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Q+A: Current Techwear and the Future of Fashion Techwear

Q+A: Current Techwear and the Future of Fashion Techwear

1. What are the dangers of wearable tech?

There are dangers of wearable tech. We can wear wearable tech if the types of materials we use to produce them improve. I don’t wear techwear, but a lot of the time I feel because I work on my cellphone and laptop, I am in contact with the tech materials a lot, and it feels like I am wearing wearable tech. I can feel a burning sensation emitting off the computer or cell phone, and that symptom is negative. Several reports were found that EMF’s creates oxidative stress in many tissues of the body.

I think it is better to have less contact with these types of materials that are found in wearable tech, yet it might not be possible for many due to the types of work people have. I personally feel like electronics drain my energy. A computer monitor and a separate keyboard are better than laying hands and arms on the laptop and its materials, but I do travel, so a laptop is what I use. I try to recharge and cleanse my body with nature in order to release some of the electronics’ electrical circuits and EMFs that I am in contact with.

As for wearable tech-- there are two kinds of wearable tech also named techwear. The first type is medical-based techwear like heart monitors, and the second type is fashion accessory techwear. I think our bodies have the ability to adapt to these kinds of materials, however, I think they can be improved and made with healthier types of materials.

Our body is already made up of electrical currents, and the elements of our body create a unique electrical current. Additionally, the body’s meridian lines and chakras all have specific energy current flow patterns. The techwear can disrupt these currents. When we wear these wearables-- they may disrupt the currents of energy within us because body electricity has its own unique electrical current pattern.

Techwear is also known to be carcinogenic, like the RFID microchips found near our clothing labels. Microchips have been tested and found they may cause illness and cancer. Companies are embedding electronics and software in clothing tags, shoes, clothing, and jewelry.

Many people are electro-sensitive and EMF-sensitive. We can physically and mentally feel the effects of these products much more easily than others that don’t have the ability to sense it.

I believe in the future we are not going to be so focused on using electricity to be able to operate our electronics. We will be using new ways and new types of materials and Earth’s elements to operate our electronics and techwear. Once this happens, wearing tech will not harm or threaten the body and mind.

Until then, there is a lot of disease on this planet, and the body is made up of elements, we are not made up like a robot, so we do have to be aware of the kinds of materials we are putting on our body.

2. Many fashion brands are now saying that wearing clothing with nanotech that allows you to trace the fibres in their garments is somehow sustainable. Which kinds of claims have you heard?

Many companies are adding a type of microchip into their fabrics and tags are sewn in next to the product’s labels. I think it is one thing to have a clothing tag that is attached to the garment, and is taken off after or at the time of purchase, yet there are still a lot of negative things that can occur when we use this type of RFID technology for tracking/information purposes. It is important for people to be able to learn and understand where their clothes are from and how they are made, yet embedding microchips into fabrics for various purposes does not support the wearer. Microchips are generally carcinogenic.

They are also adding QR codes on garment tags. Is it sustainable? Many people say that QR codes and bar codes are “the mark of the beast” and are used for purposes of control. Bar codes are a collection of lines and numbers printed on a product’s package. My favorite author, Hanna Kroger-- the master healer and herbalist, now deceased, was the ‘grandmother of health.’ She sold health products worldwide (and her family continues to, to this day.) On every package produced, she printed the infinity symbol right directly above the bar codes on her products. The infinity symbol is a positive symbol that is supposed to neutralize the negative effects of the bar code.

3. Why do you think these claims are 'greenwashing'?

Many of the nanotech materials that are found in fibers and on fabrics, most of them are “micro” yet they can affect the world negatively overall. These materials, whether synthetic or natural, can spread very easily, affecting the ecosystem in various ways. Additionally, most microchips used in the fashion industry are not biodegradable, they cannot break down.

4. Since the pandemic, more and more fashion brands are using machines and/or robots to create their fashion. Do you consider this 'ethical' fashion? Why or why not?

There needs to be more development for underdeveloped countries, and advancing the garment industry will be a large part of making that happen. I think if a robot or machine can lessen some of the serious labor that garment workers have to go through, but they can still have a garment manufacturing job and help make the clothes, it might help. However, having a bunch of robots take over the manufacturing industry is not ethical and it will not economically help the underdeveloped communities. It won’t work because we need to develop machines and technology that will support our fashion industry workers, and not take their jobs away. I feel that all countries need to advance as societies, and using technology is important, but there needs to be a balance. There is also a lack of spirit when AI and robots take over, there’s artificial negativity about it.

5. What about AI? Many fashion brands are using this now to forecast fashion markets. Could this be sustainable in any way?

I think AI can be used to benefit the planet, however, I have had some experiences that make me understand AI is not healthy. For example, computer trolling or computer bots. When people use technology to try to get ahead in a false way, it backfires. Many AI programs that are fashion forecasting are creating hybrid clothing. They see what is selling and then they blend together what else is selling to keep the products selling. The clothing design then becomes an artificial mutation. We want an advanced, evolutionary design, not a mutation.

At this point, I believe that we have to get back to ancient technology, and ancient technology is not artificial, it is sourced from the Great Spirit, or the “light”. Ancient technology involves advanced methods for creating collective trends in a multidimensional way. So fashion forecasting is good when we can use our modern intuition to create and grow the collective trends for the season.

6. Is there any kind of wearable tech you would recommend?

At this point, our bodies can adapt to what we need for the most part. If there is a piece of wearable tech that people are interested in, and they want to wear it, then that is ok, but we want to look at healthier wearable tech in the future. The medical-based wearable tech, is the type of wearable tech I recommend if it is necessary. For example, some people are dependent on medical techwear, like wearable ECG monitors and wearable blood-pressure monitors.

7. What are your final thoughts on the relationship between technology and fashion?

In order to have a healthy relationship between technology and fashion, there are specific materials we should look into when we choose wearable tech.

Listed below are 4 inventions made by Hanna Kroeger, a master healer. The types of wearable technology products listed are for the modern, new age, spiritual kind of people. They are ancient wearable technology. Soon we may even have an energy current with safer, non-EMF materials that can get us connected and will be used to make wearable sensors and monitors, too.

  1. Pendulum necklaces in sterling silver-- dowsing is a spiritual divination tool. It can give the answers to questions we ask by our higher self and Great Spirit.

  2. Body Magnet Kits: wearing magnets will balance the magnetic poles in humans. They work with a human’s biomagnetic energy.

  3. The Soma Board Food Energizer-- is not wearable, however, the technology is amazing, and we can be inspired by it and make it into jewelry or added to accessories. Inside the box (the Soma Board) is a combination of minerals, herbs, and pyramid technology that dissolve chemical residues in food, and can also dissolve the chemical residue in the body.

  4. The Native American pouch. This is modern, ancient technology. We can keep a small pouch full of things like herbs, seeds, crystals, chimes, and anything that will support the physical, mental, emotional, and energy body.

These are just a few examples of ancient modern wearable tech, and they are part of the future of “wearable tech.” I feel like we have so many different types of materials we can use, like sacred geometry, copper, crystals, and other elements of the Earth that can be turned into a form of wearable tech that will truly advance our life and planet. This type of technology will surpass some of the artificial materials that are being used to create some of the current techwear that still needs to be more developed and improved. There are ancient civilizations and ancestors that will help us design and produce modern, ancient technology for today.



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