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Creative Ways to Make Our Fashion Healthy

Jewelry and flowers and fabric blog post title Creative ways to make our fashions health

Creative ways to make our fashions healthy

In this new blog post, I'm going to speak about my work on healthy fashion, in general, and how HEALTHY FASHION pertains to all of the fashion projects that I do. I am also going to talk about creative ways to make our fashion healthy. I consider myself a fashion psychologist and a fashion intuitive. A lot of my work is very philosophical and psychological. My fashion work is really made for those who are serious fashion enthusiasts or fashion professionals. It is because I really go deep with the type of fashion knowledge and fashion wisdom involved.

Fashion and the emotional body

Fashions can support our thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions in our own creative expression. Our health and our fashions will be enhanced, and it will be fun and easy to make our fashions healthy.

Fashion is one of the industries where we use themes on an important emotion: happiness. Oftentimes we don't realize it but a lot of our fashion garments and styled outfits play a large role in our emotional health and wellbeing, and our clothing supports how we feel throughout the day. Also, seeing other people's fashions and outfits gives us feelings of happiness as well. This is one reason why fashion is a healing powerful force and a way of health.

The concepts of emotional health and fashion are very important to my work HEALTHY FASHION. When we go through our day wearing our outfits, we get emotional from them. Sometimes the emotions can become too strong. It is always good to find that balance. Balanced fashion gives us just the right amount of emotions and feelings and expressions that make us feel good, but are not too much, or not too little.

The new fashion book

There are plenty of fashion businesses out there that try to create new fashion concepts, and I am one of them. Fashion concepts that I speak about are typically fashion for the mind, body, and spirit. There are so many elements involved in making our wardrobes healthy as well as making the industry healthy as well. The fashion book that I recently wrote, just to let you know, has several topics, many topics that delve into the details of each fashion concept. There are definitely thousands of fashion concepts out there that we can utilize to make our wardrobe better and healthier and make the fashion industry and the environment healthier and better. In my book, I share with you hundreds of things we can do to use fashion to support our health.

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what is healthy to wear and what isn't. In my new book, I have a large breakdown that includes ways that contribute to making our wardrobe easy, simple, and healthy. The nice thing about healthy fashion is that there are so many concepts and theories involved in making a fashion garment healthy, we can pick and choose the ones that we like.

My business HEALTHY FASHION CAMPAIGN and my readers, fans, and followers

Do you have any questions about healthy fashion that I haven't covered? Comment below or email me a question about healthy fashion and I will reply and add the question into a future blog post as part of the blog content.

Part of an understanding of where I am coming from in terms of healthy fashion, part of it is about identifying with my readers. So I am happy to hear your feedback. I am open and able to identify with who would be interested in my fashion work. It started when I created a fashion brand called Alternative Fashion. I was selling my healthy fashions. I handmade all of them, and it was a small business. Having people dress and wear my clothing gave me the chance to really understand who my customer really is and what fashion people would be interested in HEALTHY FASHION.

The people who are interested in my work are “alternatives.” There are many ways to define what alternative means. But a few ways of being an alternative is to be different, to be unusual, and to be advanced spiritually. My readers understand and want to understand new concepts to advance themselves and all of society. My work definitely caters to those who are interested in the future of fashion, and they're also simply interested in cool, fun, trendy, knowledge, and wisdom.

My campaign is very large, so my customer profile is very vast. This is about a movement coming together. About identifying universal fashion bringing all the world together in union, in relation to fashion.

New Age, Ascension, and the Spirituality in HEALTHY FASHION CAMPAIGN

If you love fashion, you will love my work. Yes, there are also very strong concepts in regards to the New age and the spiritual world but not everybody will be interested in it. That's not a problem because there are so many other concepts that I address and talk about. If you've been wondering how you can make fashion more healthy in your life and career, you've come to the right place. All of the writing and the work I do is created so that I can share it with the public and world, my readers can be inspired and also share that knowledge as well.

HEALTHY FASHION is definitely a platform of education and most of the blog posts listed are educational but also they are made to be fun. Fashion is definitely fun and I want to emphasize that within all the work that I do. For example, I created several small, mini projects with my fashion illustrations, my trend boards, and my collages that are all fun and very supportive to fashion and trend forecasting and for fashion industry news.

A lot of my upcoming fashion book is about alternative health and metaphysics. There's a large trend happening on Earth and it is the spiritual Ascension. It is for non-religious and religious people. Everybody's really a part of it. There's no small niche group of people that are interested in it. However, if you love metaphysics, you will definitely find some interesting information that I will share with you on my blogs and in my book, which is more science-based.

So, why do I do what I do?

So why do I do what I do? I've come a long way into realizing that I love researching fashion and created other fashion blogs in the past. I do this work because I have a strong passion for fashion. I've been researching it for quite some time, and I have loved working in the field of fashion since I was 15 years old.

I just love fashion in general. I do like the most intelligent parts of fashion. Fashion is a very intelligent topic and field of industry. So I choose fashion psychology, fashion theory, fashion philosophy, fashion sociology, and many other intellectual fashion topics.

What you will find on this site are tools and resources, services, products, and new current fashion projects that are in-trend and forecast-driven. I showcase fashions that describe what healthy fashion is. I promote fashion that does not just contain one element that makes it healthy, but I pick fashion to promote that contains several elements that create a healthy fashion look.

This is definitely a place for artists and creators who like to create and who are artistic. I hope for you to find a lot of inspiration in the blog posts and the zine content and the other parts of the website that I provide and share with you.

I have shared with you some information about what I do and what I'm about. Overall, HFC is definitely medical-influenced and medical-inspired. It is about healing the body and healing the mind with fashion design and apparel in creative ways. I support everybody that wants a healthier wardrobe and fashion professionals that want to learn more about healthy fashion for their healthy fashion business. You do not need to have a fashion career. You just need to have a passion for fashion.


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