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Make Your Life Easier with These 5 Top Clothing Care Hacks

Make Your Life Easier with These 5 Top Clothing Care Hacks

Clothing Care Hacks

The clothing care hacks below, are a few hacks that I use regularly. They have saved me time, money, and energy.

Whether you are a fashion consumer or a fashion industry professional, these clothing care hacks will work great for your wardrobe and fashion business. I am sure these clothing care hacks will help you, as much as they help me!


1. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove odors from fabric

I cannot stand odors in fabrics. I especially do not like it when I shop for thrift items and they smell like smoke or strong scents from laundry detergents. I need my clothing to be hypoallergenic, otherwise these types of strong-smelling, detergents will irritate my skin with rashes, and the scent will get into my lungs.

Also, I do not like the film that is left on fabrics from dryer sheets. I don't use dryer sheets, however, if I go to the laundromat, the person who previously used the dryer may have used laundry sheets. So, the residue is in the dryer. Or, if I buy thrift clothing items, the person may have used dryer sheets. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda added in the laundry will remove strong odors, and clean the fabrics. I add baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide in the bottom of the empty laundry washing machine, along with my laundry detergent.


Photo credit: Walmart

2. Steamer

It is sometimes a pain to use an iron board and iron. A steamer is much easier, and faster to use, and can be a replacement for most clothing items. I love steaming clothes. The steam is very gentle to the fabrics. The only thing is to keep your hands away from the steam, as the temperature is so hot, it will burn your skin.

The steamer pictured is a handheld one for quick and easy clothing items. If you have a lot of clothes to steam, you may want to get the large steamer with its water tank, hose with a handle attached, and a pole that hangs up the clothing items. I own this handheld steamer. It is a fast steamer and I love it, however, I am looking to get a large, more industrial-like steamer soon.


Photo credit: Amazon

3. Janie Stick Spot Cleaner

Oil and grease stains are very hard to remove. I have used the Janie stick with success. It will remove most oil, grease, and dairy-based stains that laundry detergents and other stain removers cannot. A lot of clothing goes to waste because of these types of stains. It is made of 100% natural clay, and the clay absorbs the oil stain within minutes.


Photo credit: Smith's Food and Drug

4. Nail polish remover to clean sneakers

Nail polish works great to remove dirt from shoes. It especially works on white rubber soles. Shoes usually have to be thrown out when the white rubber looks too dirty. Nail polish remover makes them look like new.


Photo credit: Texlon

5. Adding a dry towel

If you add a dry towel to your load of laundry, in the dryer, the towel will absorb the moisture. It will make the clothes dry faster. I have often found that if I have wet towels in the dryer, they will stay wet until the very end of the drying time, as they absorb the water from the clothes. If you put a dry towel in the dryer, it will make your laundry load dry very quickly.


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