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Add These Healthy Ergonomic Apparel Trends to Your Wardrobe

These ergonomic fashion trends are intuitive, adaptive, useful, and ergonomic for your healthy lifestyle

Do you want to know which fashion design elements can help us? Do you want to know a few fashion trends that are intuitive, useful, adaptive, and ergonomic? Listed below are a few garments that can make you have a more productive, efficient, and comfortable lifestyle.

What is ergonomic fashion?

  • Intelligent

  • Efficient

  • Comfortable

  • Symbiotic

  • High performance

Several of the design trends listed below come from the following fashion markets: contemporary fashion, sportswear, streetwear, and loungewear. These ergonomic design details, like soothing pastel-colored textiles, and comfortable seamless apparel are like healing beauty tools for our wardrobe.

When we add these ergonomic apparel items into our wardrobe or wear the ergonomic apparel that is already in our wardrobe, we feel renewed.

Fashion is a part of the new wellness trend. The wellness trend involves clothes that create growth, change, and wisdom in one’s life. Dressing in ergonomic trends is a part of life’s positive rituals. We get good vibes and positive energy when we wear fashion and design details that are ergonomic.

Check out these fashion trends that are a part of the fashion industry currently. I have curated a collection of items listed below that I love. They are all creative in-vogue pieces.


Photo: Nili Lotan

This soft pastel tie-dye top by Nili Lotan is a charming and comfortable apparel item. Pastel tie-dye is very modern in appearance. It is soft and soothing to look at. How is it ergonomic? It helps with mental anxiety and stress, due to its color hues and the texture of the pastel tie-dye print.

Photo source: Boohoo

This cute zip-front denim pullover jacket by Boohoo is fab. It is ergonomic because the designer(s) chose to design it out of mid-weight denim, making it easy for the body to move in the jacket. Many heavyweight denim apparel items can restrict the body. Choosing a midweight denim fabric jacket design may allow more body movement. It is an innovative fabric. In addition to the Boohoo jacket’s fabric, the zip-front pullover is a great look and a trending style. If a design is made well, the overall look is more aesthetically pleasing, and this helps people’s mood.

Photo source: Carolina Belle

This dreamy Carolina Belle pink modern-fit blazer is designed with seamless technology. It is made with a great jersey-knit stretch fabric. Even the buttons are covered in soft fabric. All the raw edges are on the outside of the garment. Seams can often cause friction against the skin. Many seamlines are good-- especially if they work as acupressure technology applying pressure on specific parts of the body. However, seamless garments are a luxury, and it is a luxury item everyone should be a part of.

Photo source: Nike

The Nike sportswear essential women’s short-sleeve black dress is sleek and sporty. You can pair this elevated piece with anything and it will create multiple different styles. T-shirt dresses are a great staple piece for a wardrobe. Whether fitted or unfitted, tee-shirt dresses are ergonomic because they are lightweight, and move easily with the body. I like this Nike dress because it is shaped, however, I like shapeless t-shirt dresses also.


Photo Source: Shein

The contrast trim tee by Shein is a really fresh and modern must-have. Pastel colors are ergonomic because the colors are soothing and therapeutic. I love pastel fabrics for men. It is a long-lasting trend for menswear: pastel-colored fabrics. Additionally, the garment’s dark navy-colored stripes and dark-navy-colored neckband make this piece dressy. It is fun to have pastel with dark accent colors within a garment.

Photo Source: Terry Snyder

This terry-cloth polo shirt in navy batik was cleverly designed by Todd Snyder. It is really cute. Anything terry cloth-made, especially when it is a polo, is very trendy. Terry cotton fabric is ergonomic because it has similar properties to a towel. Towel fabric absorbs sweat easily while keeping the body dry. It also has a cushion-like feel, making it a good fabric for extra support.

Photo source: Bershka

I found this fashion-forward denim hoodie by Bershka for men, because I wanted to show a few pieces where both men and women can wear them. The zip-front midweight denim hoodie jack is a trendy and cool look. I love the front center pocket in the front and the elastic-drawstring hood. The color is light and refreshing, and it is ergonomic with its dropped shoulders and midweight denim fabric.

Photo source: Reason brand

The urban-style men's party block anorak by Reason Brand is a fun look. Its rich print is ergonomic because it supports emotional health. How? The print is like a piece of artwork, and art is visually therapeutic. The jacket also includes pastel and dark accent colors in the print, and it is a pullover.

A list of the ergonomic properties on the apparel items above

Here is a breakdown of all of the transformative ergonomic design and apparel items:


  • Pastel tie-dye clothing

  • Midweight denim pullover jacket

  • Seamless blazers

  • Tee shirt dresses


  • Pastel-colored clothing with dark accent colors

  • Terry cloth polos

  • Midweight denim pullovers

  • Artistic pastel/dark color prints

Would you like to track your own ergonomic trends and other people's trends?

I have developed a small collection of fashion tools, to help your wardrobe and/or your fashion business.

It is an important part of identifying with our clothing and fashion trends, to journal and reflect on them, and help you remember to wear them. The concept of the fashion printables I have created is only 1 part of the large fashion for wellness and health trend, but it plays a significant part.

Check out my fashion printable: “The Mini Fashion Planner.” A mini fashion planner is a tool that helps to support your healthy wardrobe. This in-vogue mini fashion planner is your go-to fashion planner to plan your fashion + beauty + wellness routines.

Also, I have one more printable you may be interested in, as it is a part of reflecting on our own clothing and other people’s clothing and the industry’s trends. It is called the “Fashion Journal Tracker.” Check it out if you are interested.

Stay tuned for more trend posts. Part of my work is being a ‘fashion intuitive’, so you will be hearing about lots of fashion forecast-type content from me. HEALTHY FASHION CAMPAIGN is not about “insiders,”(however, much of my content is insider-like) we are all involved as a fashion collective in spreading the word about fashion being an important part of our health and wellbeing.


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