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Big Trends This Spring/Summer 2021 From Nordstrom Rack To Know

Big Trends This Spring/Summer 2021 From Nordstrom Rack To Know

About Nordstrom: A Brief History

Nordstrom Rack is a chain department retail store. It was founded by Swedish-born John W. Nordstrom, headquartered in Washington, DC. Mr. Nordstrom was initially a miner. The first Nordstrom store he opened with his business partner, Wallin, was in 1901. It was named Wallin & Nordstrom.

Wallin was the largest shoe store in the country, in 1960. The store then turned into a women’s apparel + shoe store in 1963, named Nordstrom’s Best. In 1966, they added men’s and children’s wear.

In 1973, the first Nordstrom Rack was originally located in the clearance center of their downtown Seattle store. In 1968, the Nordstrom brothers gave their company to their adult children. They have 124 brick-and-mortar clearance stores, and 100 Nordstrom stores worldwide.

I love Nordstrom, and their off-price division store: Nordstrom Rack. I love to get to know more of their in-house brands and get to know more of the external brands they carry. Nordstrom Rack is cheaper than their Nordstrom store-- because they stock overstocked items in their Nordstrom Rack store. They also produce cheaper items exclusively for their Rack store.

Nordstrom Rack has more sales, deals, and a premium selection of discounted designer goods, and overstock items than their regular Nordstrom store. They are the “off-price” division of Nordstrom. They carry thousands of styles. It is always fun to feel I am getting a product for a great deal. You can find contemporary and designer fashion prices their up to 70% off. It is partially like an outlet store.

The great thing about Nordstrom is they carry their in-house brands as well as other independent brands. I love to learn and find new brands when I shop there. This post is more about the big trends I have recently seen there for Spring/Summer 2021. So I talk about the specific fashion trends the store is currently carrying. I have selected seven womenswear garments and eight menswear garments, that show the trend.

If you want to treat yourself, I will recommend taking a visit to Nordstrom Rack, to shop or window shop there. Nordstrom rack is fun, and their brands make me happy.

"The design details of Nordstrom apparel are progressive, the silhouettes are innovative, the colors and materials are fresh."

What I saw and love at Nordstrom Rack

I went shopping at Nordstrom Rack at their La Jolla, California, location. I was inspired by many of their brand and designer apparel. So, I started to document several of their pieces from the store that I know are interesting trends for this season and the upcoming season, and I am going to share them with you.

When I go to Nordstrom Rack, I visit for fashion inspiration. I also visit because many of the garment’s prices are reasonable. It always feels like a fashion celebration. They have a vibe that celebrates fashion with all of its glitter, glam, and confetti. I visit both to go shopping and to window shop.

The creative fashion ideas that are connected with Nordstrom’s in-house brands-- their high fashion ready-to-wear and contemporary wear, make Nordstrom special. They have a great sense of fashion, and fashion taste. The clothing is very high fashion. It is amazing to see all the brilliant fashion being produced. I would like to see more plant-based fashion, however.

I found so many must-have stylish pieces. I found garments that all of you fashion pioneers would like, too. The hand-feel of the cotton fabrics at their store made me realize that they many carry eco-luxe fabrics. All the garments listed below are practical, yet are elevated looks.

In the future, I will be posting more different fashion style-genres of clothing and more by style type, but, in this post, I will be sharing a few of my favorite fashion style types that I like to post, which are: activewear, athleisure, minimalism, loungewear, etc. I love comfortable, trendy day-wear clothing. Additionally, the trends and garments listed below are ergonomic, trendy, healing, healthy, and mostly plant-based.

A Shoppable Guide

You can shop the garments listed below. I have linked all of the titled names of each piece. Each of these items are futuristic, I believe these brands are very in-season, and when you visit Nordstrom, you experience high-tech shopping.

All the Nordstrom Rack garments I have listed below are made with cotton fabrics, except for the one polyester garment, the women’s windbreaker at the top of the list.

My shoppable style guides are a part of creating healthy fashion brand awareness.

It is good to know, that many brands that are 'mainstream' practice sustainability, yet they don’t label themselves a sustainable brand. There are a lot of good things most brands do to help the world.

Nordstrom’s e-commerce store is great because they have a category filter where you can shop by the categories. One of them is the 'material' category. I mostly wear all cotton and linen fabrics for my base layers. So, to be able to filter out the other fabrics helps a lot. Also, it is great for plant-based designers and sustainable designers that need to do technical design research. For example, finding a specific cotton fabric type works well in a specific fashion silhouette.

"Trends are the 'keys' to fashion in many ways."

Current Trends From Nordstrom to Know

The modern trends I have found are based on lifestyle cultures and subcultures worldwide. These trends are a part of the collective. The trends involve both men and women and luxurious design-element details. However, I have not showcased unisex pieces in this post. I believe the unisex trend is a part of male and female equality, and I do support it.

*Note: The fashion products stocked in Nordstrom brick-and-mortar stores vary from store to store. They do not all not completely match the products on their e-commerce stores. The garments are both online and in-store, however, the product varies from store to store.



Abound Tie-Dye Windbreaker

Photo: Abound

Abound is one of Nordstrom’s in-house brands. I love this urban-like pastel tie-dye windbreaker made with light-weight. The trend right now is soft pastel-colored windbreaker jackets. This Abound windbreaker jacket, its fabric appearance is very soothing and calming to look at. They are very comfortable to wear. The windbreaker garments are usually made from nylon and polyester, yet, the texture and weight of this windbreaker fabric are soft and light.

The large trend with these windbreakers is the half-zip front closure windbreakers, these are the trendiest, and they are really cute.

Fabric content: 100% nylon

Heritage Crop T-Shirt at Nordstrom Rack

Photo: Champion

Heritage Crop T-Shirt

Cropped tops are a big trend. The Champion crop tops are very popular, and one of my favorite cropped apparel brands. I own a Champion cropped sweatshirt, and it is very high-quality, the ultimate piece for my trendy wardrobe. Crop tops are a great layering piece if you don't want to show your body.

Champion has a large product range of midweight fabric garments. I love them because they can add a little structure to an outfit.

Fabric content: 100% cotton.


 Vero Moda Camen Dolman Crop Sweatshirt in Nordstrom Rack

Photo: Vero Moda

Pastel moss green is a great 'in-trend" color. I see pastel mossy green a lot, it is supreme. Green, in general-- and specific colors of green have become very popular this past year.

Mossy green Sphagnum also named an iceberg green, or ashy green color was a selected color for Pantone's Spring/Summer 2021 colors of the year. This shade of green is a very natural + modern color, with a nice masculine/feminine balance.

Vero Moda’s crew neck sweatshirt is pretty, chic, and minimal loungewear. The shirred cuff is a nice feminine detail. Dolman sleeves are very ergonomic because of the way it is designed, it won't squeeze the armpits.


BP CAMISOLE Nordstrom Rack

Photo: BP


BP is one of Nordstrom’s in-house brands. I have found a lot of BP fashion products that I love. They are a fresh brand.

Cropped cami tops are in-trend, and they are very comfortable. They are a great layering piece, and they can also be worn as a bra. The cotton jersey knit gives the body support. I would consider camisole tops, especially cropped cami tops, a staple piece. A piece that modernizes the wardrobe. Cropped camis always come in a great selection of colors and necklines.

Fabric content: 95% cotton 5% spendex


Classic MCS Leggings at Nordstrom Rack

Photo: Puma

I love leggings because they are the perfect streetwear bottom and they give you more ability to move around without restricting the body. The legging pant is a big trend, and also menswear “sweggings.” Men are wearing fitted sweatpants, joggers, and also leggings. I believe leggings are good for both men and women.

Puma designs leggings with color blocking and cuts that are modern with decorative seam lines. I would say they are very designer-like activewear. Performance apparel is becoming a trend and is appearing as high fashion.

Fabric content: 95% cotton 5% spandex


Blank NYC Superwomen Ripped Black Jeans at Nordstrom Rack

Photo: Blank NYC

Knee-ripped jeans are very stylish and look very attractive. Skinny jeans are comfortable to wear when they are "jegging." A jegging is a pair of jeans and a pair of leggings pant design combined. The knee rips make them look edgy. Skinny jeans are not, because they look so fresh and modern, on people. I love black jeans.

Fabric content: 72% cotton, 26% polyester, 2% spandex


 Adidas 3 Stripe Leggings at Nordstrom Rack

Photo: Adidas

This is another legging product that Nordstrom carries that I love. I believe black legs are chic-- like the "little black dress." They go with everything and they are flattering. Leggings are also supporting the health and wellness trend movement. Because leggings are often worn for exercise, it gives people that inspiration of movement, whether they are active or sitting. They express a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fabric content: 93% cotton 3% elastane



APC Sebastian Pullover Sweatshirt at Nordstrom Rack

Photo: APC

The APC crewneck sweatshirts are very fashionable. The crew neckline is a dress type of sweatshirt. When crew sweatshirts are styled with other specific fashion items, they can make a sweatshirt look dressy. This royal blue color elevates the look. Crew neck sweatshirts are an urban style must-have.

Fabric content: 100% cotton


Nike Oversized Sweatshirt at Nordstrom Rack

Photo: Nike

Nike Oversized Sweatshirt

This progressive oversized Nike sweatshirt is made in heavyweight french terry cotton. French terry is very ergonomic, it is soft on the skin, while it stimulates blood flow from its soft texture. This sweatshirt has a trendy, premium cut, and boxy fit. The color is key lime pastel. The lime green color is a trend for this season, and pastel colors like key lime are too. This sweatshirt definitely has a high fashion look.

Fabric content: 100% cotton


Thom Browne Tricolour-print cotton-piqué polo shirt

Photo: Thome Browne

Thom Browne’s tricolor detail polo shirt is made from 100% cotton. I have seen a lot of red/white/blue color palettes, and they are currently trending. Also, this polo shirt is like the other polo shirt listed-- it is a high fashion polo. They are making polos look very high fashion- whether they are high or low priced. Also, polos have a comfortable silhouette, and they are made with movement-based fabrics that stretch when you move.

Fabric content: 100% cotton


Daniel Buchler Pima Cotton Lounge Shorts at Nordstrom

Photo: Daniel Buchler

Daniel Buchler Pima Cotton Lounge Shorts

The trend for men’s shorts is shorter than the average menswear shorts. I like men’s short shorts. I also like these mid-length jersey knot shorts for guys. Shorter shorts on men look fashionable. Mid-length shorts can also make any outfit look dressy. These mid-length jersey shorts are really cute. They come in great colors, and they are made with an eco-luxe Pima cotton fabric. Pima cotton is one of the softest types of cotton available. The greyish-white colored fabric is very modern-looking. I think this trend is going to be more and more popular.

Fabric content: 100% Pima cotton


APC Andrew Organic Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt  at Nordstrom Rack

Photo: APC

The APC crewneck sweatshirts are very fashionable. The crew neckline is a dress type of sweatshirt. When crew sweatshirts are styled with other specific fashion items, they can make a sweatshirt look dressy. This royal blue color elevates the look. Crew neck sweatshirts are an urban style must-have.

Fabric content: 100% cotton


 Volcom Yewbisu Stripe Tank at Nordstrom

Photo: Volcom

Volcom does a really great job with their prints- they are always modern and urban-- The combination of large strips with light colors makes it a soothing garment. Large stripes and multi-varying stripes are in trend. I love this sleeveless Volcom tank top. A guy can wear this, and it will make him look fresh. Large stripes are a fashion formula to make one appear futuristic and modern. It is slightly nautical-- and nautical and sailor is a trend for this season.

Fabric content: 100% cotton


ATM Striped Jersey Polo

Photo: ATM

The ATM (Anthony Thomas Melillo) polo shirt is made out of soft jersey knit cotton fabric. Polo tops for men can be a good silhouette to add more design details to the look and make them look very designer. High fashion polos are in trend. This ATM polo with the black stripes only on the top of the garment makes the designer look artistic and adds depth and interest to the polo shirt.

Fabric content: 100% cotton


Full Court Sports Logo Cotton Joggers

Photo: Full Court Sport

Sweatsuits are a big trend for menswear and womenswear apparel right now. This medium-to-dark grey is an ultra-contemporary color. I love sweatpants, but I do not see a lot of 100% plant-based sweatpants. They are made with 100% cotton. They also have slant front packets and an ergonomic waistband. A wearable staple piece and they are fitted, so this gives it a more formal look.

Fabric content: 100% cotton

Stay tuned for more trend reports on Nordstrom Rack in-house-brands and external brands.


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