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Fashion Mantras for Your Modern Lifestyle

Fashion Mantras for Your Modern Lifestyle

I have created an exclusive ten-sheet fashion printable that includes a curation of five fashion mantras that support the health of you and your wardrobe. These timeless fashion mantras are set up in a mini-oracle format. The mantras each include the mental body, physical body, spiritual body, energetic body, and emotional body. The style is made to help improve your fashion wardrobe routines.

Be on the cusp of the new fashion trends when you practice the fashion mantras for your lifestyle. These mantras will help you explore and create new fashion trends too.

Who is this printable for?

  • fashion pioneers

  • fashion changemakers

  • healthy fashion practitioners

  • fashion professionals

  • fashion enthusiasts

  • fashion influencers

It is also for fashion-obsessed people (like me), I like to call us fashion stars, and fashion souls.

We all love positive rituals

These chic fashion mantras are made to create monumental growth, change, wisdom, and power in your life. They are made as a fashion solution to the disconnection we may sometimes feel with our clothing.

These innovative mantras will support and promote positivity in your life:

  • fashion goals

  • positive fashion rituals

  • fashion intuition

  • wardrobe routines

The mantras/affirmations are a part of the Universal fashion movement and our New Age fashion movement. These mantras are spiritual, but they are not religious. They include all types of religions.

Fashion is our ‘second skin,’ so it is an important part of our life. It is a part of our life and culture to bring fashion as a therapeutic, healthy fashion practice.

The fashion mantras is a new Healthy Fashion tool and is a part of the HF Toolkit to help make your wardrobe grow, develop, and strengthen. It may also be a part of our self-care routines.

I love these fashion terms:

  • Sustainable fashion

  • Slow Fashion

  • Eco-fashion

  • Ethical Fashion

  • Zero Waste fashion

And these are all fashion terms I use and I will continue to use because they represent what fashion for health is. However, I focus more on these terms that are focused on fashion evolution:

  • Healthy fashion

  • Medicinal fashion

  • Spiritual fashion

  • New Age fashion

  • Spa fashion

  • Fashion wellness

We are, as a collective, changing the fashion industry into something more mystical in a modern way. We want to design for the masses, all-things fashion that is sparkling, charming, contemporary, and fun.

The fashion mantras are simple, clear, concise, and modern. They are perfect statements, phrases, affirmations, and mantras to support your fashion lifestyle. Build your fashion printable collection or fashion library archive with the Fashion Mantra printable.

The eight-sheet printable:

Fashion Mantras for Your Modern Lifestyle

The latest fashion trend is fashion printables. Visit the Free Resources page to instantly download the 10-sheet fashion printable. This is a good printable to print and have on hand, as it can be a part of your fashion goals, fashion tools, and fashion printable collection.

These wardrobe-transforming mantras will ease your mind, and they will release stress and anxiety. Sometimes we can have negative thoughts about our way of dress, so I created these mantras/affirmations to help support the mind, body, and spirit.

It is a mini five-card deck that includes each of the five bodies: the mental body, the physical body, the spiritual body, and the energetic body.

There are ancient mantras. A mantra is a phrase or word that you repeat during some form of meditation and spiritual practice. The mantras I picked can be used as affirmations. However, they can be repeated like a mantra to strengthen the mind.

New Age Fashion

We are a part of the spiritual awakening on planet Earth. Connecting with clothing in a deeper way will help support our spiritual Ascension. There are many names to call New Age fashion: spiritual fashion, spa fashion, holistic fashion, healthy fashion, and wholesome fashion. These are all terms to describe what I mean when I say New Age fashion.

It is cool and trendy to be aware and interested in spiritual ascension. A few modern websites that I like, and that talk about spirituality in a cool and modern way, are Mystic Mama (you don’t have to be a mom or female), Mind Body Green, and OmTimes.

What are the benefits of fashion mantras?

  • When we think about the fashion mantras, they create a heightened sense of enlightenment.

  • The mantras bring us into a state of connection with our wardrobe in a new way.

  • The mantras are written in a way that they are supposed to give support, in a way of tranquility and energizing properties.

  • The mantras give us a way to be able to visualize our clothing as a tool, a channel, an outlet, and a way to express ourselves while we are in a state of healing.

Why should I read these mantras?

When we merge our wardrobes, as we go into a state of meditation, we are creating more awareness of our fashion, style, wardrobe, and evolving fashion sense. We all have different types of fashion goals. These mantras/affirmations can be a part of bringing your fashion goals into a state of development. We can use these mantras to influence the rest of our lives.

The Mantra can be a form and fashion practice

We are all fashion practitioners. We practice fashion daily through our wardrobe routine. We dress, and style clothes, and we all have some form of connection towards our wardrobe.

The fashion mantras are empowering and they will inspire your wardrobe and lifestyle. They will also support your healthy wardrobe.

The 5 bodies + the 5 mantras

  • fashion for the mind

  • fashion for the body

  • fashion for the spirit

  • fashion for the energy body

  • fashion for the spirit body

Here is a breakdown of each mantra, and included are photos from the fashion printable. Visit the free resources page to download the fashion printable.

Mantra # 1

Fashion for the mental body

My style is brilliant

 Fashion for the mental body  My style is brilliant

Mantra #2

Fashion for the physical body

My clothing is healthy

Fashion for the physical body  My clothing is healthy

Mantra #3

Fashion for the spiritual body

My style makes my spirit body both energized and tranquil

Fashion for the spiritual body  My style makes my spirit body both energized and tranquil

Mantra #4

Fashion for the emotional body

I create my own style of dress which supports my emotions

Fashion for the emotional body  I create my own style of dress which supports my emotions

Mantra #5

Fashion for the energetic body

My positive wardrobe renews, rejuvenates, and revitalizes my energy body

Fashion for the energetic body  My positive wardrobe renews, rejuvenates, and revitalizes my energy body

More info on holistic ‘spa’ fashion in combination with the mantras:

I developed a few points to make in regard to holistic spa fashion. Spa fashion is like a therapeutic form of dress. In addition to the mantras, these points will explain more of how the fashion mantras will work and help our wardrobe routines.

‘Spa’ therapeutic fashion that will go well with the fashion mantras:

  • Fashion in pursuit of health, wellness and designed as an alternative health remedy.

  • Spa dressing is fashion designs and apparel that are therapeutic, hygienic, energizing, and energy clearing.

  • Fashion and accessories made from plant-based materials are the future for the fashion industry and the future for our wardrobes.

  • Healthy fashion is high fashion for the new age: mystical, magical, and advanced.

To learn more, I speak about the 5 bodies extensively in my new upcoming book: HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS.

To get your copy of the Healthy Fashion: Fashion Mantras printable, visit the Free Resources page. This five-card deck is a part of making fashion fun. This printable will motivate, inspire, and create good vibes in your life. Fashion is fun, magical, and medicinal.


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