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Eco-Luxury Beauty Fabrics: Medicinal Fashion Fabric Infusions for Your Health


Eco-luxury beauty fabrics

In this article, I share eco-luxury beauty fabrics, also called cosmetic fabrics. These fabrics are made to be medicinal and support your health. Medicinal-infused fabrics are fabrics infused with ingredients like aloe, neem, castor oil, essential oils, and so on. Medicinal infusions treat the body topically. I offer methods of creating a healthy wardrobe, one that protects, and in this article, I talk about fabrics that are medicinal and naturally protect the body.

I share a little bit about medicinal beauty fabrics, all named cosmetic fabrics, and how they are a part of the future of fashion. I have written a new book: HEALTHY FASHION, and it talks about healthy “plant-tech” cosmetic fabrics in the book. The book will be available in FALL/WINTER 2021—so stay tuned. Pre-ordering is available.

"I like to call 'healthy' fashion—'spa' fashion. I also call medicinal fabrics advanced, 'plant-tech' fashion."

The coronavirus + fashion for protection

The coronavirus has made us see the effects of fashion on human health and human disease more. This is because we are using fabric to cover our face and mouth daily. We can see that fashion fabrics protect us. The coronavirus has inspired all of us to be healthier, and protect ourselves against disease with fashion.

A part of the new wellness trend and the coronavirus issue-- it has compelled the fashion industry to naturally produce their fabric collections with more holistic fashion cycles also. Fashion collections are not being produced like they used to. The fashion calendar is changing naturally, too. Many ready-to-wear fashion brands are producing fewer fashion collections per year.

For example, both the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and BFC (British Fashion Council) asked fashion designers to no longer formally present their cruise collections. Additionally, many fashion shows are virtual now as well, with 3D digital modeling.

The masks that we wear, and covering the mouth and face with fabrics has created thousands of brands to produce masks made in plant-based fabrics, with low-impact dyes and plant-based dyes. Brands are being very creative too, with regards to producing a healthy mask that protects against the coronavirus but also helps support the physical body, too.

Cosmetic beauty fabrics

A new modern fashion trend is wellness fashion. Part of the wellness fashion trend is the design and technological development of fabrics that are infused with medicinal ingredients.

A modern wardrobe made with infused fashion fabrics is:

  • nurturing

  • positive

  • magical

  • + empowering

In order to create more ‘zen’ in our lives, we need to wear fabrics that support the body. Look to all the spiritual gurus in India or the Buddhists in Asia-- they are all wearing cotton or linen. Cotton and plant-based fabrics are cosmetic fabrics. They are cosmetic fabrics because they are made from plants. Plants are healing, healthy, and support the body in various ways.

Why wear medicinal-infused fabrics?

  • They are therapeutic

  • They support the energy body + emotional body (not just your physical body)

  • They feel cozy, comfy, and are inspiring

Infused fabrics will truly help us achieve more health

Infused fashion fabrics are 100% natural, like herb, plant, and mineral-based ingredients.

Medicinal, infused fabrics will:

  • make you feel + look beautiful

  • rejuvenate the skin

  • refresh the body + mind

  • revitalize the energy body

with cosmetic fabrics

"Fashion for health is in many ways an alternative medicine. Medicinal fabric infusions are a part of making fashion an alternative health remedy."

Infused fabric benefits:

  • naturally-sourced health ingredients

  • herbal plants + herbal minerals

  • anti-aging properties

  • gentle on the skin

  • skin-enhancing // softening

  • blood circulation increase

  • stress relieving

Cosmetic fabrics for every genre

Every special fashion brand, with all the different fashion genre styles, can produce or purchase medicinal fabrics. It will modernize all style genres to make you and your wardrobe: modern, fresh, and fun.

The important part about healthy fashion is that it supports every fashion genre. Whether you like to dress:

  • Minimal

  • Classic

  • Retro


  • Trendy

Infused fabrics + the beauty industry

The beauty and cosmetic industry started the trend of infusing fabrics. They will be a long-term trend. I love the beauty and spa industry products. The new crystal jade and rose quartz rollers, crystal-infused eye shadows, and crystal-infused essential oil rollers. Crystal-infused coconut and soy wax candles are being produced now too. We can be inspired and influenced by the spa industry and beauty industry, and use their products to inspire new cosmetic apparel products.

Cosmetic companies, for example, are incorporating a lot of natural medicinal materials, like copper, seaweed, crystals, and sea salt into their products. The textile industry has started to incorporate these materials into apparel fabrics.

The wellness trend is becoming more and more popular, with athleisure + activewear being the two biggest fashion markets in the fashion industry. We are motivated, excited, and inspired to wear comfortable clothing.

Fashion consumers want therapeutic-based apparel products. Medicinal-infused beauty fabrics are a part of the future of fashion. We need the gift of medicinal-infused fabrics and fashion designs that can help our mind, body, and spirit. Beauty fabrics are eco-luxurious and can be a part of everyone's wardrobe.


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