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The Power of Awareness, Gold, Myrrh, and The Four Elements in Fashion

In this post, I am going to be sharing with you quotes from one of my favorite books, "Pearls of Wisdom" by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. These quotes specifically and symbolically talk about fashion. The quotes I am quoting from the book are not complete quotes. I have omitted words from the quotes. I explain in detail what these quotes mean in regard to healthy fashion.

There are four specific concepts of fashion that the quotes are about: fashion and conscious awareness, fashion and spiritual protection, fashion and the four elements (spiritual alchemy), fashion and beauty (spiritual jewelry and perfume), and fashion and crystals (accessories). We can use fashion for energy, mindfulness, balance, and self-care.

I recently read “Pearls of Wisdom”, and I noted some of the quotes in my notebook because apart from the library book, I couldn’t find it in print elsewhere. I could only find it in the library, so I wanted to make sure I took notes. You may be able to find it on the internet, but it is a dictation book from 1976, and it is called "Pearls of Wisdom" by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Prophet. The book is at the Central San Diego Library if you want to read it. “Pearls of Wisdom, Malibu, Calif. : Summit Univ. Pr., 1977.

I cannot find the specific book online, if you are interested, you can go check out the author’s other books Summit Lighthouse is selling. Spiritual Books by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet Both Elizabeth and Mark Prophet are no longer living. Mark Prophet has published 108+ books, and they are shown on Goodreads! Elizabeth Prophet has 239 books shown on Goodreads! These books expose the secrets of the universe. I have known about their work for years and I just finally started reading their books.

One thing I noticed in their book is that they indirectly talk a lot about fashion and they use words like "wear, cloak, and garment." The book is a spiritual book. There are a few specific quotes (others that I will eventually talk about in future blog posts).

I wanted to mention Elizabeth Clare Prophet was a fashion icon. If you google search for her name and look through the images, you can see that her outfits were stylish but also spiritual too.

The three books by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet that I have read are:

  • The Soulless One: Cloning A Counterfeit Creation by Mark Prophet

  • Pearls of Wisdom by Mark & Elizabeth Prophet

  • Corona Class Lessons by Elizabeth Prophet

Some of these quotes I have listed below are symbolic; they do not specifically talk about fashion, yet they use fashion and beauty terms.

The five quotes I will be mentioning are about

  • Fashion and conscious awareness

  • Fashion and spiritual protection

  • Fashion and the four elements (spiritual alchemy)

  • Fashion and beauty (spiritual jewelry and perfume)

  • Fashion and crystals (accessories)

I've chosen to talk about these specific quotes from Elizabeth and Mark Prophet’s book because they show that fashion is much deeper than how we are presently perceiving fashion. For those who live an especially spiritual lifestyle, these quotes are definitely going to be something you're interested in. In order to develop our wardrobes and in order for companies to become more healthy, we have to look at our fashions in a spiritual way.

The 5 quotes from Pearls of Wisdom

Fashion and conscious awareness

"...all is of truth and there has not been a wrinkle upon the garment of being, of awareness…" - Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Wisdom

This quote is more symbolic, yet it talks about awareness. Having wrinkle-free clothes is a symbol of purity. (This is symbolic; however, I feel wrinkles in clothing are natural.) Yet the awareness of our being is pure and wrinkle-free. I think that is a beautiful quote.

I personally have not always been awake. I am still not always conscious. But, I know I can use fashion to become more awake. I can use fashion as a tool to help me be aware.

Fashion and spiritual protection

"...your own beloved I AM presence walking the earth in the temple which you wear? - Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Wisdom

This quote is also symbolic because "the temple which you wear”, could mean several things. It could mean we are wearing the I AM presence, and the human body could also be the temple, as well as the clothing that we wear could be the temple. I believe the “temple which you wear” is spiritual protection. For example, in ancient times in Europe, they would design clothing to imitate the temples and churches, and this was because they wanted to seal the light force within their bodies. When you go to the church, or "temple," it is full of light, and the temple is the protection, sealing in the light within the church.

Fashion and the four elements (Spiritual Alchemy)

" have become air, fire, water, and earth, and there has been the alchemical resolution…" -Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Wisdom

I speak about fashion and the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth in my book Healthy Fashion. I have said that there is specific alchemy when we dress in the four elements, and this quote, says that there is a four element “alchemical resolution” when “we have become air, fire, water, and earth”. I don't specifically say in my book Healthy Fashion—that we will become air, fire, and water, earth, but I do say that wearing four element clothing represents becoming air, fire, water, and earth for spiritual alchemy. This is really interesting and how we have to "become" air, fire, water, and earth, and I agree. I think our 5 bodies (mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual) have to become the four elements, and clothing is a part of that.

Fashion and beauty (spiritual jewelry and perfume)

"...the third eye and the crown with gold and frankincense and myrrh..." - Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Wisdom

This quote specifically talks about gold and frankincense and myrrh helping the energy body with the chakras; the third eye, throat chakra, crown chakra, etc. I love the idea of using essential oils for perfumes instead of chemical perfumes.

Perfumes and fragrances are a powerful part of fashion. Myrrh is a medicinal herb and is used as a perfume. Aromatherapy and herbalism are important parts of healthy fashion. Gold is known to help heal wounds and infections. You can wear frankincense and myrrh essential oils, and/or you can burn the incense on your clothing. Types of metals like gold help the body and have healing properties. Gold is also used in cosmetics, for skin, and for anti-aging.

Fashion and crystal accessories

"... send forth the sapphire of light, send forth the amethyst crystal…" -Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Wisdom

This quote speaks about the human body beaming with crystal energy light and using this crystal energy like a beam that goes forth and helps to heal the planet and other humans. Wearing crystals, whether it is jewelry, added to textile pigments and threads and fabrics, or worn as an accessory, is healthy fashion. Jewelry and gemstones are energy medicine and they help with the five bodies: the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body, the spiritual body, and the energetic body.

There is an alternative healing and holistic therapy called crystal healing or crystal therapy. To cleanse crystals, put them in a bowl of sea salt for a few minutes. I learned about that from Hanna Kroeger's book, "Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health." It really works very quickly and is easier than putting it in water, digging and putting it under the soil, or under the moonlight, but those are also other great ways to cleanse crystals.

Final Note

We need more healthy, creative, holy spiritual fashion. We need more conscious awareness in regard to how we perceive clothing. We need to wear the earth’s elements to create spiritual "alchemy". We need to wear the elements of the earth, gold, herbs, and crystals. We need to be spiritually protected and know that our garments are protecting us. Our temple and our garments are part of the temple too.

Part of my plans and goals for the healthy fashion campaign is to talk about fashion in a spiritual way. I want the industry to be able to market fashion in a more spiritual way as well. I want fashion consumers to wear "spiritual" fashion. When we perceive fashion in a spiritual way, we are activating the consciousness of fashion and the consciousness of spiritual fashion.

It is part of spiritual healing to wear these healthy fashions and use healthy beauty products. As an energy healer and fashion entrepreneur, I recognize that fashion has become more spiritual and holistic, and I consider myself a healthy fashion practitioner. Part of the solution to making the fashion industry healthier is to produce spiritual fashion and activate the consciousness of spiritual fashion.

If you are interested in spirituality, I recommend Pearls of Wisdom. It might not be in print anymore, but they have another book called Pearls of Wisdom that might be the same or similar: Pearls of Wisdom: Teachings of the Ascended Masters Dictated to the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

If you are interested in reading more articles about fashion and spirituality, check out this article: "How Can Modern Fashion Businesses Be More Spiritual?"



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