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HEALTHY FASHION: My Fashion Business Relaunch

The HEALTHY FASHION Blog + Fashion Business Relaunch

The relaunch of HEALTHY FASHION

I am Alyssa Couture: founder//owner of HEALTHY FASHION CAMPAIGN. Welcome to my new fashion site. I am a fashion entrepreneur and a fashion author of my new, upcoming fashion book HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS. It addresses fashion for human health. More news about that soon!

I am happy to announce the relaunch of HFC. Check out the rest of my blog posts: I have posted fashion articles on current fashion news, fresh content on fashion for health, and advanced fashion methods and fashion solutions to create a healthy fashion industry.

What is HEALTHY FASHION about?

HEALTHY FASHION is my fashion campaign + fashion business. I create awareness about fashion for human health. I broadcast supportive, interesting content on fashion for people.

I write content on why fashion and style are so important, and how fashion can help support our mind, body, and spirit.

Healthy fashion is important because it is apparel designed and made to medically support the wearer in a medicinal way. Healthy fashion moves beyond mainstream and eco-fashion. Healthy fashion-- fashion for human health is a new kind of fashion technology and alternative health remedy.

HFC provides solutions for a healthier industry

You will find several important topics on the HFC website:

  • fashion industry news

  • fashion trends for men + women

  • fashion for health methods

  • fashion + ascensions

  • fashion for health tips

+ more

Healthy fashion design and apparel help support the health of the planet. My work, however, is not focused on the environment, but on fashion that has the ability to cure, heal, and therapeutically support the wearer. HFC is taking fashion into a realm of a new perspective in hopes to create a shift in consciousness.

As we wear healthy clothing, it not only helps our mind/body/spirit-- it contributes and naturally extends itself into building a healthier environment and a healthy, sustainable fashion industry.

This site is still in progress, please check back in the future for updates and new information.


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