth and ourselves, and this supports us mentally and emotionally and makes us healthy. Plant-based fabrics are more intelligent because of the types of ingredients that make up the material vs. the synthetic fabrics that are made with usually toxic and harsh ingredients. It is part of supporting our intellectual health to wear plant-based fabrics.

3. Wearing plants is part of self-care

It is a luxury to wear plants. Luxurious fashion is healthy fashion. I like to call plant-based fashion "spa" fashion because plant fabrics are spa-like. I love the design and spirit of luxury plant-based fashion.

4. Plants and herbs can be worn for medicinal purposes

These innovative fabrics, dyed and treated with botanicals and herbs like aloe, neem, turmeric, and seaweed powder help support the body. Herbs infused in fabrics are an alternative health remedy.

5. The breathability of the plant-based fabric supports blood circulation

If you look at the monks and gurus of the world, they are wearing robes made of cotton. This fabric is spiritual, and the fabric helps their bodies breathe while they are meditating. The energy of the plant cellulose on the body helps the blood circulate.

Photo credit: Jack Redgate

6. Plant-based fabrics are hypoallergenic

They are hypoallergenic for the skin because of the types of materials, textures, weaves, and knits of plant-based fibers. They are also hygienic. Some polyester fabrics will absorb and hold odors more. Fabrics like Tencel TM, linen, and lyocell bamboo are naturally hypoallergenic.

7. The plant/human connection—plants are futuristic

If we look at the earth as futuristic, part of feeling youthful, fresh, and modern is to perceive plants as futuristic. Not ‘earthy’ but ‘futuristic-planet-earthy’. Plants have tranquil and energizing properties. They give us connections to the planet and universe. Circular fashion is plant-based fashion. When we support the earth and support plants, we support ourselves.

8. Plant-based fabrics cleanse and raise energy

They cleanse and raise your energy—they are pure because they biodegrade after the garment has been worn. When you go to throw it out, if it has holes and you can't thrift it, you can burn the clothes outdoors, and it’s a sacred ritual. Burning plant fabrics will not hurt the earth, and when you burn your clothes, you are releasing emotions, cleansing, and raising your energy.

When we meditate or visit the wilderness and are surrounded by plants, it is easier for us to meditate. So when we wear the wilderness (the plants) on our bodies, it makes it easier for us to meditate.

9. They heal the body multidimensionally

Plant-based fabrics help the 5 bodies—mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. By practicing fashion as a healing modality, we can use plant-based fabrics like hemp, linen, ramie, pina, nettle, cactus, banana, bamboo, etc. to support our multidimensional being.

10. The plant's spiritual essence is therapeutic

The plant's spiritual essence - plants have a spirit essence that can heal specific ailments of the body. They are healers. The consciousness of the plant, even when broken down and made into fabric, is still alive.

Final Note

To learn more about plant-based fabrics and therapeutic fashion for the mind, body, and spirit, get your copy of my book Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths The way it works-- the book makes healthy fashion integrative and thought-provoking, bringing consciousness to fashion.

Healthy fashion is a timely testament; to what we need, as a part of the new paradigm of living holistically. It broadcasts evolutionary concepts. One of the major concepts in the book is plant-based fashion, which makes fashion transcend its current, generally unhealthy condition.


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