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Healthy Trending Bottom Styles for Men + Women

Healthy Trending Bottom Styles for Women + Men

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Healthy trendings bottoms

I selected three modern garments for women and three modern garments for men that are fashion trends and perfect for the summer season. The garment bottoms are produced by designer high fashion brands. The garments are comfortable, designed with high aesthetic appeal, making them inspiring, healthy fashions. I have also listed a few design features of each garment design, that make them a healthy fashion.


Georgette shorts by TOM FORD

The Tom Ford short style has a perfect cut, with a sleek look to them.

They are perfect for the summertime. They are modern and can dress up an outfit. The cut, and the fabric that tapers upward on the sides, give the design a sporty, athleisure-style look.

Design features that make this garment healthy:

  • They have a stylish, ultra-feminine look

  • Its elastic waistband is comfortable

  • The fabric is lightweight and airy

  • The hem and waistband are trimmed with a silky soft fabric for the skin

Cotton-blend jersey track pants by CALVIN KLEIN

The Calvin Klein leggings are sporty looking and comfortable. They are lightweight. Paired with a tank top, or sweatshirt, it will look very cute. I love these track pant leggings. The deep pockets, this detail really makes the style look like lightweight sweatpants.

Fashion design features that make this garment healthy:

  • The grey color is light, neutral, energizing, and fresh

  • The double-layer ankle hem supports the ankles

  • The pocket design detail is a high fashion aesthetic

  • It’s made with a comfortable elastic waistband

Denim pencil skirt by Dolce & Gabbana

The Dolce & Gabbana skirt is great to wear for an occasion. This skirt is made with denim and the back of the skirt has a black-colored stretch jersey panel. It can be styled in a variety of ways. It would look great with a turtleneck tucked in, and a cropped, linen bomber jacket.

Fashion design features that make this garment healthy:

  • It has a sleek, feminine yet masculine look

  • The skirt has a dressy yet casual feel to it, so it can be worn on multiple occasions

  • It has an elastic waistband with a high aesthetic designer name labeled on it

  • The back has a large jersey knit panel; making the skirt have ease and better flow of movement


Afador’ slim-fit cotton-terry shorts by Orlebar Brown

The Orlebar Brown slim-fit athleisure-style sweat shorts are really cool and trendy. They also have a surfer-like look to them. Made with soft cotton terry, the cotton terry gives off a luxurious look and feel. These shorts would look good with a bomber jacket, or a black tee shirt.

Fashion design features that make this garment healthy:

  • Its navy color is calming, soothing, and refreshing

  • It has an elasticated, drawstring waistband made with a thick, supportive stretch fabric

  • The terry cloth makes it comfortable to the skin and body

  • The slim fit allows the shorts to be aerodynamic, and easy to wear

Stretch linen-blend sweatpants by Loro Piana

The Loro Piana sweatpants have a great style to them. They are fairly fitted for that modern, sleek look. The linen makes them easy to wear for both casual occasions and formal occasions. The color is a nice neutral. It would look great paired with a charcoal-colored, black-colored, top.

Fashion design features that make this garment healthy:

  • They have a comfortable, elasticated drawstring

  • They have a comfortable, soothing athleisure look

  • Their slant pockets are functional and efficient

  • The fabric is made of linen-- with an aloe-treated fabric finish

Cotton jersey drawstring shorts by Reigning Champ

The Reigning Champ shorts are really cool and have a great fit. They look like a similar cut to a sweatpant, but they are made into shorts. These shorts are above the knee with a relaxed fit, but they are slightly tapered which gives them a high aesthetic.

Fashion design features that make this garment healthy:

  • Its dark-grey color is contemporary; a very nice neutral color for a bottom

  • Its thick double-sided fabric drawstring waistband makes the shorts comfortable

  • Its side slant pockets give the shorts a high-aesthetic appeal

  • Its fabric is made of cotton jersey knit, made in a thin weight, making them airy

Final thoughts

I love all of these styles, and I love the idea of healthy fashion with high style. I will be posting more healthy high fashion in the future. A part of healthy fashion is high fashion and style that is aesthetically pleasing and current. Without designer fashion and fashion trends, we would be bored with fashion. I will be sharing more trending, inspiring, modern, and interesting fashions, stay tuned.


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