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Are You a Fashion Intuitive?

Are You a Fashion Intuitive?

What is a 'fashion intuitive'?

Whether you are a beginner fashion intuitive, or an advanced fashion intuitive, or not a fashion intuitive at all, you can develop the skills to become a fashion intuitive. We must develop our intuition when it comes to fashion.

Everyone has a gift, and not everyone needs to be a fashion intuitive, but we should all practice becoming more fashion intuitive. However, you do not need the gift of fashion intuition. People who aren't a 'fashion intuitive' have other skills and talents that fashion intuitives do not have.

In this article, I will share with you a brief personal story that made me aware I am a fashion intuitive, and I will share a couple of deceased, legendary designers that were fashion intuitives. They are just a few examples, there are thousands of fashion intuitives both living and deceased.

Are you a 'fashion intuitive'?

I have developed 5 questions that will tell you whether you are a fashion intuitive or not. If you answer YES to at least 3 questions out of the 5 questions, then you are a fashion intuitive.

Like I had said before, you don't have to feel like you are not gifted if these fashion experiences don't happen to you. They may be happening to you on a subconscious level even, and it is simply not necessary for you to be aware of them.

Q 1 Do you feel fashion on multiple levels; emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically?

(A fashion intuitive can feel and perceive fashion not just physically-- but emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.)

Fashion intuition involves being able to see things on different levels. A fashion intuitive will go beyond the physical sense of fashion.

When we interpret the entire function of fashion-- emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically, etc. we can go deeper with our wardrobes, and sense other people’s wardrobe in a deeper way.

Q 2 Do you recognize the symbolism behind fashion?

(A fashion intuitive will often find patterns, rhythms, and symbols within a fashion look, a garment, and style. The patterns form a kind of “fashion language”)

A fashion intuitive goes beyond fashion. They are inspired by symbolism in fashion. Symbolism in fashion is a way to connect with our clothing in a different dimension.

For example, some people see shapes and colors in fashion, and often these people see shapes and colors with more meaning than the shapes and colors that they are. For instance: instead of seeing stripes, a fashion intuitive focuses on the language, the symbolism, the creative energy of the specific stripes.

Q 3 Do you notice designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel went beyond fashion? They felt fashion was life: “the stars, the sky”, etc. Can you relate to them, or other designers like them?

(A fashion intuitive relates to other fashion professionals and can identify with the strength of their fashion intuition.)

A lot of famous fashion professionals like Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel established very strong fashion careers for themselves. It was their mission and their life to be able to give the world their fashions.

Their fashion designs and fashion collections were not just clothing for protection, they created styles that had uplifted humanity, and inspired people to the degree that their fashion could uplift human's moods and emotions. They used their fashion intuition to create more life in fashion and more support fashion designs for people’s lives.

Q 4 Do you wear clothes that eventually just become a trend before the trend occurs?

(A fashion intuitive will wear clothing way before it becomes a trend or they will wear current trends without even following fashion magazines or current fashion’s that are for sale in apparel stores. Then they happen to see their look when they visit a store or see their look in a magazine.)

This is a person’s fashion intuition: when they wear a piece of clothing or an outfit that is personal to them because it is either their style or they were personally inspired to wear it. Then months or years later or currently, they find out everyone is wearing it. This is the skill of an advanced fashion intuitive, who wears clothing styles before they become a trend.

Also, there is collective energy within the fashion industry, and within everyone wearing and dressing in apparel. This collective energy is fashion consciousness, and whether we are aware of it or not, it affects our lives, and especially the life of a fashion intuitive, as fashion intuitives are susceptible to noticing it more often than those who are not a fashion intuitive.

Q 5 Do you feel that you can sense the future of fashion?

(Fashion Intuitives can sense and predict the future of fashion)

Karl Lagerfeld's final Chanel collection was in the fall of 2020. Karl was not only a designer, he was a fashion intuitive. He was also able to resurrect the spirit of Chanel, and he could always 'sense' the future of fashion.

Not all designers have this ability, but Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel did. They were both fashion intuitives, for decades. Lagerfeld held the Chanel label up into a positive regime, unlike anything.

How I figured out I am a fashion intuitive

I found out I was a fashion intuitive when I went to fashion design school. I was obsessed with drawing fashion designs and fashion illustrations. I started to notice that I was drawing and designing apparel that was eventually becoming a trend in the stores. I felt like I was being a fashion intuitive, and these sketches and drawings of fashion designs, and their themes, were coming from my intuition.

I have always had a strong connection to fashion, and this strong connection I feel creates my fashion intuition abilities. Lots of people have different hobbies that they are intuitive with. As an artist, I have always been able to express myself through fine art and fashion illustration, and this was one way I was able to reveal my talent and skill as a fashion intuitive.

An example of 2 fashion professionals who were fashion intuitives

An example of being a fashion intuitive is the way Karl was able to keep the “spirit” of Chanel alive. Things could change for Chanel because Karl is no longer designing for Chanel, but for now, the newer collections do not carry on the legacy or spirit of either Lagerfeld or Chanel. It might not be the business management’s fault, it might be this way for a purpose. Karl Lagerfeld's energy was a testament to the faith and creative heart and soul of fashion. Long Live Karl.

You don’t have to be a fashion designer to be a fashion intuitive, neither a fashion forecaster that forecasts fashion trends. You just have to love fashion so much, that you feel there is a powerful force within you, and part of that force is being caused by your fashion, and other people’s fashion.

There are so many ways you can express and use your fashion intuition. I hope that this article inspires you to develop, practice, and create more and more ways to be a fashion intuitive. Whether you have a fashion career or you have a passion for fashion, we can all be fashion intuitives as we observe other people’s wardrobes, and observe our own wardrobe and fashion styling.


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