Fashion for Self-Care + the Power of Therapeutic Fashion

The power of therapeutic fashion

In this article, you will learn about the power of therapeutic fashion, and how fashion for self-care will grow people's personal wardrobes, as well as people's fashion businesses.

I am a fashion author, and I am also a dedicated healthy fashion practitioner, and I am dedicated to the topic of healthy fashion: fashion deemed medicinal. So, you will learn so much in my past, current, and future blog post articles about healthy fashion. You will learn even so much more in my upcoming HEALTHY FASHION BOOK, which will be released in November 2021. Pre-orders will be available in a few months, so stay tuned!

The 2 examples of fashion for self-care

I am going to share with you an example of a therapeutic garment that supports your own self-care. The first example I am going to talk about is a specific garment type that gives positive, therapeutic energy to the wearer and to the passersby.

I am also going to talk a little bit more about my free 5-sheet printable: the FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER, and how it supports a person's wellbeing. I am going to talk about page 4 specifically from the 5-sheet printable FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER, and how it will support your self-care.

"When we care about the entire picture of fashion, we naturally choose fashions made for our own health."

Healthy fashion and the wellness trend for men + women won't go anywhere, anytime soon. Part of this is because we are currently part of the New Age and Spiritual Awakening on planet Earth. Another reason-- the coronavirus has definitely made us dress more comfortably. Fashion for self-care is comfortable fashion.

Many people are dressing and shopping for loungewear, athleisure, and activewear clothing. These fashion styles are therapeutic because they are comfortable to wear. A lot of fashion brands and retailers create extra comfortable fashion. These are the types of garments we should be influenced by, and these are the type of garments we should wear.

A self-care fashion example: sparkling garments

If we look at the beauty and hygiene industry trends-- many beauty and hygiene brands create a product that supports the health and wellness of a person's mind, body, and spirit. I believe the future of the fashion industry will be more and more like the beauty and hygiene brands that are making therapeutic beauty products.

For example, the beauty and hygiene industry is incorporating glitter, crushed gold powder, crushed crystals, crushed shimmering mica, and other healthy glittering materials. Sparkling materials also add positivity, as the sparkles and glitter naturally make people feel happy.

When we think of fashion as a therapy, we might not think of glow, shimmer, sparkle as a part of fashion for self-care, but this is an important example, below, of how shimmering, glittery fashion can make us feel better.

For example, recently, I was working on my computer outdoors, and a woman was walking by. She was wearing a beautiful garment that had small crystal beads sewn onto the garment. There were hundreds of the crystal beads glittering as she moved, and as the fabric flew in the breeze.

The garment sparkled and shimmered like the way Swarovski crystals do. The sunlight was making the crystals glow and shine, and the crystals were creating an emotion that made me refreshed and energized. It felt like it was a spiritual-like garment.

Her garment helped me, the passerby because crystals heal people. Wearing or seeing crystals on garments and accessories can cleanse the body. There are reiki and energy practitioners that use crystals as a tool to heal people. Additionally, many metaphysical shops sell crystals for their therapeutic healing properties.

When crystals are placed on the body-- they energize the body. It is also similar to the way a person is cleansed after a shower or is cleansed after burning sage. Those hanging prisms that you see in windows are not just for decoration-- the prism colors reflecting from it heals the mind, body, and spirit.

The woman's garment is magical and spiritual because crystals are. They are a very important part of healthy fashion-- they have metaphysical properties, and this makes her garment therapeutic.

So, if I were to be wearing garments with shimmering crystals all over them, I would be caring about my health and my wellbeing. The way glittering garments sparkle and flow in the breeze, makes people feel special, angelic and inspired.


There are many different ways to be a healthy fashion practitioner. One way is through fashion journaling. The FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER is a way to learn more about our own fashion style and learn more about fashion in general.

"The FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER printable cohesively connects fashion with our daily life. We can use fashion as a tool to help our daily lives."

When we use the tracker, we are creating different fashion files, and we can refer back to these files. For example, when an outfit was perfect, and you wanted to remember the outfit and wear it again, to feel those happy emotions you had when you wore that specific outfit, the printable will track your outfit.

If you are interested in a fashion journal with prompts that will help your fashion journey, you can download my free FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER, which is a way to practice fashion for self-care: THE FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER download instructions and info about the printable.

A few reasons why fashion for self-care is important:

  • fashion for self-care is a part of one's spiritual journey

  • fashion for self-care heals the mind// body// spirit

  • fashion for self-care creates personal self-growth

  • fashion for self-care supports emotional health

Here, I will list 4 reasons why self-care is important, and how they are all related to page 4 of the FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER.

This is a photo of page 4 from the 5-sheet FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER printable. This is the Fashion//Style Aesthetics sheet:


The 4 fashion/style aesthetic topics + fashion for self-care

  • Enlightenment

  • Health

  • Transition

  • Holistic Trend

1. Fashion for health is a part of one's personal, spiritual journey.

In the Enlightenment section, we can use this section to write down: notes// research// ideas// + inspiring things that involve our fashion as a part of our own personal spiritual journey that is positive and enlightening. Merging our clothes into a spiritual sense is important.

2. Fashion for self-care is a part of healing the mind, body, and spirit

In the Health section, we can use this section to write down notes// research// ideas// + inspiring things that make our fashion or fashion in general, heal the mind, body, and spirit, creating health.

3. Fashion for self-care is a part of personal self-growth

In the Transition section, we can use this section to write down notes// research// ideas// + inspiring things that are about how our wardrobe is always in a transition, and this supports and creates our personal self-growth fashion experiences.

4. Fashion for emotional health

In the Holistic trend section, we can use this section to write down notes// research// ideas// + inspiring things that connect our fashion with our emotional health-- and write down how our emotions connect with fashion trends.

"The FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER allows us to take care of ourselves by writing down our fashion ideas and special fashion experiences."

If you are interested in learning more about the 5-sheet printable, stay tuned. I will be creating a new article on the FASHION JOURNAL TRACKER, giving specific examples for each of the 5 sheets. The new examples I will talk about will also be another form of prompt that will inspire you to fill the printable out in your own unique way, and it will support you, your wardrobe, fashion businesses, and the fashion industry in general.

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