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Fashion Journal Tracker: The Fashion Printable

Free 5-Sheet Printable: The Fashion Journal Tracker

The Fashion Journal Tracker

My 5-sheet fashion printable is styled and designed in a clean, simple, minimal format, and includes 5 pages of worksheets. The FJT is a 5-sheet fashion printable that gives you a way to express, create, log, + understand your new fashion ideas, for inspiration. It is a fashion prompt-- to get you fashion-inspired. The tracker is meant to support your fashion success and fashion creativity. You can download the FJT for free on my resources page.

I have created this 5-sheet printable for fashion pioneers. Whether you are a fashion business owner, or you have a modern fashion wardrobe, you are a fashion pioneer. The Fashion Journal Tracker is fun, and it helps you create new fashion strategies.

A testimonial:

" The Fashion Journal Tracker is a MUST have for anyone looking to start a fashion brand! One of the most important things a fashion brand needs to develop is identity. In order to do that, you need to understand what ties together your pieces and what makes each item of clothing YOU. 

This Journal is an incredible tool that helps you express the thought process behind each piece. By logging your daily fashion choices and working through the understanding behind the pieces, the Fashion Journal Tracker makes creating new fashion ideas a breeze. It is something I'll definitely be recommending to all my partnered brands."
 - Shoaib Syed founder/owner of Bamboo. 

The fashion printable for fashion pioneers

Fashion people know and understand that fashion is complex, and that there is a lot to compose. Fashion is like composing an orchestra, like with the many different instruments-- there are many different layers of fashion concepts.

"You may be an old soul, a mystic, a fashion visionary, and if you are all of these-- the Fashion Journal Tracker can support your fashion business and/or your own wardrobe."

The sheets will help initiate new fashion projects. It will make you feel empowered, prepared, and refreshed. It will inspire your fashion work, and/or your own fashion wardrobe.

If you are looking to find new ways to prompt your new fashion ideas, I have created this journal to:

1. Help you grow your fashion business

The Fashion Journal Tracker can help your wardrobe + your fashion business to grow.


2. Help support your wardrobe. It is designed for personal or professional use.

The Fashion Journal Tracker can help your wardrobe + your fashion business to grow. If you are not a fashion professional, you can use it for personal use.

How can the FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER help you?

The fashion tracker can be used to:

  • create + save new fashion ideas

  • help to prompt and complete your new fashion projects

  • help develop your fashion “signature” fashion identity

  • immediately learn, develop and grow by fashion journaling

  • unlock your fashion secrets-- your style, your wardrobe, trends, fashion projects-- either professionally or personally

What the tracker can do for your personal style or fashion business:

  • set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly fashion goals

  • manage your fashion ideas

  • create + brainstorm new fashion ideas

  • organize your fashion inspirations

  • plan, and/or track your outfits

  • fashion mind map//sketch and notes page

A description of each sheet

Sheet 1

The outfit of the day sheet: I have called it #OOTD, the hashtag for outfit of the day

Sheet 1 includes a full week Mon-Sun, to describe what is worn each day. Whether we repeat outfits or not, whether we wear the same outfits each week, or not, it is a great way to understand and learn about our sense of style, how our fashion affects us, and how it inspires us.

You can enter your outfits each day of the week, and then at the end of the week, you can fill out the rest of the printable sheets. This way you have had time to wear several outfits and look back on them. Personally, it doesn’t matter if you wear the same outfit every day for a month. You can document them, and find out that each day your outfit feels and looks different, and the outfit is more than an outfit, it is a psychological fashion experience.

Sheet 1 has a small amount of space to include your outfits. There is a notes section on sheet 5, so if you need more room or if you have an idea and you need to write it down.

Sheet 2

The first page asks 3 questions:

1. The first question: "Describe today’s outfit, and why I wore the outfit."

I have worn so many amazing outfits over the years, and I cannot remember most of what I wore unless it was photographed. Being able to describe my look in the Fashion Journal Tracker will help create a fashion memory. It will also be able to help psychologically when we analyze outfits.

2. The second question: "Window shopping therapy: what did I see or buy?"

This is another way to remember what people wear, and remember your favorite street fashion looks. You can write down what you saw online that you loved, or something that you bought that you needed to have. Window shopping therapy is an important part of learning about fashion communication, forecasting fashion trends, and creating special memories about what fashion designs we like.

3. The third question: "What can I wear in the future or continue to wear to improve how I am feeling?

This question is basically a reflection of the first 2 questions and your answers. Should I repeat my outfit? What did I see-- a style or look that I want to try? Also, how have my outfits (or other people’s outfits) affected or improved how I am feeling?

Sheet 3

Sheet 3 is called the Question log. It asks you to describe:

  1. your personal style

  2. your fashion values + beliefs

  3. your fashion ideas for your current/future wardrobe

  4. your fashion goals short-term and long-term

The fashion question log is a place to write down your creative thoughts, happenings, and goals. It also is created to promote your own creative improvisation and nurture fashion innovation.

A helpful tip: your fashion questions and answers will always change as time goes on. Save all your 5-sheet printables, date them, and refer back to them.

Sheet 4

Sheet 4 is called Fashion // Style Aesthetics

This sheet is a fashion prompt. The words on the page: health, holistic trend, enlightenment, and transition, are word prompts. On sheet 5-- describe how each topic symbolizes your own fashion trends, styles, and looks (and/or collectively--you can write about other people’s styles too.)

Sheet 5

The Sketch // Notes section:

The notes section on page 5 is when you need more space to write things down from the other sheets. You also can sketch, and make more new notes here. If you don’t have enough space on the other sheets, this sheet can be the section where you add the rest of your notes. The notes section can be used as a vision board, to plan,


This journal can be used daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or yearly-- it is up to you. The Fashion Journal Tracker will help you create fashion strategies and new fashion


The digital fashion printable is in PDF format. The journal can be reprinted, as it is a 1 week, one-time-use journal. You can use it at any time. I loved creating the Fashion Journal Tracker— and a more in-depth, much longer version will be available later on. To get the tracker visit my free resources page.


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