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2 Cosmetic Apparel Fabric Brands and 2 Plant-based Activewear Apparel Brands To Know

In this post, I will first talk about two cosmetic fabrics that help heal the body. These fabrics are patented fabrics and they have proven to therapeutically help the body. In the second part of the blog post, I mention two plant-based activewear apparel brands. I have put these fabrics and brands in this article together because I feel activewear is partly cosmetic and therapeutic when producing activewear made with plants.

Some of the fabrics produced by these companies are not 100% synthetic free, most-- three of the companies are 90-100% plant-based. One fabric company I mention produces a fabric made predominantly with spandex. However, this healing aid fabric modality he has created is so important. Not all fabrics have to be 100% synthetic-free at this point to help heal the body.

I support all of these brands and companies creating these products and fabrics. They are an example of what healthy fashion is. Fashion as alternative medicine. Several of the statements listed in the description below are quotes and are specific statements that I have found on the company's websites.

Photo courtesy of Green Grace USA

I was recently using magnets and placing them on my body to heal, and they work! I searched on Youtube to learn more about the properties of magnet therapy and found out about Green Grace USA-- their Infrared Magnet fabric and their apparel healing modality products. Magnet and infrared textiles are definitely the future of fashion.

The owner of Green Grace was interviewed at the IDTechEx Show “Green Grace's owner talks about their magnetic fabric, used to promote healing at a cellular level. They have FDA registration and tens of thousands of users in the USA.” Watch their video:

Cosmetic fabric: Far Infrared/Magnetic healing fabric // Magnetic Infrared Wearable Clothing

Name of company: Green Grace USA

Location: Online/Arcadia, CA

Name of founder: Dennis Yang

About the company: “Green Grace USA has been helping people to heal and improve their lifestyle through Far Infrared Products over the last 6 years.” “Green Grace USA is a vertical operation that has its own bio-ceramic, far infrared technology know-how and manufacturing. Green Grace Far Infrared wearable clothing and accessories are a combination of Western and Eastern Preventive Medical Science”

About the fabric: Made with spandex and bio-ceramic materials.

The bio-ceramic can emit far infrared rays and magnetic energy which can penetrate into the

skin up to 1.5 inches. Infrared ei healing electromagnetic waves.

Photo courtesy of Green Grace USA

Products they carry: Far infrared yoga pants, far infrared mask, far infrared gloves, FIR compression binder, FIR head ear cover, far infrared ankle socks, infrared leg warmers + more

Fabric Properties: “Wear sunlight without ultraviolet”

  • “Help sleeping quality

  • Reduce body weight

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • FIR heating improves circulation

  • Loosens muscle

  • Relaxes the mind and body”

“FIR products improve circulation, expels dirt and chemicals, and remove dead cells on the surface of the skin, leading to a more soft and firm complexion.”

Photo courtesy of Pyratex®

The next cosmetic fabric that I love is Pyratex®. They have produced a fabric made with seaweed fiber and wood pulp mixed. I love the idea of using seaweed in fabric. Seaweed is currently being used in cosmetic, beauty, and spa products. Seaweed made into textiles is definitely the future of fashion.

I love visiting the ocean. I love seaweed and its health properties. I think wearing parts of the elements of the ocean gives us that ocean/human connection too.

Cosmetic fabric: Pyratex®

Name of company: Pyratex®

Location: Online + their factories are in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Mexico.

Name of founder: Regina Polanco

About the company: “PYRATEX® was born in 2014 with the mission to replace synthetic textiles with natural and more responsible options. Our sustainable fabrics are engineered to retain the fiber's natural properties, bringing functional qualities to the final garments.” “PYRATEX® is a vessel of change for fashion creators wishing to advance in textile innovation and responsibility.”

Photo courtesy of Pyratex®

About the fabric: Ground seaweed fiber is added to their eucalyptus wood pulp.

  • “Cellulose Bio-based

  • Regenerative

  • Skincare properties

  • Anti-irritation

  • Quick-dry”

Fabric Properties: “PYRATEX® cosmetic fabrics are made with seaweed-based fiber. It has an anti oxidative capacity which eliminates free radicals while caring for the wearer's skin.

The seaweed comes from the Northern Atlantic, and has anti oxidant properties certified by European laboratories.”

“Seaweed is pure and rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and minerals. The skin’s natural moisture level enables an active exchange of these substances, activating cell regeneration, which in turn can help relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness.”

Photo courtesy of Reprise

This next brand, Reprise, I will be speaking about uses a great fabric called Tencel jersey knit fabric. Tencel is an important fabric for the future of the activewear apparel market. It has great properties and it is comfortable to wear. I owned a Tencel jersey knit novelty top, and it never pilled, and it looked brand new for so long. Also, it was so comfortable to wear.

Plant-based activewear is definitely the future of activewear apparel. Reprise does use 7% spandex in their apparel– yet their goal is to use plant-based spandex in the future, and they have found a few that they like. I personally own a lot of leggings with 5-10% synthetic spandex. l think that the product is healthy to wear.

Plant-based activewear brand

Name of company: Reprise

Name of founder: Mary Bemis

Location: Online/ NYC

About the company: “Our mission is to keep plastic off your body.” “We're one of the only brands making leggings without plastic bottles.” "We liberate your closet from plastic to save your skin. By designing sustainable leggings and athleisure made with plant-based materials, we create a softer, healthier, more comfortable way for you to care for your skin.”

Photo courtesy of Reprise

About the products: Women’s activewear leggings, sports bras, shorts, scrunchies + more

About the fabric: They use GOTS dyed jersey knit Tencel, dyed and knit in LA “To be the best versions of ourselves, we have to surround our mind and body with the best materials — ones that allow us to breathe, think, and move freely the way our plant-based sustainable activewear does.”

Fabric Properties:

  • All plant-based fibers support oxygen levels

  • Stimulates and improves blood flow and circulation

  • Chemical composition-balanced

  • Ergonomic

  • Hypoallergenic/hygienic

  • Anti-stress—the plant/human connection reduces stress

Photo Courtesy of Carrot Banana Peach

This next activewear brand Carrot Banana Peach uses a variety of plant-based fabrics, and many of them have unique therapeutic properties. I love bamboo fabrics particularly. I had a pair of bamboo thermal leggings that I wore until they were unable to be worn. Bamboo fabric is very therapeutic for the skin! I also love the aloe vera fabric. I think aloe vera fabric is going to be a large trend in the future. Plant-based activewear is definitely the future of activewear apparel.

Plant-based activewear brand

Name of company: Carrot Banana Peach

Location: Online/Chesire, UK

Name of founder: Nigel Thomas Gartside

About the company: “Plant-based activewear. Stretch, breathe and perform in yoga clothes, fitness clothing and running wear made from plant based fibres. Our ethically made clothes are made from the extracted fibres of bamboo, soybean, aloe vera and organic cotton” Additionally – Gartside’s family was originally the cotton pioneers of the textile industry.

Name of fabric: Organic cotton, bamboo, banana, soybean, and aloe vera. All their fabrics have performance properties and health benefits, and ergonomic design properties.

Photo courtesy of Carrot Banana Peach

About the products: They sell women's and men's apparel and accessories for yoga, running, and fitness They also carry luxury bags, one specifically made of an innovative washable paper!

Fabric Properties:

  • All plant-based fibers support oxygen levels

  • Stimulates and improves blood flow and circulation

  • Chemical composition-balanced

  • Ergonomic

  • Hypoallergenic/hygienic

  • Anti-stress—the plant/human connection reduces stress

Final Note

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about these healthy fashion industry companies. Fashion fabrics made from bio-ceramic magnets, seaweed, and plants are some of the most medicinal types of materials we can wear. Cosmetic, 'wearable' fabrics, and plant-based activewear brands are two of the most important fashion-for-wellness trends currently and for the future.


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