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Network with the founder of Healthy Fashion: Alyssa Couture

Network with the founder of Healthy Fashion: Alyssa Couture

Collaborate with me

My name is Alyssa Couture. I am the founder//owner of HEALTHY FASHION. I am a fashion author and fashion entrepreneur. I am currently publishing a fashion book with John Hunt Publishing, and I am working on my fashion business: HEALTHY FASHION.

Are you interested in collaborating or working with me? If you do, this gives us both the opportunity to network! This article is in regards to my new services I offer that are available for you.


I started my campaign HEALTHY FASHION, with the idea of approaching fashion within a new spectrum: fashion for human health. I started off 5 years ago writing about eco and sustainable fashion. Through my research, and based upon my own personal fashion experience, my fashion interests and work evolved into fashion that is able to surpass the means of it’s environmental pursuits, to be the focus of it being about fashion for one’s health.

The idea of fashion for health is exciting, as much as it is something that I always used for my health, fashion was/is a tool for my well-being in different ways. So, if you want to be a part of Healthy Fashion, you want to be a part of something exciting, new, and fresh!

My blog features current news and fresh content about fashion for health, about the campaign, and what I am up to. My campaign is dedicated to creating awareness and broadcasting, supportive, interesting content on fashion for health, that is; fashion that medically supports the wearer.

Healthy fashion moves beyond mainstream and eco fashion. As we wear healthy fashions, it not only helps our mind//body/spirit, it contributes and naturally extends itself to building a healthier environment.

Healthy Fashion is currently offering a few services


If you want to collaborate and trade each other’s services, let me know. I am always looking for new collaborators interested in fashion for health.

I have an upcoming fashion book that is in the proofing stage of its publication, which is being published by John Hunt Publishing. My fashion business HEALTHY FASHION is in conjunction with promoting my new fashion book. HF is about delivering enlightening content on fashion deemed medicinal.


I have been interviewed several times in the past in regards to my previous news/media site ALTERNATIVE FASHION MEDIA, and my previous handmade fashion brand ALTERNATIVE FASHION. If you are interested in interviewing me, you can check out my media kit. If you would like to interview me about my new upcoming fashion book HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS and my fashion business HEALTHY FASHION-- contact me. I have a few interview samples on my press page.

Sponsored Posts

I create sponsored posts as a trade value exchange, or for a gift/donation.

I have 2 types of sponsored posts I am offering:

1. I write exclusive fashion articles for fashion companies and/or fashion blogs

I have written several fashion articles; you can check them out in my MEDIA KIT.

I can either write an exclusive guest post for your company or blog, or write an article about your company on my blog. The written guest posts are sponsored posts-- so, I would be receiving some form of compensation (a gift/donation) for writing it.

Article samples:

2. I feature fashion products that are gifted to be from fashion brands, beauty companies, and other fashion businesses

I am currently interested and available to promote and feature fashion products. I am not a picky person, however the product has to resonate with my style and interests, and my line of work.

I have created my “healthy fashion photo journal”-- which features many of my own fashion wardrobe items. I will be including sponsored fashion products soon. My fashion journal is a part of my fashion journal blog and my social media accounts.

If you have a fashion beauty or hygiene product you want to send me-- I will create a special blog post/article about it, and share it on my social media accounts.

I prefer to to be offered a selection of items to choose from, to make sure the product(s) will fit my personality and my work. However, it’s fine if you have only one or a few particular fashion products in mind that you currently and specifically want me to promote.

Fashion products I am interested in promoting: Healthy fashion brands that sell and make fashions with natural plant-based fabrics. It if is the synthetic-based fabric it needs to be designed in an ergonomic way and not be the first layers of an outfit. I wear synthetic shoes and coats, I don't wear polyester shirts and pants unless it is blended- and is a small ammount polyester.

I also promote beauty, and hygiene products that are plant and mineral-based from beauty and hygiene care companies.

Network with me

HFC is taking fashion into a realm of new fashion perspectives in hopes to create a shift in consciousness. It’s created to introduce a movement, and build drive for all fellow communities and for all of us: there is no "invitation-only," everyone is invited and everyone belongs.

My work is really about building momentum to get this concept heard and to promote and infiltrate these modern, fashion concepts. In order to make new strides and new ways of creating more health in fashion, for us all.


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