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3 Plant-Based Fabrics With a Sheen + Luster

3 Plant-Based Fabrics With a Sheen + Luster

Plant-based fashion fabrics with sheen + luster

Current fashion fabrics produced that have a sheen and luster are predominantly made from synthetic materials. A lot of synthetic fabrics have a sheen and luster, and that is partly why we wear synthetic fabrics-- for their aesthetic surface appearance. The fabrics with a sheen and luster; like silk from worms, or satin from polyester are very pretty, so it makes people feel good. Yet, we can find the same surface appearances from those silk and synthetic fabrics and the characteristic of them-- and make them from 100% plant-based materials.

One reason plant-based fabrics with a sheen and luster surface appearance are important is that they are physically and mentally luxurious in an ergonomic and healthy way. The look and feel of the shiny fabrics are mentally soothing, and therapeutically physically healing.

Below, you will find three plant-based fabrics with shine and luster. Also, I have included some great ways to style and design with these fashion fabrics. The three plant-based fashion fabrics with sheen and luster can be made into both dressy or casual looks. Their sheen and luster add a lot of style to a look.

1. Cotton sateen

Photo: Mood Fabrics

Cotton sateen:

It is the satin weave that makes the sheen of cotton sateen. The satin weave is made of 4 or more warp threads going over a weft thread. Cotton sateen is a lovely fabric, and the fabric can also be produced with plant-based lycra for stretch.

Ways to wear fashion made from cotton sateen:

  • The material is great designed as a blazer and as a skirt suit

  • Cotton sateen works great designed into a quilted winter coat

  • It is a perfect fabric for men’s shirting and women’s blouses

2. Cotton velvet

Photo: KBT Fabric UK

Cotton velvet:

The soft texture of cotton velvet is called the “pile.”

Cotton velvet fabric has a sheen and a lustrous appearance to it. It is soft and very plush. This makes the fabric feel and look luxurious.

Ways to wear fashions made from cotton velvet:

  • This fabric works great made into sleep and intimate apparel

  • Cotton velvet looks great made into sweatshirts and sweatpants

  • It looks nice designed into a men’s or women’s bomber jacket-- and designed into men’s and women’s shorts.

3. Pina sylk

Photo: THISco // Etsy

Pina sylk:

Pina"sylk" or "silk" is like a stiff, yet lightweight, organza-like fabric. It is worn at a lot of ceremonial events. It has a beautiful sheen and luster.

A few ways to wear fashion made from cotton sateen:

  • Pina sylk looks lovely made into a scarf and designed in other fashion accessories like scarves, wallets, travel bags, and hair accessories.

  • Pina sylk has a great structure to the fabric, which makes it perfect for dresses

  • Pina sylk used in formal wear makes it a perfect way to dress up in a men’s button-down shirt.

Stay tuned for more plant-based fabric inspiration.


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