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14 Modern Plant-based Fashion Fabric Alternatives: Types of Fabrics and Where to Find Them

In this post, I have included 14 modern plant-based fashion fabric alternatives: the fabric types and where to find them. Many fabric types in fashion/textile manufacturing are made of synthetic materials. Most velour, satin, sweatshirt, and fleece fabrics are made from polyester. So, I have researched all of these 14 substitute fabrics that are made with 95–100% plant-based fibers and not made from synthetic fibers. The fabrics I picked are just a small sample of what all of these fabric stores carry. The fabric stores listed have many plant-based fabrics to choose from.

I chose to show in this post trendy yet timeless fabrics from each fabric store's collection like velour, lace, terry, sateen, and sweatshirt fabric made from plants like cotton, ramie, linen, hemp, and banana. All of these fabric types are important to add to your wardrobe because they make you both feel and look good.

I have picked a few fabric stores and a couple of plant-based fabrics that they carry, to show that it is possible to find alternative plant-based fabric types. These fabrics are timeless yet they are also trendy and modern.

All of the fabrics are great to use for your personal wardrobe and/or for the production of your brand/fashion company. Many of these fabric store businesses are both wholesale and retail.

I have organized the 14 fabrics into three categories: lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. I have also added categories for whether they are woven fabric or knit fabric.

This is a list of the fabric stores featured in this post:

When choosing fabric, I am always thinking about why I would choose to wear the specific fabric.

Reasons to choose plant-based fabric alternatives over synthetic fabrics:

  • tactile-friendly

  • breathable

  • attractive to look at

  • supports the environment

  • comfortable to wear and to look at

  • wearable and healthy

  • plant/human connection

  • + more

14 Modern Plant-based Fashion Fabric Alternatives

Click on the title to shop the fabric at the fabric store's website.

Lightweight Fabrics

Jersey Knit

Photo: Anita Pavani Stoffe


Photo: Mood Fabrics

Photo: Farmhouse Fabrics

Photo: Samatoa Lotus Flower

Midweight Fabrics

Jersey Knit

Photo: Kendor Textiles

Photo: Hemp Traders


Photo: Bolt Fabric Boutique

Photo: Boweevil

Photo: Boweevil

Photo: Organic Cotton Plus

Heavyweight Fabrics

Jersey Knit

Photo: Hemp Traders

Photo: Bolt Fabric Boutique


13. Cotton sherpa from Nature’s Fabrics

Photo: Nature's Fabrics

14. Corduroy cotton from Eco Fashion Fabrics

Photo: Eco Fashion Fabrics

If you want more fabric store resources– under my free resources page, I include 41 fabric stores to get to know. Download the free resource document here: 41 FABRIC STORES Modern Apparel Fabric Stores + Textile Companies (Wholesale + Retail)

There are plenty of fashion businesses out there that are producing collections made with plant-based fabrics. Yet, there are still not as many plant-based fabric options. There are so many elements that make fashion healthy—and choosing plant-based fabrics is one of them. But, for example, if we want to wear velvet—and most velvet is made of synthetic fibers—it is difficult for textile and fashion companies to choose a plant-based velvet because it is minimally produced. The fashion industry is in transition and will be producing more plant-based textiles in the future.

In my new book, Healthy Fashion, I talk about 36 specific plants used and produced in fashion fabrics. These fabrics will become more and more popular as we transition from mainstream fashion to eco-fashion and healthy fashion. You can preview my book on Amazon—and click the image of the book, and you will see the table of contents of the book and a sample chapter here: "Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths"

Stay tuned for more plant-based alternatives.


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