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April ‘21 Shoppable Style Guide: 10 Dreamy Trending Looks for Women + Men

10 Dreamy Trending Styles for Women + Men

In this post, I have selected 5 dreamy garments for women, and 5 dreamy garments for men. These new looks are a mix of high and low fashion-- however, all the low and high fashion garments listed are “high fashion” because they are all designer or designer-like, trendy, modern, and stylish. You will also notice some of the style is surf-inspired. I love the surf look, and I love modern fashion and athleisure style. They all give off good vibes. Many of the garments I like and show are modern and surf-inspired.

Every high fashion garment I selected for this post is shoppable. I have hyperlinked the titles on each garment title. The garments are available online and they are in-season. I will keep posting more 'shoppable style + trend posts' in the future. It is a great reference and resource for those who are looking for and shopping for healthy fashion. You can check out my first trend + style guide here: "Healthy Casual Looks for Women + Men."

Everyone has a different style and taste. I choose garments for people that wear all different types of style genres. If they are not your style, I added a link to the garments so you can check out the brand or retailer, and see what other garments they have.

Currently, healthy fashion can appear as a luxury. It is not easy to find healthy, luxurious fashions. That is why I have created the shoppable style guide. My shippable guides are a fashion industry trend report archive. The fashion guides will help us notice what brands and shops carry healthy apparel. They are for your fashion inspiration.

All the garments I selected are:

  • plant-based cotton (with some spandex in a few garments)

  • ergonomic (designed to support the physical body)

  • trendy (made to inspire)

  • support the mind/body/spirit (healthy)

The looks below include:

  • the name of the garment

  • why + how the garment has a high fashion aesthetic

  • garment details (fabric + ergonomic design details)

  • The link to the store or online shop to purchase or check out the garment

The 10 looks: Women + Men:

Garment 1 // WOMEN

Neon Pink Balenciaga Track Suit Jacket

Photo: Balenciaga

Balenciaga - women's neon pink tracksuit jacket

  • I love the neon pink color + the cut of Balenciaga's tracksuit jacket. The zipper is hidden, and there is a cute Balenciaga logo on the left chest. Its two welt pockets in the front make the look very sleek + modern. They have ultra-feminine gathering details at the bottom hem and cuffs.

  • Its fabric is soft plant-based fleece-cotton. This jacket is ergonomic because it is made using comfortable fabric. It has a loose silhouette, so it makes it easy to layer underneath and allow the body to move and breathe.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 2 // WOMEN

MSGM abstract print long-sleeve cotton sweatshirt

Photo: Farfetch

MSGM - abstract print long-sleeve cotton sweatshirt

  • This MSGM sweatshirt has a very urban and streetwear look to it. I love the round-neck collar. It makes the sweatshirt dressy-looking. The color-blocking and geometric design of these pastel green, pink, and white colors, along with the modern black- print, make the garment look very high fashion.

  • This 100% ergonomic cotton sweatshirt is made in Italy. It has a cool, energizing logo on the front of the sweatshirt. It looks very comfortable to wear.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 3 // WOMEN

Photo: Real Simple

Out From Under - Ella long-sleeve cropped tee

  • The "ultra-slouchy" cropped long-sleeve tee by Out From Under is really cute and feminine. It is like a boyfriend shirt. I love how crop tops feel and move on my body. The sleeves are dropped, giving the arms and armpits room to breathe and move. The fabric is lightweight, making it a good layering piece.

  • Garment details: The cotton jersey knit fabric and the cut of this garment design make this garment very ergonomic.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 4 // WOMEN

BDG Cory cropped cotton thermal

Photo: Urban Outfitters

BDG - Corey notched thermal cropped top

  • The BDG Cory is a really cute top, and it comes in a lot of different colors. My favorite colors that this top comes in are black and lavender color. The top is cropped with soft ribbed cuffs. The hem is raw and the fabric is ergonomic because of its waffle-like texture. The fit is boxy and cropped.

  • Garment details: 97 % cotton, 3% spandex. It is made with soft jersey-knit fabric, which is easy to move in.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 5 // WOMENS

Woolrich cotton flared dress

Photo: Far Fetch

Woolrich - flared cotton dress

  • I love this adorable, feminine dress made with 100% cotton. It is a modern dress--flattering for all body shapes.

  • Garment details: 100% cotton-woven fabric. The shirring at the waist gives the body room to move because of the extra fabric. The dress is sleeveless, short-lengthed, with ruched detailing.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 1 // MEN

Boxy Fit Bowling Shirt by Uniforme

Photo: Far Fetch

Uniforme - boxy-fit bowling shirt

  • I love this cute men's shirt by UNIFORME because it has a dressy cut. The body is slightly tapered and the waistline hem is slightly cropped. The sleeves are a little longer and wider-- this makes it stylish. It is also made with a dressy straight-point collar.

  • Garment details: It has a nice invisible waistline hem making it dressy-like. The fabric's dye has a really soothing blue color. The fabric is 100% cotton.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 2 // MEN

Moncler Logo Pant Track Pants

Photo: Far Fetch

Moncler - logo tape track pants

  • The Moncler logo tape track pants have a black and white logo on the sides, (that is not in the photo above,) and it makes them look very high fashion. They are urban, stylish, and they can be worn casually or dressy.

  • Garment details: Ergonomic fabric: 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Ergonomic pockets: It has 2 functional slash pockets in the front, 2 welt pockets in the back. They have a comfortable elastic waistband and hems.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 3 // MEN

Obey - Marlon Men's Organic Polo Shirt

Photo: Tillys

Obey - Marlon organic polo shirt

  • Obey's Marlon polo shirt color combination is modern. I like how there are thin stripes and large stripes-- it gives the design more depth and interest to the garment. It has modern stripes with modern colors.

  • Garment details: Made with 100% organic cotton jersey knit, this polo has a comfortable cut and fabric.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 4 // MEN

Champion iconic tee shirt mens

Photo: Urban Outiftters

Champion - left chest script t-shirt

  • Champion has some of the best sportswear, apparel designer fabrics and designer cuts. This is Champion's iconic short-sleeved crew neck tee shirt. I love the gray color- a very modern, fashionable color.

  • Garment details: the light heather gray color is therapeutic. The cotton and the jersey knit give the body the ability to move and feel comfortable.

  • Shop the garment

Garment 5 // MEN


Photo: End Clothing

CARHARTT - wip fairmount coat in hamilton brown

  • Carhartt coats are very high fashion. Their Fairmount coat has a stylish, inspiring cotton fabric color called: hamilton brown. Its sherpa collar makes the coat cool. The four pockets are a great 'designer' detail.

  • Garment details: This men's Carharrt coat is made with 100% organic cotton. The soft sherpa lining makes it ergonomic because it is soft against the skin. The heavy fabric makes the coat feel secure.

  • Shop the garment

Stay tuned for more dreamy, trendy fashions!


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