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Healthy Casual Looks for Women + Men

Healthy Casual Looks for Women + Men

Healthy Casual Looks

I have styled 2 trending looks for your healthy wardrobe inspiration: 1 look for women, and 1 look for men. These looks are for the end of the summer season and are made to inspire. They are casual, athleisure, sporty, and fun.

Included below, I write the details that make these garments luxuriously healthy. These fashions are comfortable and designed with high aesthetic appeal, making them healthy fashions.

One of my specific blog categories will feature blog articles about trending healthy looks that are healthy for the body, mind, and spirit. I am developing this blog topic category of specific, healthy outfits, and fashions, because it is often sometimes challenging to find stylish healthy fashion made with mostly plant-based fibers, that are ergonomic and designed for the mind/body/spirit. So this blog category will be a great reference and resource for those who are looking for-- and shopping for healthy fashion.


1. H&M cropped white camisole

This H&M camisole is made with 95% cotton, 5% spandex. This is the perfect cropped camisole, that works well with cropped sweatshirts and jackets. The square neckline is sleek and minimal. The cut of the camisole is very chic. Paired with a sweatshirt, it is a good layering piece, to wear under clothes that need a fitted garment underneath.

2. Live In Cool cropped sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is made with 100% cotton. The sweatshirt fabric is lightweight, and great for all seasons. It has a great cut and feminine look to it.

3. Modesens terry shorts

These terry cloth shorts and their colors have a soft, soothing look to them. They are also really refreshing and fun with the 3 pastel colors. Terry cloth is a great fabric to wear when your skin wants some extra support, as the loops of the knitted fabric make it therapeutically cushioned. It is also a great fabric to wear in hot weather, as the sweat easily absorbs and dries in the fabric.

4. Nike Zoom Hyperace 2

I love this sneaker style. I am always looking for a modern-looking sneaker sole, this is one of them. The white fabric color against the black makes the look very refreshing and stylish. These sneakers are ergonomic. They are designed and built to support your health. They keep the weight off the body, making the body feel lighter as the cushion of the sole is springy.


1. Naked & Famous crewneck sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is made with 100% Japanese cotton terry. I love the reversed sweatshirt fashion design and look of it. I think they add great stylish detail to the garment. It makes it look cool and interesting. This grey color is sporty and fresh.

2. Levi’s cotton tee shirt

This tee shirt is made with 100% cotton. The color palette; the pink, red, and blue colors give off a fun, urban aesthetic. I think men should wear pink more. It is not just a color for women.

3. H&M French terry knit shorts

These French terry shorts are made with 100% cotton. The cut has a great tapered cut within the design. They are shorter than typical men’s shorts. Terry cloth is a great fabric for the summertime, as they keep the sweat off the skin, and are breathable. These shorts are slightly rolled up at the hem. I think this hem roll detail gives the look a cozy aesthetic.

4. Adidas Sneakers

I love these Adidas sneakers. Grey shoes are trending, and they are a great neutral color for shoes. This Adidas sneaker is pretty classic, clean, this gives the look a relaxed effect. They look comfy, yet are conservative.

Stay tuned for more healthy apparel ideas and inspiration!


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