5 Fast + Easy + Cheap Eco-Fashion Gifts to Make for the Holidays

5 Fast + Easy + Cheap Eco-Fashion Gifts to Make for the Holidays

Handmade holiday gifts

The holiday season can be really stressful, especially when you have a lot of things happening. These DIY fashion gifts are great ideas for when you don't have a lot of time but you want to give people something special-- but don't want to spend a lot of money either.

I have curated 5 fashion gifts that you can make on your own. I have also included shops that sell natural and eco-materials. If you are running out of time, and you can't buy your materials online from small businesses, I included corporate companies that carry these material items.

You may wonder why I support mainstream companies. I support mass-market companies, for one, because they have kept people (the poor and middle class, especially) alive. The majority of the population can afford mass-market products. Also, there is nothing like going into a store and shopping.

People need to shop in physical stores too, it is like therapy. These large retailer stores like Target, Walmart, and TJ MAXX are giving people a product they can afford, and a lot of space to walk around and "shop therapy." It is the experience people get when they go into a store and can see and touch everything. I love online shopping, but I also love visiting stores and window shopping.

5 fast, easy, cheap fashion gifts to make for the holidays:

Photo: Los Angeles Apparel

1. Masks

Before I get into the mask ideas, I have a little fashion news about a company I want to share. The photo above are masks made by LA APPAREL. They have made over 10 million masks. 80% of the masks produced were made for the government. I personally love their apparel product, they are a very modern and trendy company. I am going to be showcasing their fleece teeshirt soon, and some of their other fashions. They have produced so much plant-based fashion--comfortable, athleisure-like styles.

Los Angeles apparel had over 375 coronavirus cases and 4 deaths. This was not good, but this company has over 2,290 employees. The problem is, I don't believe Mr. Charney, the founder of Los Angeles apparel is to blame. Los Angeles, as a whole, has had a high coronavirus outbreak. Also, I think they were trying to do a good thing, and save millions of lives, because they made over 10 million masks! They have probably saved many lives.

Fabrics I would personally use to make the masks are organic, plant-based fabrics with plant-dyes, or low-impact dyes, or undyed fabric. You could also use the surgeon's medical-grade mask fabric. This material is designed in an ergonomic way. They really are not that disposable. You can hand-wash the disposable surgeon-mask fabric with hand sanitizer, and/or soap and water.

80% of the fabric masks produced, I personally would not wear. Most fabrics, in general, are fine, but people are breathing in all kinds of fibers, microfibers, chemicals, dyes, and synthetic detergents etcetera, which may not be healthy. For example, it is true that there are sunglasses currently produced and sold made with a type of plastic that is toxic.

Companies are putting warning labels on their products, saying that they are "carcinogenic and could cause cancer and be a hazard." So we cannot believe that all fashion products are safe to wear. There are signs being put up in the retail shops, stating "Warning: this product may cause cancer or reproductive harm."

Mask ideas

  • tie wrap mask

  • scarf-like mask

  • bandana-style mask

  • neck warmers-- tube mask

Where to shop?

All fabric stores

Photo: Etsy

2. Tassel accessory key chains

These key chain tassels are for both men and women. They can be added to a backpack, luggage, purse, or another accessory. They can be added to keychains and other accessories too. The tassel shown above is from DEBROSSE NYC.

These charm tassels are really cute, and they can be made in many different types of materials like chording, faux leather, embroidery thread, gold metallic yarns, and other materials like metal hardware and beads.

Another key chain idea: this leather key chain accessory by CUYANA is modern and trendy. It has two, black leather fringe tassels and a little leather tag attached to it. You can engrave or embroider something on the tag. A tassel keychain with two tassels is an adorable key chain idea. Another example: A set of 5 tassel key chains in multiple colors Like HAUTE PINK FLUFF'S tassel.

To make your keychains extra modern you could add:

  • geometric beads (like the one shown above)

  • Swarovski crystals

  • prism crystals

There are really not enough people carrying around weapons. People can be attacked at any time, and need to feel protected and safe. You could always add a cute can of pepper spray or a mini pocket knife to the key chain. They also have cute mini flashlights at the Dollar Tree.

A few other things to add to create a modern + stylish tassel key chain:

  • pom poms

  • dog tags

  • braids

  • macrame

  • charms

  • wood materials

Where to shop?

Fabrics stores, Hobby Lobby, Target, Michaels

Photo: Anthropologie

3. Botanical perfume rollers // essential oil perfumes

Many are very sensitive to chemicals, and they use essential oils as an alternative to perfume. I would like to make my own perfume with botanicals. The synthetic chemicals and added synthetic fragrance in the synthetic perfumes sold can be irritating to my skin and lungs.

Essential oil perfumes are not that expensive to make. Large bottles of essential oil can be bought at Walmart or TJMAXX, or any small business online! You only need to add a few drops to the roller or spray bottle. (20-40 drops or so, it depends on how strong you want it.)

For the blended-oil-infusions: jojoba oil and rosehip oil can be added to the bottle, or just add water and alcohol. HELLO GLOW has all-natural men's botanical cologne scents for men, and she explains how to make them. Using natural botanicals and herbs makes the scent become more healthy, inspiring, and makes the person feel good emotionally.

I personally like a blend of pine, cedarwood, and anise seed for men. I have an all-natural odor eliminator spray, and they used this herbal blend. I love spraying it in the air and around me because it has a strong masculine scent to it (but it doesn't keep me smelling like a man because it is an odor eliminator spray).

You can add a few things to the perfume and cologne roller or spray bottles:

  • gemstone chips: like rose quartz + jade

  • dried flowers: like rosebud + lavender

  • herbs: like mint + rosemary

One great idea is to buy vintage perfume and cologne bottles at thrift stores. Additionally, natural food stores have cheap little glass bottles for DIY beauty and hygiene products. You can use either the glass roll-on bottles for essential oil and oil blended perfumes, and/or a perfume/cologne made with alcohol in a spray bottle.