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Meet The Founder of Healthy Fashion

Meet The Founder of Healthy Fashion

About Alyssa Couture: fashion author + fashion entrepreneur

If you are interested in learning more about me-- the Founder and Owner of Healthy Fashion, check out my short biography:

Alyssa Couture is a fashion author, fashion entrepreneur, fashion industry expert, and fashion intuitive. She feels fashion is a spiritual opportunity. She claims the existence of fashion can be interpreted and experienced with a deeper purpose; Fashion as an alternative medicine for mind/body/spirit.

Her sole motive is to bring fashion into its course as a therapeutic, healing tool. To awaken the consciousness of the human spirit via fashion into its transmission of divine activity for overall human wellbeing and ultimate planetary awakening.

She had founded 3 small businesses, only one of which she is currently producing. The sole business she is currently focused on is her fashion campaign HEALTHY FASHION: Creating innovative solutions for a healthier kind of fashion. It’s a platform to raise awareness of the health effects of apparel.

Healthy Fashion discloses important, relative content to revamp fashion for a healthier planet, but above all, it serves for the health and livelihood of humans. It is to empower and preserve Earth, humans, and plant life.

Her second business which is currently not in production was her plant-based, ultra-modern womenswear brand ALTERNATIVE FASHION: The collections are nature-based yet urban-inspired looks that are fresh, chic, and comfortable. Alternative Fashion was founded, produced, and designed by Alyssa.

Her handmade line proved to be a success when she was a selected participant and entered in “Saks 5th Avenue’s Emerging Designer Showcase” in 2016 as well as being showcased at 6 select fashion shows. Her product sold online, at shops, and local events.

Lastly, her third business was ALTERNATIVE FASHION MEDIA: A news site offering trends, reports, fashion news, and events. Alternative Fashion Media was about the cutting-edge of style while merging art, fashion, and a conscious lifestyle. She created and produced a fabulous fashion show: ALTERNATIVE FASHION 2014. It was filmed and broadcasted on the MPTV channel.

Alyssa received formal education at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, majoring in fashion design. She’s been pretty adventurous in the pursuit of acquiring knowledge and wisdom of all things pertaining to fashion.

Her personality proved to be a bit restless in terms of experiencing the value of attaining multiple fashion roles established overtime which offered as a benefit to being a multi-purpose fashion entrepreneur.

Alyssa has over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of the fashion industry, some of which include fashion business, fashion design, fashion journalism, fashion show production, creative directing, styling, visual merchandising business, and fashion show event production. The roles have also functioned to incorporate a universal element to her work and life skills.

Alyssa has participated in over a dozen+ written interviews as an interviewee on behalf of her eco brand and as a guest blogger writing informational content articles about fashion for health and eco-fashion. Alyssa has publicly spoken on behalf of her work at various pop-up shops, podcasts, and live events.

Apart from fashion, Alyssa has delved into the creative arts with a background in painting and illustration. Alyssa was Artist/Illustrator of 2 published works: Sue Singleton’s “9 Simple Laws to Create Joy and Grace”, and Elizabeth Foley’s “Nature Spirits Oracle Cards”. In addition, Alyssa created a series of channeled angel paintings.

Alyssa’s interest in food and health lead her to her Kitchen Manager role at a meditation retreat with 5-star reviews as Chef. Health and nutrition have played an important role in her life, having studied health and herbalism for 10 years.

Additionally, she has spent many years studying alternative health, herbalism, and nutrition, and the celebratory works of her favorite herbalist’s Hanna Kroeger and Jethro Kloss. These esoteric and health-related fields of interest parallel with her interest in pursuing fashion for health.

Alyssa has lived and worked in NH, NYC, New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, and her most favored and current location: California. Her love of travel has given her the opportunity to explore different cultures and influence her outlook.

Alyssa has always been interested in all-universal spiritual traditions having lived and worked at several different Buddhist and Eastern Indian ashrams and monasteries. She chose to engage in this type of lifestyle in support of her meditation and yoga practice, yoga being both a science and spiritual activity. This prompted the revealed importance of fashion utilized for comfort and its spiritual standing.

Alyssa specializes in the healing arts, metaphysics, and alternative medicine, all of which are complementary to her fashion work. It has given her outlook a much greater depth which prompted the need to write Healthy Fashion.

She is currently working on promoting her upcoming soon-to-be-released fashion book. The book establishes an alternative, modern approach to clothing; Fashion deemed medicinal.


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