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Track Your Fashion Process: a Template to Support You and Your Wardrobe

Track Your Fashion Process: a Template to Support You and Your Wardrobe

My fashion printables for professional and individual use

I created the Mini Fashion Planner and the Fashion Journal Tracker for both professional and individual use. I am in the process of creating a longer version of the Fashion Journal Tracker, so stay tuned. It is going to be a larger version and a hybrid of both the Mini Fashion Planner and the Fashion Journal Tracker combined.

Would you like to have a template that plans your fashion dreams? I have created a fashion template that works to develop the stages of our own fashion process with my two fashion printables that are free on my free resources page: the Mini Fashion Planner, and the Fashion Journal Tracker.

These fashion printable templates, for example, will help you as you write down your favorite fabrics and/or create a fabric collection through your own wardrobe or professionally for the fashion industry.

Another part of the tracker and planner that I like is that you have a place to gather and collect:

  • fashion news

  • fashion reports

  • fashion trends

  • fashion styles

  • fashion shows

  • fashion research

  • fashion terminology

  • + more

All of these things are important for a fashion enthusiast and fashion professional to write down. Creating a binder and adding this printable to other printables and/or printing more copies of my printables and adding them to your binder-- it will make sure that your work does not get deleted on the computer. You can also scan them and keep them on the computer for reference.

"A fashion template will help you create a successful foundation for your fashion career or for your individual fashion wardrobe."

I started to try out the printables that I found online, and I loved them, so it made me want to create my own printables. The planners and trackers can offer you a way to organize your fashion research and fashion notes. This planner and tracker are new. The printable business is a new and large trend, in many different industries. Everyone is using printable planners, but not printables specifically for fashion, as much.

An example that I have added to my fashion journal tracker: a fashion experience that supports my health and future

Your fashion tracker can also be your fashion journal.

I will explain to you one clothing item that was creating a type of experience for my life and it was my fashion ‘creating’ that was a part of my lifestyle.

One of my favorite clothing items was a pair of white, bamboo, jersey knit leggings. They would actually be considered thermals. The leggings could be worn under jeans or other types of pants. These bamboo leggings were so comfortable to wear, I truly felt like I could relax more. I can’t remember if they were a bamboo rayon or bamboo lyocell, but the texture was so comfortable that this made the textile ergonomic.

When I wore the thermals I ended up wearing them to bed, they were the perfect pants to wear to bed because they were so soft against my skin. I also wore them under my pants. They weren’t the types of leggings you could just wear, because of the fabric, style, and design of the thermals.

One ergonomic property that the bamboo fabric had was great movement and stretch to the fabric. The fabric wouldn't tug or pull when I moved around the fabric easily moved with my body. Not all stretch fabrics have great movement.

This is an important fashion memory that I want to remember, so, I wrote it down in my tracker and planner. It also helps me for the future, and when I go shopping I can look for those types of materials and designs that I loved from the white bamboo jersey knit leggings.

There are different ways of valuing apparel and clothing accessories, and one way is evaluating the clothing. When we evaluate our clothing, we are finding what pieces we have a closer connection to, and what pieces we don’t.

Another way to value our clothing is to wear them out to the point where it can no longer be worn. The leggings, I wore for many years until the fabric started to disintegrate from laundering so much and for so long.

It is also an important part of reflecting on fashion in a way to evaluate current fashion and past fashion. A lot of times when we look at fashion we believe that it is not a fashion experience or fashion moment, but when we dress in our clothing daily it is actually a fashion ritual, a fashion experience.

Modernize, revitalize and transform with effortless fashion planning and tracking

Here are a few more things we can add to our tracker and/or planner:

  • organize and write down your yearly, monthly, and quarterly goal and intention

  • fashion icons

  • daily journaling prompts

  • strategies

  • keyword prompts

  • important fashion dates

  • vision board- fashion mood board

  • magazine collage activity

  • fashion planning templates

  • inspirational quotes

  • fashion outlines

If you are looking to find new ways to prompt your new fashion ideas, I have created this journal to both grow your fashion business and help support your personal wardrobe. Get the printable free on my resources page.

My fashion printables are designed for all fashion pioneers. For both fashion professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and fashion influencers.

We are all a part of the fashion industry in one way or another. These printables are "designer".

I created the Fashion Journal Tracker, and my recent Mini Fashion Planner because I believe printables are a great way to support and promote our healthy fashion wardrobe, and healthy fashion industry. The printables are designed to give you success and make your wardrobe do the work for you. Stay tuned for the new planner/tracker printable, it will be much longer with a lot more technical information.

If you want more info about these two printables, check out these two blog posts:

I have created a youtube video explaining how to use the Mini Fashion Planner


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