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NYFW Reviews: 11 FW '21 RTW Brand Collections (Part 2)


New York Fashion Week: 11 More fashion show reviews

In part 1 I covered 11 RTW designers that presented their collection at NYFW. This week I am featuring 11 more RTW brands that presented their collection that I like. I have reviewed a total of 22 ready-to-wear designers. I am reviewing the top collections with some of my favorites looks from their collections. I will cover menswear + womenswear collections from several of the top fashion designers/brands from #NYFW '21.

In part 2, it is the same as part 1: each designer has their individual, unique trends that are a part of their collections. I will be talking about a few of my favorite outfits from each collection that I am sure will be very trendy for FALL '21. I think all brands design a few new trends that they bring new to the industry.

In this NYFW review, I will showcase a photo of one look from each designer brand. Each photo is one of my favorite looks from their collection. I have linked the brand's name that is the title above the photo in the article to their site. Also, you can visit to see each of their presentations. Signing up is free, but you have to sign up to see the collections on their site. Many of the shows are also on Youtube and on the brand's website, too.

Each NYFW collection review includes:

  • The RTW brand/designer introduction

  • Their style/aesthetic

  • Their FW '21 fashion show, film, presentation, etc.

  • I review and describe several looks in their collections that will be a part of the fall '21 fashion trend season.

The designer collections that I will be covering in part 2 + their Instagram account:


Photo courtesy: Raisa Vanessa

Raisa Vanessa


The designers are Raisa and Vanessa Sason. Raisa Vanessa is an Haute Couture and luxury ready-to-wear brand.


The Raisa Vanessa brand is a very glamorous, a timeless luxury apparel brand. They have a lot of inspiring powerful statement pieces. Their designs make people look confident and empowered. They designed several beautiful, artistic, eclectic garments that are very trendy and very stylish. The brand states that "some of their key elements is, dimensional, maximalist designs."

About their show/film/presentation

The Raisa Vanessa fashion show was filmed in an architectural, and futuristic building: the Presidential Symphony Orchestra building. Their fashion film featured ambient techno music. In the film, the models walked in different locations in the building. It enhanced the film and collection, and it kept everything inspiring and creative.

A few trendy looks + their description

Many of the colors in their collection have rich hues of red, orange, gold, black, tan, and brown.

Look 1 Their large sequined dress is a gorgeous dress in brown, made with large brown sequins. It is long-sleeved, belted, and it has shoulder pads. I love short dresses with long sleeves dresses. The extra-large brown sequins that were in the shape of a circle dangled off the entire dress. When the model was walking, the sequins were dangling and moving and reflecting off of the light, so, it is a real shimmery look.

Look 2 The next look that I really enjoyed, and it is in the photo above, was this long- past-the-knee sweater. The sweater has pockets with gold hardware buttons that are decorative. The design is a monochrome look: knit pants with a knit sweater. It looks really stylish with the gloves and the large earrings. All the colors matched while with the entire outfit being blue--display the long sweater, the knit pants, and the sweater underneath.

Photo courtesy: Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson


Ulla Johnson is a NY-based ready-to-wear label with a following across Europe, Australia, and Asia.


Johnson's brand style is romantic, feminine, vintage design, and modern, fresh design details. They have a very feminine and girly look.

About their show/film/presentation

The show was presented at David H. Koch Theatre. They had a live classical music performance by the Juilliard school. The Collection is really beautiful and feminine, with lots of pretty light colors and lots of prints. Many of the jackets had cocoon-like sleeves. They designed beautiful blouses and blouse-like dresses, with feminine billowy sleeves. the clothing and fashion designs are very graceful and elegant. There is happiness in the collection, the fashion show music, and their designs.

A few trendy looks + their description

Look 1 I like their plaid jacket with the pink dress underneath. It is one particular poetic look that is really beautiful with the plaid coat and the dress underneath; the colors combined are beautiful together. The plaid fabric was made into a cream, dark brown, and a light khaki-brown color.

Look 2 A nice look was their yellow/brown-colored acid wash dress paired with a long dangling necklace. This is a fun and strong look.

Look 3 In the photo above is one of my favorite looks. I like this knitwear design and skirt paired with tall boots. It is a very beautiful and inspiring look. Johnson's design has elements of modernity, futurism, and classic styles.

Photo courtesy: Gabriella Hearst

Gabriella Hearst


Gabriela Hearst is a women's and men's ready-to-wear and accessories brand. They are a sustainable company and their style is a timeless luxury. Hearst designs quality items that are modern and made to last. Additionally, Gabriela Hearst is also the designer and creative director for Chloe.


The style is modern, classic with a nice balance of both soft/feminine and hard/masculine elements.

About their show/film/presentation

Their FW '21 collection and film are really beautiful. The models were filmed walking in a very large, empty industrial building. The floor was slightly wet in some parts, and the music had water-drop sounds. The music was light, with a little bit of synth-wave and ambient style. In the film: they captured the interior and exterior of the building well, and it enhanced the collection.

A few trendy looks + their description

Look 1 Hearst designed a versatile, beautiful a-line trench coat that could be worn in the day or evening. It was paired with a knit sweater and skirt sweater set. The look also came with a beautiful camel-colored bag and camel-colored boots.

Look 2 A design I really like is the white dress with black lace. This is a dynamic dress in a leather-blend fabric with intricate black lace detail in the center front of the dress. The lace is in a zig-zag shape.

Look 3 One of my favorite looks was this beautiful black satin dress with a low neckline and billowy sleeves. It has a modern, urban, and feminine aesthetic. The fabric is satin-like, and the cut is very futuristic. I love the way it is styled, with a black leather clutch and white pants.

Photo courtesy: Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler


Proenza Schouler is a womenswear and accessories brand by founders Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. They are based in New York. They also have a sister label called WHITE LABEL, which carries basics like tees and jeans.


Hernandez and McCollough's product is luxurious with a modern, classy aesthetic. They state that their designs are inspired by youth culture and contemporary art. Their designs and cuts are very future-forward.

About their show/film/presentation

Their FW '21 fashion show is really beautiful, when the models walked, the camera filmed very creative angles. The lighting was very soft, with fun, ambient techno music. They also got several close-up shots of the looks, where we are able to check out the details and craftsmanship of the looks. The lighting against the white wall was really nice, and they also filmed outdoors next to both nature and a beautiful building.

A few trendy looks + their description

They designed their collection with modern neutrals, and rich hues of orange, yellow, and green. The collection is very elegant and positive.

The collection pieces looked very comfortable and functional to wear.

Look 1 The collection features a 'rebellious' maroon pantsuit with large trousers and a printed turtleneck underneath. The look is very beautiful with their black bag with a gold chain handle. The bag accessory is like a piece of jewelry.

Look 2 They designed a beautiful elevated dress with modern cutouts, cocoon-shaped sleeves, and a mock turtleneck. The lining of the skirt with a long slit was yellow in color. This made the skirt sophisticated, elegant, and slightly quirky.

Look 3 In the photo above, this is one of my favorite Proenza Schouler FW '21 favorite looks because they were able to interpret long skirts as trendy and modern. The long skirt also was a little shorter than a typical long skirt, which made the look modern. I like the top that went with it, it is very futuristic with the cut. The armhole, the slit on the side, the extra fabric in the back-- the whole look has a modern aesthetic to it.

Photo courtesy: Adeam



Adeam is a New York-based fashion line by creative director Hanoko Maeda.


The design style is inspiring and empowering. Maeda's designs have a good balance of feminine and masculine. Maeda calls her style aesthetic ‘East meets West’. She creates her designs with Japanese techniques, and with modern silhouettes. She has a classic and preppy look to her collections.

About their show/film/presentation

The Adeam FW '21 show is really beautiful. It is filmed in a very brightly lit room with modern beams throughout the room. The film had lots of different angles of looks when the models walked-- so you could see the back, side, and front of the looks, which is nice.

A few trendy looks + their description

Maeda's designs are very stylish with their modern Japanese-style silhouettes and modern cuts. She designed a charming FW '21 collection with a color palette of green, gray, khaki, red, blue, and purple. Her collection is youthful and sophisticated.

Look 1 One of the looks I really loved was the khaki hooded sweatshirt. She was able to make the urban sweatshirt look dressy by adding frilly cuffs and hems. She paired it with an over-the-knee shirtdress. It is a dress and a dress/shirt. She styled several dresses with pants that look poetic and stylish. This look also has the khaki flared pants.

Look 2 I loved their dressy bomber jacket in burgundy with the blouse underneath. It was styled nicely. The slightly cropped trousers are really cute and look artistic and eclectic. She designed a really cute cuff on the bomber jacket, where the cuff flares out.

Look 3 In the photo above is one of my favorite looks. I love the playful burgundy-colored cardigan and the polished burgundy pants. The pants have the perfect length and cut. I like how they are near the ankle. The pants are very flattering. The sweater is a little loose, with a shoulder detail of black frilly pieces that make it modern and feminine.

Photo courtesy: Rosetta Getty

Rosetta Getty


The Rosetta Getty brand is a ready-to-wear that is modern and luxurious. The designer/owner of Rosetta Getty is Rosetta Getty. It was created in 2015. She creates designs that support a lifestyle.


Getty's style is all about sophistication, casual elegance, and modern luxury.

A few trendy looks + their description

Look 1 I like their long cotton shirt dress made with striped cotton shirting fabric. It is loose and very elegant and delicate-looking. The striped print fabric gives a good masculine balance to the look.

Look 2 One of Liang’s designs was a pantsuit, with extra wide-leg trousers and a classic tailored suit jacket. It was styled with a bra-like top. This is an ultimate trend look.

Look 3 In the photo above, I really like the look and cut of this leather jacket. The length and silhouette are very modern and the shapes have a relaxed, luxurious look. I also love the way it is paired with a short mock turtleneck dress. It looks really edgy, modern, and fresh.

Photo courtesy: Maisie Wilen

Maisie Wilen


The designer and founder of Maisie Wilen is Maisie Schloss. Schloss made her first collection inspired by rhythmic gymnastics and robotics. She makes trendy, futuristic bodycon dresses and pantsuits in very bold, vibrant colors and energizing prints.


Schloss’s product is trendy, futuristic, fun, and modern.

About their show/film/presentation

Schloss’s fashion film is magical. The walls were covered in a very beautiful pastel green/blue fabric. They filmed the models walking on a few inches of water. It looked magical and mermaid-like. The water was rippling as the models walked and it looked beautiful and spiritual. The music was an ambient, experimental song that was very calming and modern.

A few trendy looks + their description

The collection has lots of vibrant, energizing prints with pretty spandex, jersey-knit, and fitted silhouettes. Her designs are really fun and celebrate empowerment as they are strong looks.

Look 1 I liked their fitted dress made in floral-printed fabric. The center front of the dress has an ombre blue/green and yellow color. The front of the dress has small images of a poodle, heart, brain, and Scorpio printed onto the fabric. It is really artistic and fun.

Look 2 Schloss designed a charming velvet/velour jersey knit pant and ballet-style wrap shirt in pastel green. It is really elegant and cute.

Look 3 In the photo above is one of my favorite looks. It is a casual business suit in a windbreaker-type fabric. It is sporty and clean-lined. I think this is a great idea for both business and casual wear. I love this look. The color-blocking, cut, and silhouette are great.

Photo courtesy: Carter Young

Carter Young


Carter Young is a unisex clothing line founded by Carter Altman. Altman has a creative, abstract brand. The brand is designed and owned by Altman who is the creative and artistic director for his brand.


The Carter Young product is modern and timeless. There is something spiritual about his collections. Their aesthetic is very cool. Young's designs using classical menswear details.

About their show/film/presentation

Their FW '21 film is really nice. It has a nostalgic feel. It is more about the designer talking about fashion and his life. The designer, Carter, talks in the film as he is being interviewed and questioned, and talks about New York City and his memories of NY when he was both a child and an adult. The film is in black and white.

A few trendy looks + their description

Look 1 One look I like is a beautiful V-neck sweater that was purple-colored and made out of velour/velvet-type fabric. This looks-- a female model was modeling it, but it's unisex. The look has character and sophistication.

Look 2 The next look is a dark-colored jacket with a tartan, vintage-style collared shirt. It looks very high fashion. I really like their greyish, silver-like colored pants and the urban sneakers within the look are stylish.

Look 3 The look in the photo above is one of my favorite looks in his FW '21 collection. Altman's suit design is modeled by the designer himself. A high-collared black shirt with a blazer and dress pants is very trendy. I like the gray stripe on the side of the pants. This makes their design look modern and fresh.

Photo courtesy: Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang


Sandy Liang is a NY-based fashion brand. Her collections are inspired by her Chinese roots and Chinese culture. Additionally, Sandy Liang created a capsule collection for Lane Crawford. I love her line of fresh and trendy designer fleeces on Liang's site.


Liang's fashion is very modern, trendy, and inspiring. Her style aesthetic is cool, with many asymmetric silhouettes. She also has a futuristic aesthetic to her brand.

About their show/film/presentation

Their FW '21 collection was very cool, and the nature scenes: the winter snow, the woods, icicles that made it very refreshing. They were able to make it short, but it captures everything. The filmed several shows of the models posing in motion.

A few trendy looks + their description

Look 1 I love the ballet dancer inspiration of Liang's collection. One look had a tutu-like skirt that was past the knee. They styled it with their sweater. The sweater has cute flowers, bows, and folk-like tulips.

Look 2 One of Liang's looks is a light-blue, fitted sweatshirt with no hood. A white cotton peter pan-collared dress. This look is styled with their puff vest. The puff vest is so cute with light pink, pastel green an black colored fabrics. I love how the pastel green fabric has a marble-like and wood-like print.

Look 3 In the photo above, I love this look from their FW '21 collection. It has a cute peter pan collar, in black and white gingham cotton fabric. I like how it is short and above the knee, and the cutout on the front top of the dress makes this look really cool and trendy. The knee socks make this cool feminine and cool.

Photo courtesy: Mr. Saturday

Mr. Saturday


Mr. Saturday is a men’s and women’s ready-to-wear brand founded by Joey Gollish. He designs modern and trendy designs-- both fashion and accessories, for men and women.

Style/ aesthetic

Gollish's design and style aesthetic look contemporary, urban and trendy. It is street and urban, the fashions are both futuristic and classic.

About their show/film/presentation

Golish’s FW ‘21 film is called “Both Directions at Once.” The inspiration for his collection is youth culture, and Waugh’s novel ‘Vile Bodies’

It was filmed in a beautiful building-- the architecture was very modern. The music was the 60s, 70s, it was funk/jazz, then it turned into more techno, ambient elements to the song. The models were walking and also they filmed the models posing and dancing in between the walking, which made it interesting and creative.

A few trendy looks + their description

Their FW '21 collection is very cool-looking.

Look 1 One look I like is their long black dress with a black puffer coat and a very large leather bag. The dress had a low neckline, so the dressiness of the dress and urban casualness of the coat made this outfit look very high fashion.

Look 2 I really love the oversized business suit look. Gollish designed a khaki-colored blazer that looked slightly oversized with shoulder pads and it has gold buttons. I really liked how he styled it with a turtleneck, biker shorts, and dressy shoes with white socks.

Look 3 In the photo above, this look is one of my favorites. This Mr. Saturday FW '21 look is a futuristic-looking, relaxed, and luxurious look. It is a light green bomber puffer jacket paired with puffer pants. This is a great look, and trendy.

Photo courtesy: Coach



Coach was founded in the 1940s. They were originally founded under the name Manhattan Leather Bags b Lillian and Miles Cahn. they are a fashion brand icon and a global leader in luxury handbags and accessories.

Style/ aesthetic

They have a classic and modern look. yet they also have a very trendy look and style. “They offer a cozy, indulgent silhouette” The collection is modern, urban, and edgy, and classic.

About their show/film/presentation

I really love the way they styled this collection. The clothes have a lot of personality and make the models artistic and creative. It is a fun and beautiful collection. The looks are realistic and down-to-earth. They made the models look realistic with their clothes.

It starts off as a TV show called COACH. The film was very creative and they had the models outside modeling on the street, on a playground, in the woods, and they used funky props like rugs, potted plants, and a vacuum.

A few trendy looks + their description

Look 1 One menswear look I really enjoyed had a red sweater with a larges image or an ice cream Sunday. Paired with sweggings made from a light-brown sherpa fleece fabric. This look is really fashionable with their tartan collared shirt, blue gloves, and turquoise socks.

Look 2 Another look that I love was a dress blouse, with a dressy skirt, both with prints. I loved the purple turtleneck underneath, and the sweggings. They were red fitted sweatpants, and yellow socks that were long enough to be scrunched.

Look 3 In the photo above is one of my favorite looks from their menswear FW ‘21 collection. I love the vintage-inspired messenger bag, the knitted blue hat. The plaid-printed pants, the worn-in looking deer-printed fleece with a red turtleneck is a cozy and high fashion look.

Final thoughts

All of these designers and brands are progressive. NYFW and RTW brands keep life optimistic. When I watch fashion shows, I get very inspired. Beautiful and daring design is what makes ready-to-wear brands influential. All these brands listed above have a philosophy and brand DNA, and they are distinctive with personality. I love fashion design that is multidimensional clothing.


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