Fashion Made for Health + Wellbeing, and HFC (Healthy Fashion Campaign) FAQ’s

When I first think of the title of my campaign; Healthy Fashion, I think it represents what the fashion industry really needs to address. Fashion that can truly help us achieve more health with less suffering and pain. I am all about that.

Healthy Fashion really is a modern way of thinking about fashion.

Healthy fashion is meant to reflect a holistic type of fashion that is made for reflection. Fashion for health is in many ways an alternative medicine.

Fashion is in a state of transition and progress. Where we are at with our fashion is perfect and meaningful as is.

I will not be preachy and write about dressing a certain way, or act like we should wear specific things in order to achieve health, and if we don’t we are doomed! That’s fear propaganda, and that is not my style. Healthy Fashion will speak about clothing in transition, and promote practical ways to wear and produce a wardrobe that is for balance, harmony, and for our ultimate wellbeing.

Another way to be healthy that we don’t often think about is our use of clothes. Do we really need another modality for health and healing? The answer is yes. We have to wear clothes anyway to survive, so we mine as well make use of our clothing.

This is exciting times for fashion, as the current state of fashion is in flux. Everyone is ready for a new, revamped way of seeing and identifying with fashion. Boring and dull fashion doesn't contribute enough for our wellbeing. Fashion for the mind, body, and spirit is ultimately what we need.

-Fashion for health speaks on many different levels, like our

  • Mental

  • Physical

  • Emotional

health states, to name a few…..

Our mind, body and emotions are definite states of being that fashion is in relation with constantly. Healthy Fashion functions to bring fashion in a true, balanced way and in support of our mind, body, and emotions in a very supportive way.

Overall fashion for health is expressed in so many ways that you are most likely ‘already’ wearing healthy fashion to begin with. It is important to realize all the ways fashion can offer us true healing and health. No one is really behind or forward in our forms of dress as our fashion is personal. However, there are definitely advantages of Healthy Fashion, as I promote futuristic and advanced methods of fashion for health in ways that are yet not heard of or mentioned.

Why Healthy Fashion?

I started my campaign Healthy Fashion with the idea of approaching fashion within a new spectrum: Fashion for health. I started off 5 years ago writing about eco and sustainable fashion. Through my research, and based upon my own personal fashion experience, my fashion interests and work evolved into fashion that is able to surpass the means of it’s environmental pursuits, to be the focus of it being about fashion for one’s health.

The idea of fashion for health makes me excited as much as it is something that I always used for my health, fashion was/is a tool for my well-being.

I was so passionate about the subject of fashion for health, I wrote a book on it! I am very excited to share it with you soon. As of now it is in the production phase with my publisher John Hunt Publishing. The book will be printed under their mind/body/spirit imprint ‘Ayni’ books. I look forward to presenting this book to you soon. In the meantime, continue reading my Highlights blog meant to encourage and instill practical ways we can create a healthier state of fashion.

Why is Healthy Fashion a Campaign?

I originally launched Healthy Fashion Campaign in 2015. It had to be put on pause for situational life circumstances, but I am back, and the concepts are much more new, sought after, and game-changing based on the culmination of my life experience, research, and fashion exploration. I am excited about my new developments and my book I spent years working on, (on and off, it’s been a project to say the least!) My new book really is the main inspiration of my re-launched campaign now.

Healthy Fashion is definitely a CAMPAIGN. It’s created to introduce a movement, and build drive for fellow communities and for all of us. It’s really about building momentum to get this concept, heard, and to promote and infiltrate these modern, fashion concepts into the mainstream. It’s in order to make new strides and new ways of creating more health for us all. I do need your support, help, your passion and to simply believe the power of fashion for health is a necessity. This is for planetary evolution, and human evolution.

What does Healthy Fashion Campaign Offer?

My campaign is in tribute and in effort to create awareness of my upcoming fashion book, which I know you will like if you are interested in fashion for health. The campaign itself is here to:

Educate, Inform, and Promote enlightening content of ‘fashion deemed medicinal’.

Currently I am in the process of putting together some free tools, resources and downloadables. I am also in the process of creating a new services page which will offer consultations, e-courses, printables, and my book later on, etc. Those will be ready for you in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out my current services I have available:

  • Public Speaking

  • Consultations

  • Interview Appearances

  • Written Articles

  • Collaborations

  • + More!

As a new author, I am really eager to start spreading the word about my book. It won’t be available to purchase or found in bookstores several months from now, but life is fast and before I know it the book will be in print!

I am in the process of boosting my campaign with relative, interesting content to get the ball rolling. I will promote such an important issue in a practical and light-hearted way. Healthy Fashion will be representing optimal fashion for health, but it’s also down to earth (I am still wearing some unhealthy fashion, but it compensates- as some of the elements of a look or piece of clothing contributes to it being healthy overall). My wardrobe isn’t perfect, I would say it’s in transition.

I like to call my work a bit like a diamond in the rough. My new book is really going to be able to reach my readers and bring that diamond to life! Along with my exciting campaign’s concept of fashion for health, this is a beginning that really will never end. I have virtually an endless amount of information to share with you folks, I am looking forward to sharing more!

- Alyssa



I am Alyssa Couture, f/o of Healthy Fashion Campaign. Welcome to my blog.♥ I am a fashion author + fashion entrepreneur. I offer methods of fashion for mind + body health and well-being.

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"HEALTHY FASHION creates + broadcasts enlightening content on fashion deemed medicinal. Stay tuned for my new upcoming fashion book."


-Alyssa Couture, f/o of HEALTHY FASHION

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